Dangerous Chemicals

Warning: Toxic hexavalent chromium found in tap water


(NaturalHealth365) The movie “Erin Brockovich” tells the gripping true story of one woman who successfully battled the Pacific Gas and Electric Company over the presence of a carcinogenic chemical (hexavalent chromium) in the drinking water of a small California town. Erin Brockovich became a household name, and Julia Roberts, the actress who portrayed her, won an Academy Award. But real ... Read More »

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Government ignores the truth: Zika spraying is neurotoxic and ineffective


(NaturalHealth365) In the wake of news reports of mosquito-borne transmission of the Zika virus occurring in Miami, health authorities have been spraying areas of the city with the insecticide called naled.  In the South Park section of San Diego, California, officials are spraying with Pyrenone 25-5, in response to the same perceived threat. And, in New York City, authorities are ... Read More »

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Airline cover-up: Toxic oil from jet engines poisoning passengers and crew for decades


(NaturalHealth365) Aerotoxic syndrome, the term for the illness caused by exposure to contaminated air in jet aircraft, is ruining careers and claiming lives, causing the illness, permanent disability and even death of airline employees and passengers. Yet the issue is minimized, swept under the rug and largely ignored by corporate giants Boeing and Airbus, with those who speak out facing ... Read More »

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Glyphosate causing cancer, claims mass lawsuits


(NaturalHealth365) Roundup weed-killer and others that contain glyphosate comprise the most widely used herbicides in the world. However, the World Health Organization has been referring to glyphosate as a “probable human carcinogen” since 2015. Recent testing has found that this toxic chemical was present in the urine of a staggering 93 percent of persons tested.  Children have the highest levels ... Read More »

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Swimming in chlorinated pools increase bladder cancer risk by 57 percent

(NaturalHealth365) It seems like the perfect summer pursuit: a relaxing day spent in the pool. But scientific studies suggest that what appears to be a refreshing summer pastime could actually expose you to dangerous cancer-causing pool chemicals. Research has found that swimming in chlorinated pools heightens bladder cancer risk by a shocking 57 percent. Worse yet, when the cancer-causing components ... Read More »

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Government advises airlines to spray pesticides on passengers


(NaturalHealth365) Have you ever felt sick after flying, only to assume it’s jetlag or a virus you picked up from another passenger? Well, think again!  You might have been exposed to an insecticide, pesticides or other toxic chemicals – deliberately used by airline staff. I think airline passengers should be outraged to know that poisonous chemicals are now being sprayed ... Read More »

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Disinfection by-products found in public drinking water


(NaturalHealth365) Our nation’s drinking water supply is in dire need of improvements to safety and quality. Chlorine is currently added to public drinking water due to its ability to destroy viruses and bacteria.  But, while the chlorination of drinking water has greatly reduced serious health issues from waterborne diseases like typhoid and cholera, consuming chlorine in water also increase our ... Read More »

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Swimming pools contain over 200 unknown chemical compounds with many linked to serious health problems


(NaturalHealth365) Most people expect to find chlorine in water when they take a dip in the local pool.  But, what they don’t realize is that they are soaking themselves in water containing a number of harmful chemicals created by the reaction of chlorine with organic matter. If you swim in a pool, you should be aware of what is really ... Read More »

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Sunscreen warning: Is the Sunscreen Innovation Act of 2014 actually promoting skin cancer?


(NaturalHealth365) We all know the statistics: skin cancer is the most common form of diagnosed cancer in the U.S.  There are many reasons for the epidemic: the thinning of the ozone layer; our blind trust in labels and even toxic sunscreen products. (to name a few) The Sunscreen Innovation Act (SIA) was specifically designed to address the ‘effectiveness’ of sun-protective ... Read More »

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Toxic nail polish chemicals found in women’s bodies, researchers say


(NaturalHealth365) The nail polish market is booming. The industry estimates that about one-third of the women in the U.S. have at least 25 bottles of nail polish in their homes, and the industry is raking in about $770 million a year in sales with no decline in sight. But few women realize their use of this popular beauty product is ... Read More »

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People who eat fast food have hazardous levels of phthalates


(NaturalHealth365) Most people who consume fast food are aware that it isn’t good for them. Fast food is notoriously high in fat, sodium, processed carbohydrates and calories. However, what consumers might not be aware of is that these foods are also high in harmful chemicals called phthalates. A study from the George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health ... Read More »

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Buyer beware: Common laxative has antifreeze chemicals


(NaturalHealth365) A popular laxative continues to be wrongly and widely prescribed, despite a warning from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration about its primary ingredient – which has been linked to “neuropsychiatric events.”  At the time it issued the warning a few years ago, the FDA declared no further action was necessary. (truth is stranger than fiction) MiraLAX and its ... Read More »

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