Heal from Lyme disease naturally

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(NaturalHealth365) Dr. Jay Davidson and I discuss how you can treat Lyme disease naturally.

It is possible to heal from chronic disease.  And, my friend Dr. Davidson knows what he’s talking about.  In fact, he’s helped many people overcome this debilitating condition.

Why Western medicine fails to help people suffering from chronic Lyme disease conditions

In truth, there is much more going on – beyond the disease itself – that is preventing our immune system from getting rid of Lyme disease.  For example, there are biofilms that protect the bacteria which expresses itself as Lyme.

To be clear: Western medicine learns little to nothing about how to enhance the immune system.  And, the bottom line is, when your immune system is stressed out – that’s when we become vulnerable to infections and dis-ease.

In addition, this video will reveal the link between parasites and Lyme.  Dr. Jay and I will talk about detoxification, drainage and how heavy metals threaten our health.

And finally, you’ll discover what aspects of our environment can be fueling any chronic disease.

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