Best Herbs for Cleansing Your Body

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(NaturalHealth365) Dr. Cynthia Foster reveals the best cleansing herbs to help remove toxins from your liver, kidneys and other organs in the body to support optimal health.  Simply put, detoxification is an absolute must – especially when you consider the sheer volume of chemicals we are exposed to, on a daily basis.

Dr. Foster lists the specific herbs that can assist in cleansing and detoxing to reduce inflammation, get rid of infection, and remove toxins from your body.  Keep in mind, when the body is not able to do this (effectively) – that’s when the immune system gets compromised and the risk of disease goes up.

Discover the 3 best cleansing herbs for overall great health

1. Dandelion: This commonly available bitter herb is great for detoxifying the liver and kidneys.  And, you can put this into salads or juice it with other vegetables and a bit of apple for a great cleansing tonic.

2. Corn silk.  Just one word of caution – be sure to purchase organic, non-gmo corn, when peeling off the corn silk to use for detoxification.

3. Burdock root.  This “warming” Ayurvedic herb is great for skin, liver and kidney health.  You can try making it into a tea or cook it with other vegetables like carrots and onions.

As you continue to watch the video, Dr. Foster gives out 2 “bonus” herbs to help clean out the body.  Be sure to hear what she has to say about peppermint and ginger root.  This is really valuable information for anyone dealing with digestive cramps, bloating or constipation.

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Bottom line: if you have digestive problems or just want to improve the detoxification pathways of your body – this video is loaded with some great health tips.  Enjoy!

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