Reversing disease with the ‘multi-C’ protocol

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Reverse Disease with Vitamin C(NaturalHealth365) For the individuals who want to incorporate vitamin C into their daily health regimens, or who want to effectively use vitamin C to help treat disease or toxic exposures – along with the rest of their medicines and supplements – it is important to have a good understanding of the different types of vitamin C that are available, along with how one type compares to another.

Become an educated consumer. Such individuals can then get the most out of their vitamin C therapy, as well as get the best value for the money invested. As well, it is important to know when multiple forms of vitamin C should be taken together to ramp up the clinical (healing) response.

What to consider BEFORE taking vitamin C

Although not a completely inclusive list, the most important factors to address when taking vitamin C are dose, frequency, and duration of the treatment period. Take enough of it, often enough, and for a long enough period of time, or just risk wasting your time, money, and energy.

Even though any amount of vitamin C will still be a positive intervention, don’t delude yourself into thinking that a lack of fabulous results with small amounts means you’re a “non-responder.” All diseases feature increased oxidative stress in one place or another, and supplying your body with a ongoing supply of fresh vitamin C and other antioxidants is the only direct way to counter this stress.

Understanding the value of ‘dose’ and ‘frequency’

Although it can sometimes seem like it, the ability of vitamin C to bring back infected and/or toxic patients from death’s doorstep and out of comas isn’t magic. Molecule for molecule, you need enough vitamin C to supply enough electrons to reduce targets of toxic excess oxidation.

If the immune system is old and compromised, larger amounts of vitamin C can be needed to do the job, while a healthier immune system might need less help to get on top of things. The most important corollary to taking a large enough dose is taking it often enough. The important impact of vitamin C on the immune system was discussed in my earlier NaturalHealth365 article – “Vitamin C is the ‘muscle’ of the immune system.”

Remember that very many infections, toxin exposures, and even chronic diseases can and have been very effectively managed by taking only one type of vitamin C, usually sodium ascorbate or ascorbic acid, and dosing it steadily in multi-gram doses throughout the day. Liposome-encapsulated vitamin C and intravenous vitamin C are wonderful and highly effective, but don’t feel you are out of luck if you do not have sufficient money or access to use these types of vitamin C.

However, many acute infections and many chronic degenerative diseases can require 50, 100 or even many more grams of regular vitamin C daily to get the results you want. Lypo-C and IVC can get you where you want to go much more quickly and effectively.

The synergistic effect of a multi-C protocol against disease

In most significant chronic diseases, multiple areas of the body have increased oxidative stress and decreased stores of vitamin C and other antioxidants. Since the goal of vitamin C therapy is to neutralize as much oxidative stress and damage as possible, taking as many different types of vitamin C as possible can give the positive clinical results not seen with one, or even two types of vitamin C.

The four main arms of the ‘multi-C protocol are:

1. Liposome-encapsulated vitamin C, 1 to 5 grams orally daily (not homemade formulations)

2. Sodium ascorbate or ascorbic acid daily up to or reaching bowel tolerance (‘C-flush’)

3. Ascorbyl palmitate, 1 to 3 grams orally daily

4. Intravenous vitamin C (sodium ascorbate or buffered ascorbic acid), 25 to 150 grams, depending on body size. Sometimes daily initially, and often several times weekly to monthly depending upon clinical circumstances

The multi-C protocol is especially effective because:

1. The liposomes put vitamin C inside (intracellular) the diseased cells and the circulating immune cells without the consumption of energy.

2. The oral sodium ascorbate continues to saturate the extracellular areas with vitamin C while neutralizing the toxic products of poor digestion, shared by everyone to a greater or lesser degree.

3. The ascorbyl palmitate gets the normally water-soluble vitamin C into fat-soluble areas.

4. The intravenous vitamin C gets temporarily astronomical blood concentrations of vitamin C throughout the body.

What is the difference between lypo-C and IVC?

Circulating on the internet and on multiple health blogs is the idea that vitamin C properly encapsulated in liposomes is 5 to 10 times more potent than the same amount of vitamin C given intravenously. This concept originated with my personal observations when I first started evaluating the clinical effects of liposome-encapsulated vitamin C about 10 years ago.

