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Vitamin C and sepsis: The genie is now out of the bottle


(NaturalHealth365) The enormous effectiveness of vitamin C in helping to resolve any of a wide variety of infections comes as no surprise to anyone who has made at least a minimal effort to study the large body of peer-reviewed literature addressing this topic. However, the overall number of healthcare practitioners and laypersons who are familiar with the therapeutic capacity of ... Read More »

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The never-ending war against vitamin C


In her article of February 19, 2016, Denise Dador jumps onto the heavily-populated bandwagon advocating against the utility of vitamin C in treating the common cold, or just about anything else, for that matter. Certainly, I am in no position to question Ms. Dador’s sincerity in writing her article. (But, here’s a ‘dose of reality’ for Ms. Dador) Perhaps she ... Read More »

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How to effectively treat viral infections, including Ebola and Zika


(NaturalHealth365) Ebola virus infection typically results in a rapidly evolving clinical syndrome that results in death in a week or less in a majority of the cases documented in areas of Africa, even though the incubation period leading to clinical disease can last up to three weeks. However, probably the main factor in determining whether a fatal outcome is quickly ... Read More »

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The most popular vitamin C myths exposed


(NaturalHealth365)  Myth number one: What is the “difference” between natural and synthetic vitamin C? Vitamin C, as ascorbic acid, is a specific molecule having a specific molecular structure. It is not a complex, or a substance with multiple chemical or nutrient ingredients. There are many products offered to the public these days that appropriately raise the question of whether that ... Read More »

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The number one cause for 90% of all heart attacks


(NaturalHealth365) Inflammation of the lining of the coronary arteries has been known for some time to be at the root of virtually all coronary atherosclerosis that eventually leads to partially obstructive lesions, the acute formation of an occluding blood clot, and the resulting heart attack that is the number one cause of death in the United States. However, little to ... Read More »

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Most cardiologists shocked to discover the true cause of heart attacks

man with heart attack

(NaturalHealth365) For many years, truth be known, cardiologists have just believed that getting a heart attack was bad luck, blaming it on a bad family history, a poor diet, being overweight, or saying “I guess it was just your time, because you haven’t been doing anything wrong.” For the past century, scientific articles have continued to pour in showing that ... Read More »

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Can a dental infection cause a massive heart attack?

woman in dental chair

(NaturalHealth365) For literally hundreds of years now, the idea that one or more focal infections in the body could seed, initiate, and promote virtually all chronic degenerative diseases has been hotly debated in the medical and dental communities, often with much more passion and hyperbole than with science. This “debate” continues today, and nothing encapsulates this focal infection link between ... Read More »

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Holistic dentistry pioneer Dr. Hal Huggins dies at 77 – but his legacy will live forever

dr hal huggins

(NaturalHealth365) At the much too young age of 77, Dr. Hal Huggins passed away at his home in Colorado Springs, Colorado on November 29, 2014. The world has lost a truly great man, a scientific giant by any measure, and a human being with a profoundly deep compassion for all of his patients. I first met Dr. Huggins in 1993 ... Read More »

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Medical warning: Gluten allergies affect everyone

stressed out woman

(NaturalHealth365) Fatigue and depression are at epidemic levels in ‘modern’ society. Today, I ask you, could gluten allergies (toxicity) be causing so many of today’s health problems? While I make great efforts to keep up on the current medical literature, my efforts consistently fall short of the mark. It seems that every few months I make my own personal “discovery” ... Read More »

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Can natural protocols be an effective treatment for Ebola?

natural remedies

(NaturalHealth365) Since writing “Surprising solution for Ebola virus” and having it published by NaturalHealth365 August 3, 2014, a lot has transpired. The Ebola epidemic was only beginning, and it had only been featured in the nightly news for about 2 weeks at that time. Nobody, I believe, had any clear handle on what was going to happen or how the ... Read More »

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Surprising solution for Ebola virus

woman with viral sickness

(NaturalHealth365) Whether the infectious disease branch of modern medicine is truly unaware or just does not want to admit they are completely wrong on how to cure a viral syndrome remains a debatable point. Certainly, their “find a vaccine for everything” approach to viruses is not the answer. Even if a vaccine could be introduced into the body without associated ... Read More »

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Best nutrients to have in your ‘one a day’ supplement

(NaturalHealth365) Are you consuming a ‘one a day’ supplement? For many people, the taking of a multivitamin/multimineral (MM) supplement is to “cover all the bases,” trying to make sure no significant vitamin or mineral deficiencies occur among the vitamins and minerals commonly considered to be the most important. This is a perfectly reasonable goal, especially for the individual without the ... Read More »

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