New COVID-19 vaccine from aborted babies, begins testing

New COVID-19 vaccine from aborted babies, begins testing
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(NaturalHealth365) Nations around the world are attempting to become the first to mass-produce a “safe” vaccine within the next year. What’s next? Rushed research and a vaccine from aborted babies? Apparently so.

We know that vaccines generally need 5 to 15 years to develop safely, but most countries are attempting the marathon task of vaccine trials at a sprinters pace. Now, the Canadian government has partnered with China to undertake questionable research on a new vaccine.

The research involves the cell lines of aborted babies. Although the studies clearly state how the “breaking research” was discovered, the Canadian government sources fail to inform their citizens that their advances are thanks to the cell lines of unborn babies.

The COVID-19 vaccine trials from aborted baby cells: What you need to know

The National Research Council’s (NAC) press release states that the vaccine Ad5-nCoV received Chinese regulatory approval earlier this year. One of the few candidates given the go-ahead for human clinical trials.

The HEK293 cell line is from aborted baby cells, almost a decade old, that was also used in the experiments for Ebola vaccinations. The Canadian government claim that they are “pav(ing) the way for future clinical trials in Canada.” Yet they fail to mention the unethical nature of their research methods.

To source this essential information, an expert Alan Moy M.D. was sought out, stating, “Since it’s using an adenovirus replication-defective vector, it is using HEK293. HEK293 is an aborted fetal cell line,” While the public is told their government is paving the way for the most advanced research, they remain uninformed that their vaccine is from aborted baby cell lines.

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The NRC remains committed to this unethical partnership with taxpayers hard-earned money

If you’re in the USA, your taxes aren’t being spent on this research yet as far as we know. But a whopping $1 Million of our Canadian neighbors’ hard-earned money is being invested in this controversial project.

A further $44 Million is to be spent in Montreal on upgrade to support compliance with vaccination manufacturing standards.

The Canadian national research group are in the process of signing the paperwork to partner with the Chinese firm CanSino Biogolies Inc. This paperwork with authorizing the testing of human trials on this controversial vaccine.

Most Canadians remain uninformed with the president of their National Research Council of Canada, stating, “(the) vaccine candidate holds great promise.” No doubt, a statement to instill hope in their citizens after isolating lockdown periods.

With $45 Million on the line, there’s no telling if this vaccine from aborted babies will even work. Dr. Moy stated that the strain of Ad5 is usually ineffective in humans due to high immunity levels. Whether you’re pro-life or pro-choice, $45 million of hard-earned taxpayer money is a gamble most would be unwilling to make.

Aside from ethics, there are significant problems associated with a vaccine from aborted babies

The “race” for a vaccine is becoming increasingly desperate. Abortion itself is still a heavily debated topic, let alone using the embryonic cells in an attempt to be the first to mass-produce a rushed vaccine.  Furthermore, 2019 data reveals the issues with using aborted fetal lines in vaccines.

The DNA within them can be potentially tumorigenic to humans.

A new study out of Italy analyzed the validity and effects of conducting scientific research on aborted cell lines.  The results were shocking!

They found that the DNA represented was a complete human genome by the time the child was aborted, and there are some definite genetic abnormalities. The genome had many inconsistencies with healthy humans, including 560 genes associated with cancer.

There were many variations, copies, and structural variants to the DNA – many linked to the genes that induce cancer.

Although the link between the use of fetal cell line vaccines and the onset of cancer is not a widely researched topic yet, we cannot ignore this extensive evidence. We already know the dangers of injecting unknown strains into our bodies in the name of science.

With Dr. Anthony Fauci making statements eluding to mandatory vaccines being forced upon all Americans, it’s crucial that governments stop covering up how they’re developing their latest vaccines.

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