I had taken many IVC infusions between 50 and 100 grams in the past when I was ill, and I observed on more than one occasion that 5 grams of lypo C had clearly as good or even greater an impact on the acute symptoms of cold or flu than 50 grams of vitamin C given intravenously. This confused me greatly until I finally decided it was time to learn something about liposomes and how they work.

It appears that the arming of the immune cells with high concentrations of vitamin C along with the lack of energy consumption in getting an intracellular delivery of vitamin C are very big edges over larger intravenous infusions of unencapsulated vitamin C, at least for acute viral syndromes.

Additional factors come into play, however, when treating chronic infections and chronic degenerative diseases, like Lyme, cancer, and coronary heart disease. While I feel that access to quality lypo-C is the best option if only one option is available, I strongly recommend motivated individuals take as many types of vitamin C that they can if they are not getting satisfactory results with just one form.

However, as is reflected on the multi-C protocol, using both lypo-C orally and vitamin C intravenously, along with regular vitamin C and ascorbyl palmitate, can have what appears to be a synergistic effect over just upping the dose of one form to as high as possible for as long as possible.

Always remember vitamin C, regardless of the diagnosis.

Except for diseases of the kidney where doses must be scaled down, vitamin C in all its types and at the highest of doses can offer you an enormously useful way to avoid the hospital and the chronic ingestion of a host of prescription drugs. Never forget, however, that you ultimately have to take responsibility for your own health.

No matter what the medical/scientific assertion or the recommended therapy, you can find a seemingly well-qualified “expert” who says it is worthless while another expert says it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. However, there can only be one scientific truth, and you have to be the one to decide who to believe and who to dismiss.

If you are a regular NaturalHealth365 reader, you probably have already reclaimed a great deal of the responsibility for your health from mainstream medicine. Be a partner with your doctor in deciding what you should do and what you should take. Good luck in your continued quest for optimal health.

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About the author: Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD is a board-certified internist and cardiologist. He is also bar-certified for the practice of law. He has written extensively on the importance of eliminating toxins while bolstering antioxidant defenses in the body, with particular focus on vitamin C.

His new book entitled Death by Calcium: Proof of the toxic effects of dairy and calcium supplements is now available at or In this new book, for the first time, Dr. Levy has assembled extensive sections on his treatment protocols for cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, and other chronic degenerative diseases. As well, this new book contains his detailed “Guide to the Optimal Administration of Vitamin C.” His website is

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  • Chrysoulla, UK

    I have read that taking large doses of vitamin c to clear an infection can be dangerous because of die-off and that you should reduce the levels taken and not stop completely, but no guidance as to how much to reduce by and for how long. I am especially concerned when it comes to treating children.

    • G Clay

      Where did you read that? Personally I would be more concerned about getting rid of the infection but I would also be consuming mass quantities of pure drinking water to flush out the die off.
      The internet is always going to be filled with CONflicting information to keep US CONfused and CONfounded so we just give up and “they” (the medical cartel) can keep the money rolling in. AnytimeI feel something coming on I start “high dosing” vit.C and taking colloidal silver. Works for me.

      • dawn

        I am always worried about the blue skin problem with the colloidal silver, that is the only reason I daren’t take it :O

        • deedwan

          Dawn, read more about that. To get the blue skin problem requires that a person have made the colloidal silver with salt (which speeds up the process) and that they make it at a very high PPM (parts per million). Most Colloidal or Ionic Silver that you buy on the market is 10PPM, maybe 20 PPM. The man who turned blue made his own, with salt at 300 PPM and he took a LOT of it. Read up about it so that you can lay your fears to rest and not be afraid to use such a wonderful product…when used and made sensibly.

    • dawn

      I have read that also about easing off slowly as symptoms of scurvy can ensue if you just drop straight off such high doses immediately. I don’t remember where I read it but I certainly did read it. Who knows whether the body temporarily adapts to the high doses and has trouble when it is withdrawn? I mean let’s face it, we will be taking it as a drug not a nutrient as it would be impossible to get that much of any nutrient normally.

