My first visit to the chiropractor, x-rays reveal a problem

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(NaturalHealth365) In this video – which is my very first chiropractic visit of my life, my chiropractor (Dr. Roe) discusses my x-rays. He educates all of us about the proper form and function of the spine and what could happen when it’s not in proper alignment.

This information is rarely discussed in the mainstream news and vital to our overall wellbeing.

Find out how one chiropractic visit can change the direction of your life

I finally decided to visit a chiropractor – after experiencing slight headaches (on and off) for too long.  And, yes, I’ve been exercising, stretching or massage for many years.  But, none of these other lifestyle habits seem to help – in a significant way.

So, in this video, my chiropractor – Dr. Matthew Roe, will show you what’s happening to the discs in my neck and how this is dramatically affecting the rest of my body.  He also teaches his unique method for chiropractic where you adjust the atlas first, then everything else will fall into place, properly.

By the way, if you call Dr. Roe for an appointment – be sure to mention that you heard about him from Jonathan and NaturalHealth365.

As an “upper cervical chiropractor,” Dr. Roe has had the privilege of witnessing people of all ages and with all different types of health complications drastically improve their quality of life through upper cervical specific chiropractic.

So, sit back and relax.  When you watch this video, I know you’re going to learn a lot about natural healthcare and how to improve the quality of your life.  Enjoy!

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