The Connection Between Brain and Eye Health

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(NaturalHealth365) In this video, Jonathan Landsman, creator of NaturalHealth365 and Thomas Lewis, PhD, RealHealthClinics talk about the connection between eye health and your brain function.  For example, did you know that cataracts or gluacoma indicate a greater risk of dementia?

Dr. Lewis points out, “your eye is an extension of your brain.  Very often, what we see in your eye tells us what’s going on in your brain.  And, eye changes happen up to 15 years before brain changes.”

As you watch this video, you’ll discover how the eye and brain are directly connected.  In fact, a simple eye exam can be used as a diagnostic tool for a wide variety of systemic, inflammatory conditions.

Your eye health can act as an early “warning sign”of health problems

The eye can indicate disease in the brain 15 years before it shows up in the brain.

And, according to thousands of brain scans, we know that dementia develops 30 – 50 years before any formal diagnosis.  In addition, infections throughout the body play a big role in brain health and chronic disease.

As you continue to watch the video, you’ll learn about 3 natural ways to support better brain function plus much more!

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