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Herbal medicine news: Pau d’arco neutralizes a wide variety of infections


(NaturalHealth365) Have you heard of the benefits of pau d’arco? It could just be one of the most powerful types of herbal medicine. Tinctures made from pau d’arco tree bark can help to treat a range of health conditions from minor to severe. These include colds, flu, cough, fever, anemia, colitis, rheumatism, boils and malaria. This herbal medicine also offers ... Read More »

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Improve the immune system with pau d’arco

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(NaturalHealth365) For centuries, the healing powers of the herb pau d’arco have been recognized by those around the world who have sought out herbal medicines. But in recent years, this herb’s many health benefits have even been recognized by conventional medicine – especially in strengthening the immune system. Researchers associated with the U.S. Department of Agriculture have recognized pau d’arco’s ... Read More »

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