My First Chiropractic Adjustment

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This is my first chiropractic adjustment – ever! Many NaturalHealth365 readers may be surprised to hear that, but it’s true. Honestly, I never really found a need for it – until now.

So, why would anyone consider a chiropractic adjustment? Generally speaking, if you have headaches, dizziness or any other (unwanted) physical symptoms related to stress, pain or immune-related issues, a chiropractic adjustment may help quite a bit.

The surprising result of my 1st chiropractic adjustment

Most people think of a chiropractor as a “bone cracker.” And, that can be scary for many people – right? But, as you watch this video, you’ll be amazed at how gentle, yet effective it was to get my very first adjustment.

Dr. Matthew Roe, my chiropractor – in the video, reveals what he does to me (and why) and you’ll be really surprised to see the difference it makes – after just one visit! The proof is so obvious – when you see how my leg length changes, immediately after the adjustment.

What is the “atlas technique?”

To give you a bit more detail: Dr. Roe uses the “atlas correction technique,” which are sound waves to adjust the bones in my neck very precisely. The tool he uses is designed to shift the positioning of my bones in the upper neck to relieve pressure.  And, best of all, it’s painless – as you’ll see in the video.

In the video, Dr. Roe also talks about how he checks for what needs to be done. The x-ray tells us exactly how the tool needs to be calibrated to correct the atlas. Then he shows how he checks my lower back and hips by examining the length of each leg.

Overall, I was thrilled with the results and can’t say enough about how much better I feel. I’ll be seeing Dr. Roe – every week – and will be sure to give you updates from time to time. Stay tuned for more good news from NaturalHealth365 and be sure to post your comments – down below.


  • Wally says:

    Expensive adjustments based on Nonsense (non-science)!

    • Gail Linich says:

      There’s always a Wally with nothing else to do🫤 My osteo uses similar techniques, I would be a cripple without it – instead I’m more mobile than most people I know who are half my age.

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