AMA announces new mandatory vaccine policy

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boy-getting-vaccinated(NaturalHealth365) The nation’s most prominent physician’s organization, the American Medical Association (AMA), poured oil onto the fires raging over the vaccination debate recently when it went on record urging state legislators to do away with the ability of parents to choose whether or not to vaccinate their children. The attitude of the AMA is quite alarming – to say the least.

At its annual meeting earlier in June, the AMA adopted policy that would eliminate parental rights of refusal due to religious beliefs or fear of vaccine dangers when it came to vaccinating their children. While parents often already face hurdles to avoid what many feel are harmful, or at the least ineffective, inoculation, the AMA’s decision may ignite further action among state legislators. Many states have already been considering tougher laws following a 2014 measles outbreak at Disneyland in California.

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A hard pill to swallow for the vaccinated population

The most recent measles outbreak quickly became merely a political tool. But using the California measles outbreak to attack parents and push a mandatory vaccination program is particularly troubling since evidence shows that vaccinated individuals were affected by the outbreak as well.

In fact, in some measles outbreaks in California in 2014, a whopping 20 percent of those affected had been vaccinated. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention itself states that 12 percent of the measles cases associated with the Disneyland outbreak involved vaccinated individuals, some having received not one, but two, doses of the MMR vaccine.

Of course, public health officials around the world are ‘unable to determine’ the proportion of vaccinated individuals who will actually become infected with measles, show few symptoms and then transfer the disease to someone else. Currently, an estimated 95 percent of youngsters entering kindergarten are immunized using the MMR vaccine – which is a completely fraudulent medical procedures based on false data. Yet, despite so many receiving what vaccine advocates herald as effective vaccinations, the U.S. is seeing a strong resurgence in measles cases.

Studies reveal MMR vaccine is ineffective

Dr. Gregory Poland, professor of medicine, and founder of Mayo Clinic’s Vaccine Research Group, recently voiced concern publicly over the poor performance of measles vaccine in the MMR shot. As editor-in-chief of the journal Vaccine, Dr. Poland identified multiple studies showing that anywhere from 2 to upwards of 10 percent of those immunized with even two doses of measles vaccine still fail to develop the necessary protective antibody levels.

In addition, studies show that any immunity that was established, begins to wane over time. This can lead to infection if the individual is exposed to measles.

Do vaccine manufacturers know what they are doing?

For example, during the 1989–1991 outbreak of measles in the U.S., about 20 to 40 percent of the individuals affected had been previously immunized with one to two doses of vaccine. In a similar October 2011 outbreak in Canada, over half of the 98 individuals had received two doses of measles vaccine. Even China, with its mandatory vaccination policy, see many cases of disease – even though a very high percentage of the population is vaccinated.

We MUST oppose state mandates – help us spread awareness about this issue. Too many vaccines simply don’t work.

Learn whether you state is considering a bill to force vaccinations of children. Make your voice heard about the threat to parental rights and the potential harm of vaccinations. We can’t remain silent on this issue any longer.


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  • Bob

    I find it amusing that vaccinated people are so worried about outbreaks. If they are within this belief system then they should feel all warm and cozy that they are safe. Mandatory vaccination is just a move by the industry friendly government officials to create more business for their friends and to decrease the population as per the presentation from Bill Gates. There is a marked increase in propaganda about the overpopulated planet so the web is being spun. Manufactured lack is a key component to ensure the propaganda sticks. There are plenty of resources for everyone on this planet for a joy-filled prosperous life. I look forward to the day in the near future when basic human needs are abundant leaving the innocent population alone.

  • Rachel G

    The more opportunity for the vaccine industry the less for individual rights. Vaccines have not been and never will be clinically proven to have no side effects. The pharmaceutical industry is out of control and we can thank the government for that.

  • Ted N

    Take a close look at the vaccine industry and you will see a leader in both media advertisement and strong arm tactics. These companies have done clinical studies with very little substance and use scare tactics. They use epidemics to urgently advise mass inoculation.

    You would think we would learn from the failure of the flu shots to protect most of the population.

  • Ed Wilson

    The pharmaceutical companies make millions from vaccines and then make BILLIONS from treating the adverse SIDE EFFECTS! Obviously money talks.

  • nrbrk

    FU AMA! I’ve already decided to end your role in my life. You don’t represent me or my family—you’re a labor union for SOME physicians, that’s all.

    Your sole mission is to promote big pharma and the AMA as the sole providers of healthcare. Well, I’m not buying it.

    You would have us believe that nature works against humanity when, in fact, nature works best.

    There are plenty of natural healthcare options that work better than anything big pharma has ever come up with.

    My message to the AMA and big pharma: Keep your junk “medicine”—and the junk science your products are based on.

  • nrbrk

    Vaccine “science” should stand on its own merits. Science doesn’t need teams of industry lobbyists to make its case. Either vaccines are proven, safe and effective, or they’re not.

    The fact that vaccine manufacturers need immunity from liability doesn’t support their “proven, safe, effective” case very well.

  • nrbrk

    Medical tyranny means never having to say no to your doctor or the government—because you won’t have a choice but to submit.

    Whether you’re pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine, no one should be forcing you to submit to medical procedures without your consent.

    If philosophical, religious and medical vaccine exemptions are outlawed, you will not have any recourse when they come to give you any and all of the many vaccines already in use—as well as the 300 vaccines that are in the FDA-approval pipeline. And this applies to you, as well as your children.

    Get involved and stand up to this abuse of power.

  • nrbrk

    While pro-vaxxers and legislators—with lots of help from mainstream media—are creating hysteria over the ZERO DEATHS from the recent outbreak of measles in DisneyWorld (only among the vaccinated!), nobody ever talks about the deaths actually caused by vaccines.

    Here’s some CDC news about the RotaTeq vaccine that Dr. Paul Offit invented and received over $40 million in vaccine royalties from—

    A new CDC study shows “272 reports of intussusception (severe bowel obstruction) after the first dose of Merck’s rotavirus vaccine RotaTeq. The first rotavirus vaccine (Rotashield) was pulled from the market after similar reports.

    There are now 202 INFANT DEATHS associated with RotaTeq in the FDA Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) (Age < 3 years)."

    In my opinion, keeping a product on the market that has killed 202 innocent children is infanticide.

    So where's the outrage from legislators and pro-vaccine advocates?