FORCED vaccines: New bill H.R. 1313 could demand you get a vaccination or lose your job

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forced-vaccination-bill(NaturalHealth365) Republican congresswoman Virginia Foxx has introduced new legislation with an intention of forcing employers to require all workers to submit to a mandatory vaccination program or risk losing their job. House Resolution bill H.R. 1313 is called the “Preserving Employee Wellness Programs Act,” and its aim is to require employees to receive genetic screenings and mandatory vaccines – whether they like it or not.

The stated reason of forced or mandatory vaccines is “wellness” and disease prevention in the workplace. If workers refuse the vaccination, they could be subject to being refused employment, losing their jobs (for existing employees), higher health insurance premiums, being ostracized within the workplace and other penalties.

Legislation opens door to mandatory vaccines without alternatives

Instead of clarifying specific vaccines or treatments to be made mandatory, the legislation has open-ended language that paves the way for employers to be able to force workers to accept whatever they deem “important to wellness” in the workplace. Those in opposition to the legislation cite fears about mandatory vaccines imposed by the government or its agencies.

While the legislation allows workers to petition for a “reasonable alternative standard” to the health measures established, the nebulous nature of the bill and its language leaves plenty of room for employers to choose the alternatives – or not allow alternatives at all to certain provisions like vaccination.

The full text of H.R. 1313 can be read at by clicking this link.

While Republican congresswoman Virginia Foxx is the main sponsor of H.R. 1313, she is not the originator of the legislation. It is actually part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare.

Obamacare already threatens to assess penalties, surcharges and higher health insurance premiums to businesses and workers who refuse vaccinations – which the healthcare legislation refers to as “disease prevention.”

The text of H.R. 1313 outlines how companies and employees who abide by the appointed “wellness guidelines” including compulsory vaccinations can save up to half on their insurance premiums. This means those who don’t comply will be paying double for refusing vaccination and other designated “health measures.”

Speak up and oppose H.R. 1313 and the FORCED vaccination agenda

The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) calls the H.R. 1313 bill a threat to both businesses and the people employed by them. Instead of allowing for free choice in health and wellness decisions, the legislation would attempt to implement a “carrot and stick” method for “strongly compelling” businesses and workers to accept the agendas of big pharma and its paid-off government officials.

The National Vaccine Information Center is urging concerned citizens to contact their own representatives and senators to express their views about H.R. 1313. When doing so, please remember to express your opinions intelligently and respectfully – you are far more likely to be heard if you are firm but polite when explaining your point of view.

Visit this NVIC link for guidance on how to contact your state’s representatives.


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  • PO

    What a maddening place! The hill is way over the line, way over the line!

  • PO

    What a sad world we live in

    • michael l javick

      Earth IS a Prison Planet–FACT

  • walcon

    When was the last time a representative listened to the people- or cared? Enough said!

  • IMHO

    Who didn’t see this coming? When they decided it was ok to force people to buy “health” insurance then we knew it was only a matter of time before they forced “healthcare” participation. I said this from the day they first passed Obamacare (ACA) that they would soon force medical screening and treatment including mental “health” screening and treatment.
    There are already businesses that will not hire you unless you submit to medical prodding and there are others who will fire you if you have a sick day but do not provide a doctors note. So you cannot just blame overreaching politicians for this atrocity.
    The “healthcare” industry is the third highest cause of death in the U.S.A. Unless you include abortions and then it is by far number one. Health insurance is a Ponzi scam that enslaves future generations. Yet they make themselves out to be your saviors and use fear “aka terrorism” to goad you into accepting their authority and treatments.
    Soon they will deem you mentally ill if you reject the medical establishment and their treatments. And the brainwashed, satanic masses will agree.
    The persecution of true Christians has only just begun.
    Soon America will be in hell where it belongs.

  • wally63

    Welcome to the Great United Soviet Socialist Satanic Stasi States of Amerika, Komrades! You VILL do as you are TOLD!

    • rickster

      Komrade ve mus du as day say! An ordair is an ordair! LOL ?

  • Sam Nelson

    It doesn’t matter what any politician or court says about getting vaccines the Nuremberg Treaty is the final word when the question is about someone sticking a needle into a persons body. People cannot be forced to have a vaccine, if a company tries to force a person to have a vaccine or lose their job then that person can own the company. Republican congresswoman Virginia Foxx is either uninformed or an employee of the enemies of human kind. A depopulation experiment if ever there were one.

    • Gu Est

      we never signed the nuremberg treaty. You won’t be forced, your given the choice – vaccinate or loose your job. see how they do it ? no forcing. you choose.

