Arizona police storms family home to remove unvaccinated child with high fever, shocking video reveals the truth

Arizona police storms family home to remove unvaccinated child with high fever, shocking video reveals the truth
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(NaturalHealth365) In a shocking and inquisition-type infringement on parental rights, local government officials from Arizona took an unvaccinated child from his family. The child, who had a fever, was forcibly taken after police entered the home against the parents’ wishes.

The unbelievable intrusion by members of the Chandler Police Department is only further demonstration of how far people are willing to go in reviling anyone who challenges the status quo and questions the sovereignty of the childhood vaccine routine. The incident was caught on video, and we must warn you – the footage is disturbing.

How did we devolve to this level of insanity against an unvaccinated child?

We’re still reeling from breaking news last week out of New York, where Rockland County officials declared a state of emergency and banned unvaccinated children from public places, including libraries, parks, synagogues and churches, schools, and restaurants. Now the vaccine insanity has hopped over to the American southwest.

According to reports, a naturopathic doctor reported the parents of a 2-year-old unvaccinated boy to the Arizona Department of Child Safety (DCS) when, following a check-up with the physician, the parents decided not to bring the child to the emergency department since his 105° F fever broke.

The doctor, who told officials he believed the child had contracted meningitis, was incorrect – the child had actually been dealing with an upper respiratory infection known as RSV. (respiratory syncytial virus)

In response to the doctor’s report, DCS alerted the local police department, who showed up at the family home. When the father of the child refused to let the police into the house, they left and returned later with a search warrant – and a SWAT team.

The child was then forcibly removed from the premises.

The severity of this violation cannot be understated – shady act decried by lawmakers and concerned parents

Even if the consequences of this reprehensible act were limited only the family involved, this alone would be reason enough to condemn the decisions made by the Chandler Police Department that day. We can only imagine how traumatizing this was for the parents and young child.

But the trouble with this unconstitutional violation sadly and dangerously extends beyond the individual family unit. For one thing, it sets a dangerous precedent for other state and federal agencies – potentially giving a pass to any officials who want to abuse their power and infringe on the rights of parents in the name of “child safety.”

Additionally, this case takes the focus away from legitimate cases of abuse and neglect in which DCS and law enforcement should be involved. This point was rightly brought up by Arizona State Representative Kelly Townsend, who slammed the incident.

The Department of Child Services may (in theory) be designed to be an important advocate for the young and vulnerable in this country.  But, they clearly have a lot of work to do – to improve their image.

This egregious waste of resources shines an ugly light on the push back against parents who choose not to vaccinate their children.  It also raises the impetus even further for all parents to educate themselves about vaccines and the potential health risks it imposes on their children.

Sadly, at of the time of this posting, the parents of the young boy are still fighting to get him back from state custody. They also have both been charged with one count of child abuse.

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