Tumor metabolism is slower than suspected, new study finds

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tumor-metabolism(NaturalHealth365)  For years, tumor growth in humans has been the subject of extensive research.  One particular area of interest is the role of the metabolic system.  Initially, it was assumed that tumors required a significant amount of energy during their growth, which could leave insufficient metabolic resources for essential organs.

According to a recent study, the belief that tumors consume a lot of energy during their growth and compete with vital organs for metabolic resources is inaccurate.  The study found that the rate at which tumors convert nutrients into cellular energy is slow.  One possible explanation for this sluggishness is that the tumor preserves its energy to promote growth and metastasis.

This finding challenges the effectiveness of current treatments that rely on depriving tumors of nutrients.  It upends the conventional approach of “starving the tumor” and raises questions about the viability of such treatment plans.

The role of glucose in tumor growth and metastasis

The researchers discovered that while tumors have a slow rate of converting nutrients into cellular energy, they do use glucose more than other tissues.  This finding suggests that dietary interventions that restrict glucose circulation may have some therapeutic potential, such as the ketogenic diet.

However, treatment strategies that solely focus on depriving tumors of nutrients may not be effective since tumors conserve their energy to promote growth and metastasis.  The study found that solid tumors in colon, pancreatic, and lung cancer have a slow energy consumption rate.  In contrast, metastatic cancer uses energy at a similar rate to healthy tissue.  These results indicate that a more nuanced approach to cancer treatment is needed to address the metabolic demands of tumors.

Natural approaches to preventing cancer

Cancer prevention is crucial for maintaining good health, and it should be a regular part of everyone’s lifestyle.  In addition to reducing the risk of cancer, adopting cancer prevention measures can also lead to better overall health.  Here are some natural ways that experts recommend for preventing cancer.

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It can sometimes feel like we live in a world where nearly everything has the potential to harm our health.  From pollution to processed foods and sedentary lifestyles, there are numerous factors that can increase the risk of developing chronic diseases, including cancer.

However, by making some lifestyle changes, you can take control of your health and reduce your risk of developing cancer.

You are not powerless against cancer.  There are things you can do, including the things listed here, that can help decrease your risk of developing cancer and improve your odds of fighting it more effectively.

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