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Can natural protocols be an effective treatment for Ebola?

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(NaturalHealth365) Since writing “Surprising solution for Ebola virus” and having it published by NaturalHealth365 August 3, 2014, a lot has transpired. The Ebola epidemic was only beginning, and it had only been featured in the nightly news for about 2 weeks at that time. Nobody, I believe, had any clear handle on what was going to happen or how the ... Read More »

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Reversing disease with the ‘multi-C’ protocol

(NaturalHealth365) For the individuals who want to incorporate vitamin C into their daily health regimens, or who want to effectively use vitamin C to help treat disease or toxic exposures – along with the rest of their medicines and supplements – it is important to have a good understanding of the different types of vitamin C that are available, along ... Read More »

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