  • countrygal

    Re “multi-C” protocol, you encourage use of lipo C orally, but caution “not homemade formulations.” Please explain why homemade liposomal Vit C is not acceptable. Seems to me we may not know exactly what the absorption rate it, but because it is encapsulated with a fat (lipid), it certainly must be more effective than the plain powdered ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate.

    • Organic Girl

      Homemade formulations are rarely a true liposome technology.
      You would have to run lab tests to see how stable the liposome is.
      If you did make a home made version you can really only count it as
      oral vitamin c which is fine – but if it’s not a stable liposome it will not be as effective. Reputable companies that sell liposomal c run lab tests to see if their product is stable – and some companies are still selling inferior liposomal products. If your really looking for an IV-C effect you need a high quality liposomal product.

    • Linda

      I don’t see were this article mentions anything about homeade liposomal C

      • dan

        I think it was in the email version of the article, I saw it too.

      • deedwan

        Linda, it mentions homemade vitamin C where it lists the 4 main types of vitamin C therapy. No. 1 being Liposomal vitamin C (and in parenthesis it notes “not homemade vitamin C).

  • Debbie

    I bought some Liposome-encapsulated vitamin C from the Natural News store. Does the taking of Vitamin C until bowel tolerance work with the Liposome vitamin C?

  • Doug Kitt

    A natural form of Vitamin C is not included in the list. Dehydroascorbic acid (DHAA) makes up about 10-20% of the Vitamin C in food, so we all eat a little of it each day. DHAA is absorbed much more rapidly and completely than any other dietary form. When taken in supplement amounts, it results in higher blood plasma levels of vitamin C than any other oral form. It has been impossible for consumers to obtain in large amounts, however, so that is probably why it isn’t mentioned.

    But recently a YouTube video has been published that teaches how to make DHAA for dietary supplementation in large quantities by a do-it-yourself method right at home. The complete title is “Liposomal vs. Oxidized Vitamin C and DIY DHAA: The Amazing Green Smoothie”

    • deedwan


  • Thanks for the Great information. Increased my dosage in middle of reading.

  • deedwan

    Additionally, you can buy a far greater quantity (2.2 lbs) of it at a far better price on amazon by Nutribiotic (who also puts out Grapeseed Extract)…it is also NON GMO etc, pharmaceutical grade.

  • Alex

    Lamens terms? lol This probably was already….

  • Wendy Allen

    Yes..they need real Vit C..not GMO kind. Milk thistle may help liver/kidneys. Too much Vit C may change Cu/Zinc balance. Nuts not sold in the shell may have gluten contamination in them. I get nuts in the shell and freeze them so they are not rancid. Cancer maybe due to gluten/dairy/soy/sugar/GMO…vitamins/good oils/minerals….LDN…probiotic…detoxing may help. Far Infrared Sauna may help detox and take the pressure off the liver/kidneys. Baking soda…see book by Sirus on it may help kidneys. Best wishes.

  • Lynn Murdock

    Here you recommend ascorbic acid in the multi C protocol. Natural news, Mike Adams along with others state the dangers of taking ascorbic & how it is a synthetic version which wipes out good bacteria. acid: I have been following this multi C protocol for months and now after reading about the negative effects of ascorbic acid I am not happy especially after battling candida which as you know needs a buildup of good gut flora. Please explain

    • pam r

      The article you are referring to is not written by mike and NaturalNews does sell vitamin c(ascorbic acid) in their store. I suggest you research vitamin c
      there are many cancer patients with fungus and candida issues getting anywhere from 50-200grams of IVC all over the world in health clinics as part of a healing protocol. I suggest you get one of DR. Levy’s books a vitamin C expert and author of this article. I have personally read all his books but curing the incurables and primal panacea would answer your questions.

    • pam r
  • Janine

    So what is your opinion with high dose Vitamin C today?
    Only with berries you couldn’t reach the levels…

    Do you think that all those different forms of Vitamin C together (liposome Vit. C, ascorbic acid, ascorbyl palmitate, iv Vit. C AND berries with high Vit. C content) are good? Would that be your choice today?

  • GoldenAutumn

    Phenomenal testimony. Thank you for sharing. Wishing you continued success in your endeavors.