Why weight loss matters for postmenopausal women, according to new study

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weight-loss-protects-against-breast-cancer(NaturalHealth365)  Maintaining an ideal body weight is clearly linked to many health benefits – which is why so many people consider weight loss a top priority.  But, for women, you should know that the increasing rates of breast cancer and obesity are intertwined, with obesity exacerbating breast cancer risks and outcomes.

A new study delved into the complex relationship between the two, examining the potential benefits of lifestyle interventions like physical activity and diet.  Previous research related to the World Health Initiative Observational Study has found that women who properly control their body weight have a lower risk of getting breast cancer than those who don’t.

To examine the issue, the City of Hope National Medical Center of Duarte, California, analyzed 61,335 postmenopausal women participating in the World Health Initiative Observational Study.  These women had no prior history of breast cancer and showed normal mammogram results.  In addition, the women’s body height, weight, and BMI (body mass index) were assessed at the beginning of the study and years later.

If you don’t focus on weight loss, the risk of breast cancer can shoot up, study confirms

The study tracked postmenopausal women over an average of 11.4 years.  A number of them developed breast cancer, but it was found that those who lost 5 percent of their body weight lowered their risk for aggressive breast cancer by around 12 percent.

This was compared with women who maintained the same weight or gained weight.  The study also showed that women who gained 5 percent of their weight experienced a 54 percent higher risk of very aggressive forms of breast cancer, including triple-negative breast cancer.

The researchers came away from the study with an appreciation for the significant health benefits that can result from just a little effort toward maintaining a healthy weight.  The difference between gaining or losing just 5 percent of body weight in terms of breast cancer risk is profound.

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Just a moderate weight loss could bring postmenopausal women a statistically significant breast cancer risk reduction.  The study results were published in the peer-reviewed journal of the American Cancer Society called CANCER.

Important FACT: Modest weight loss dramatically reduces breast cancer risk

While these results were observational, there is also support from randomized clinical trials conducted by the Women’s Health Initiative Dietary Modification.  This randomized clinical trial concluded that a low-fat dietary pattern with a similar amount of weight loss resulted in much better breast cancer survival rates.

Editor’s note: We, at NaturalHealth365, still maintain that many of these positive “low-fat” outcomes featured in conventional scientific research are largely due to the reduction of TOXIC fat consumption – which comes from processed, factory-farmed sources of animal meats and dairy.

The combination of these findings provides strong correlating evidence linking modest weight loss to a highly reduced risk of suffering from breast cancer.  Conversely, even a small weight gain could have profound health consequences.

The importance of maintaining a healthy weight through diet and exercise cannot be overstated.  With these recent research results, postmenopausal women should follow this basic health advice even more carefully.

Creative approaches to weight management

While traditional methods like diet adjustments and regular exercise remain pillars of weight management, there are several innovative and enjoyable ways to approach shedding those extra pounds:

  1. Mindful eating:  Practicing mindfulness during meals can help you become more attuned to your body’s hunger and satiety cues, promoting healthier food choices and portion control.  Simply put, chew your food very well.
  2. Dance workouts:  Dancing isn’t just fun; it’s a great way to burn calories.  Whether it’s joining a local dance class or simply dancing to favorite tunes at home, it’s an enjoyable way to stay active.
  3. Outdoor activities:  Activities like hiking, kayaking, or even gardening can be effective calorie burners while offering the added benefits of fresh air and nature immersion.
  4. Meal prep and planning:  Dedicate a day to prepare healthy meals and snacks for the week.  Having nutritious options readily available can prevent impulsive, unhealthy food choices.
  5. Mind-body practices:  Incorporating practices like deep breathing exercises or tai chi can help you reduce stress in your life – which will support your weight loss efforts.

By integrating such creative strategies alongside conventional methods, you can find a balanced and sustainable approach to weight management, further enhancing your overall health and potentially reducing breast cancer risks.

Never forget: reduced breast cancer risk enhances quality of life.

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