    • michael l javick


    • archer

      Hate to tell ya but USA children taken into DHS custody are immediately checked for all scheduled vaccinations and if they are missing any DHS enforces them without parental consent. Its happening and has been happening Nuremberg Treaty and objectors to vaccines have the last what?

  • masimons

    You are jumping to the conclusion this bill has that intention as it has no text saying it. Forcing anyone to have a vaccination is a bodily violation and is unconstitutional.
    My company offers vaccinations, but I have never, nor will I ever have one.

  • Kj Carder

    Co-sponsors:Rep. Walberg, Tim [R-MI-7]* 03/02/2017

    Rep. Stefanik, Elise M. [R-NY-21] 03/07/2017

    Rep. Mitchell, Paul [R-MI-10] 03/07/2017

    Rep. Messer, Luke [R-IN-6] 03/17/2017

    Rep. Garrett, Thomas A., Jr. [R-VA-5] 03/20/2017

    • Padraigin Eagle

      The Tribe has spoken, and they want you broken!

    • Kathy P

      Surprising that these are Republicans behind this bill. In California, SB277 mandatory vaccines to attend school, was passed by all Democrats who are in the majority. Republicans voted against the bill and felt parents should have the right to chose what is best for their children. What has happened to the Republicans?

  • Polly

    This is part of the mass genocide. The shadow government will kill us off one way or the other. Air, water, food or vaccines. Bill Gates and his family should be first in line.

  • Dave Russell

    Kind of strange that you would have higher premiums if you refuse vaccinations.
    Most people who refuse vaccinations tend to be healthier and are less likely to use health benefits.
    But those who think they’re going to save money by getting vaccinated are ignoring the fact that many children become vaccine damaged and will require very expensive care for years; some, for the rest of their lives.
    What’s that going to cost? No savings there!

    • rickster

      My son(23yrs) has extreme OCD and germaphobia. It started after about his 10th vaccine I checked his record and he has had 25 . I was conned by our doctor that they were safe! I am sick about this deception! I stopped my flu shots when I learned they are putting mercury formaldehyde and aluminum in our vaccines .
      Dave Russell you are on target with your comments

      • archer

        Every properly informed parent and adult feels the same way rickster, you are not alone

    • michael l javick

      it’s all about con…trol..nothing else as we are just cattle to ‘trem’..

    • archer

      Lots of profits in disease management which “practices” to make as much money as possible from disease.

  • 0or8afh

    (Long past) Time to exit the United States, unless, of course, individual STATES put on their big-girl panties and start protecting their citizens. That, in my opinion, is not likely, so…bye!

  • Pat

    My Son had a few baby shots and then after doing seeing a lot of negative info on them, I stopped them. I had to “jump through hoops” when he went to school which was back in the late 70’s. When he graduated from high school he decided to join the service and he let them give him all the shots. Oh well, I tried.

    • Georgie Song

      email your Rep and voice your opposition.

    • archer

      Look into Gulf war syndrome its a combination of disabling complex neurological symptoms many gulf war military personnel are reporting. The military personnel do not have a choice to refuse all those enforced mandatory vaccinations. Think and Think again

  • Eileen Kuch

    Absolutely not, Lucile. The US was founded as a Constitutional Republic by its Founders. In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson named the 3 God-given Rights, being: The Rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness (the Right to own Property). No gov’t. can either grant or take away any rights that are God given. Forced vaccination violates all 3 God-given Rights.

  • donaldbreaux

    Maybe Virginia Foxx would like to experience being Forced Out of Office?

    • Pat

      We could HOPE that NC would not re-elect her. But NC is filled with Dems who came down from NY and area for the cheaper housing in NC and the jobs that were grouping in the area.

  • Thinkforyourself

    Who in the hell would submit to vaccines, a study just came out stating kids without vaccines are healthier, And after the doctor’s at CDC said straight out vaccines are a scam and that CDC hold patents for what they are pushing …they are drug pushers. The numbers have been altered to persuade the general public that it is safe . This is typical mafia move.but they are lower than that even the mafia has code of ethics they would never hurt babies or children

  • MerckDeathVaccines

    Miss Foxx can suck on a mercury-filled vaccine till she drops dead. I wonder how much cash the vaccine manufacturers are paying her to sponsor this poisonous bill?

  • Bad Santa

    Already looking forward to the moment when they confront me with that choice.

  • Georgie Song

    We all need to email or call our Representatives and tell them to Oppose the bill 1313.

  • Queen Mennon

    if the mandate is in obamacare legislation, why the hell is a republican pushing it? republicans are not about this. it seems there are republicans that need to go – republicans that are really democrats in republican clothing. don;t worry about this, it will not pass a republican majority congress. big pharma still at it.

