How to Properly Detoxify Heavy Metals

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In this video, you’ll quickly understand the “3 keys” to properly detoxify heavy metals from the body.  But, I strongly suggest you watch this video 2 or 3 times (I’m not kidding) to get the most out of it.  There is a very clear way to properly remove heavy metals from the body.  But, most people don’t take the time to learn – so, be patient with yourself as you get through this information.

Today, I feature Dr. Chris Shade, an expert in detoxification.  In this video, Dr. Shade explains his “push – catch” method for eliminating toxic metals from the body.

Warning: Heavy metals wreak havoc inside the human body

Are you toxic with mercury?  Mercury is a dangerous (neurotoxic) heavy metal found in those “silver” filling used in conventional dentistry.  Practically speaking, you can also get exposed to mercury by eating fish, especially tuna.  And, be warned, some immunizations still contain thimersal – a mercury-containing organic compound.

Obviously, to reduce your exposure to all (unwanted) metals, you must avoid them – as much as possible.  For example, see a well-trained, biological dentist to have your mercury-based, silver filling removed.  And, be sure to always take care of your detoxification pathways.

Are you eliminating toxins properly – every day?

Too many people suffer with constipation.  In other words, not having at least one (large) bowel movement – every day.  Unfortunately, Western medicine is under the impression that a bowel movement 2 or 3 times per week is “fine.”  And, nothing could be further from the truth!

In addition, as you watch this video, you’ll quickly gain a greater understanding about the “3 keys” to properly remove heavy metals from the body.  You’ll learn about the value of glutathione, transferase activity and transporters needed to ensure a safe detoxification process.

Bottom line: In today’s toxic world, proper detoxification strategies are a must to protect your health.


  • casandra says:

    Thank you so much for efforts to bring knowledge to people. As I heard so much about different natural treatment for different sicknesses, I am wondering why nobody mentioned GOUT? Gout seems to be part of arthritis, yet it is not mentioned together when talking about arthritis. I know many people with gout and they are following many different new age medicine doctors but they do not get mentioned. Thank you

  • Priscilla says:

    Do you take all of these at one time for the detox and how long do you take them?

  • Priscilla says:

    Are you suppose to take everything he discussed at one time? Also, how long do you take this in order to detox?

  • John M Rodgers MD says:

    Very dangerous to raise the issue of mercury in vaccinations without truly putting it in context. People reading this will consider refusing vaccinations which will raise the specter of the probability of a much wider incidence of Mumps, Measles, Rubella, and many other diseases largely almost eradicated by the advent of vaccination. Would suggest much more accurate and balanced reporting.

  • Guaba Guarikoku says:

    I’m interested in ways to detox from EMF exposure. Those of us who live in wind turbine country are already exposed to 5G among other EMFs from these environmental conditions. Would this be the same as the heavy metal detox or are there other things we need to be doing. People here are having headaches, insomnia, anxiety when they are home, animals are not responding in a normal way (chickens not laying right, cows not milking right, dogs exhibiting excessive anxiety) Can you include an epoisode on this topic? Thanks

  • Sandra Gladstone says:

    Where do I go to purchase these items? It’s like Greek to me but I need help. I have magnets sticking to my head so I need a serious detox program. Can you help me get what I need?

  • Debbie says:

    The Dr talks Nrf2 ,I know how to do that ,yea plus I know how to raise your glutathione 300%

  • Cindy Herr says:

    Please give precise step by step instructions. Like what to take exactly and how much of each. This is like foreign language otherwise.

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