    • Pat

      She is from New York originally….probably a Dem on the inside…check out her biography. She went to college in North Carolina and stayed in NC afterwards… Well, that pretty much explains it. NC is filled with a bunch of liberals who moved down for the affordable housing and the jobs in the Research Triangle in the last 25 years.

  • michael l javick

    Never happening? How can you be so sure with the sheeple population we have?

  • I don’t fully agree with you I believe that certain medications should be taken if proven to not have any side effects because immagine a teacher not getting a vaccine being with children the teacher could easily infect the children due to their weak body. But I don’t fully agree with my argument as well if a medicine could cause more harm than the actual disease than why should we take it. If there was proof no harm could be done to a person I believe it should be mandatory though

    • Pam R

      Hi, Evarist
      That is a a dangerous philosophy -if something is safe or not no government should say you have to inject it into your own body or not. That is called freedom give them an inch and they will take a mile. You really need to research vitamin C it will take away any virus in under 48 hours there is no need to be afraid of any virus -vaccines are made to make money natural remedies are suppressed so you can be afraid, confused and controlled by people in power.

    • Neo

      Every medication has a side affect.
      Proven by who…Big Pharma.
      You sir a crazy.
      I think your medication side affects are dumbing you down.
      They should bring back and force lobotomies on people like you.

    • Robert Banever

      NO medications should be forced or mandated to be taken… period! ALL medications have side effects, some are deadly. ALL vaccines are toxic, neurotoxic, carcinogenic and potentially deadly. NO vaccines should be mandated for ANYTHING. NO vaccine has ever been proven scientifically to be both safe and effective.. EVER. The MMR vaccine HAS been proven to cause autism in African American children below the age of 3. Dr. William Thompson Ph.D and CDC researcher did the research and he testified to this fact. NO TO ALL MANDATED VACCINES AND MEDICATIONS.

    • archer

      Somebody please remove this misinformed commentary
      FYI: You need to be concerned what’s being taught to be PC in public schools as well

    • Lynn4JC

      1. NO medication has EVER been proven to NOT have side effects.
      2. NO one should be force-medicated.
      3. Children have remarkable bodies and fight diseases better than babies, elderly, and adults – as long as they aren’t compromised by “modern” medicine such as vaccines, etc. With all our “advancements” in medicine, we have the sickest children ever. This has to do with way more than just the environment and poisoned foods (Roundup).
      4. Check into natural alternatives such as homeopathy and herbs. They help the immune system fight disease without poisons, etc.
      5. Research who is benefitting financially from vaccines and other pharmaceuticals.
      6. A teach being vaccinated isn’t going to help children but could harm them if the teacher is still shedding. Teachers are exposed to so many germs, they probably have the best immune systems compared to other adults.

  • IMHO

    Actually not just unnatural things but ANYTHING.

  • Stupid Bitch

    Someone needs to give Ms Foxx a Hot Beef injection.

  • Rene

    Flu Shots given to pregnant women!!!! Mandated Vaccines for Everyone or force people into poverty!!! What A Horror.
    Good must press in against evil, and stand firmly with the truth, and all that is wholesome and rebuke and refuse these demonic measures to enslave people to a life without liberty and our God given rights to our health.

  • Patriot001

    Agreed, the site has great info, but they need to make it easy for visitors to contact their congressperson.

  • Pat

    This is wrong on every level
    Republicans like Foxx are pushing corporate control a little too far.
    Corporations do not OWN employees and have no right to push genetic testing or vaccines.

  • archer

    GcMAF Jeffrey Bradstreet, MD May he RIP

  • Bad Santa

    Sandra, that was hard core irony speaking. But, seems you missed it. Of course I don’t support any forceful vaccination. No one sane wants to be told we need to be vaccinated from whatever reason they invent. What I meant is that I would rather defend myself than get vaccinated. And by ‘defend’ myself I really do not mean your peaceful ‘contact our representatives’, but rather by using my good old .45
    But, at the end it seems you would be the perfect candidate for the fascist, as you already state clearly that ‘you would hate to lose your job’ – conclusion from that statement is that you would rather get chipped and vaccinated, than lose your job. But, that’s a choice each of us will need to make.

  • Xmen442002

    This has no place in the rights of private employers. Government…….once again does not know their limitations in power.

  • IMHO

    The Bill of Rights is not nullified by the States. The Federal Government is required to maintain and ensure our rights under the Bill of Rights. As a citizen of the U.S.A. those rights are suppose to be guaranteed. No State has authority to override those Rights.
    Health care is not like seat belts and mandatory “health insurance” is not the same as mandatory car insurance. A person has a right to themselves as they are created by GOD. Cars and seatbelts are created by men.
    The Bill of Rights trumps States Rights when it comes to individual freedom and liberty.