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Breaking NEWS: Vaccine rights attorney attacked by State Bar agency in classic ‘witch hunt’


(NaturalHealth365) The North Carolina State Bar clearly is on a ‘witch hunt’ by initiating a lawsuit against the nation’s leading vaccine rights attorney, Alan Phillips. What’s their intent? Mr. Phillips is required to hand over years of (confidential) client files or risk being jailed for civil contempt. Every lawyer (and civil rights advocate) should be outraged by this action. Alan ... Read More »

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EXPOSED: Insurance company offers medical doctor payouts of $400 per child, if fully vaccinated by age 2


(NaturalHealth365) Does your medical doctor have a child’s best interests at heart – when they’re being paid to practice medicine a certain way? Common sense tells us that there’s a conflict of interest here, but (today) we’ll expose a driving force behind this issue. An alarming news item has revealed that the Blue Cross Blue Shield company is offering medical ... Read More »

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Higher rates of autism found in areas where vaccination rates are higher, Canadian data reveals


(NaturalHealth365) Autism rates continue to surge worldwide, especially within “developed” countries with robust (conventional) healthcare systems. For example, Canada is a fully “developed” country, with around 1 in 66 children afflicted with autism as of comprehensive reports from 2015. This puts Canada in the top 10 countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia with the highest autism rates. (By the ... Read More »

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BOMBSHELL discovery: The brain tissue of autistic people saturated with aluminum and lab verified


(NaturalHealth365) Aluminum in vaccines has long been suspected as one of the probable causes of autism. Now new research out of Keele University and Kings College Hospital in the UK is substantiating this suspicion. The researchers found significant amounts of aluminum in the brains of deceased persons who had been diagnosed with autism during their lifetime. Autism spectrum disorder refers ... Read More »

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Autism and ADHD solutions revealed


(NaturalHealth365) About 1 in 68 American children have some form of autism, according to official government estimates. That number is likely higher, however, as a survey of parents by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that as many as 1 in 45 children, ages 3 through 17, have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Exposing the cause ... Read More »

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Researchers say aborted fetal cells in vaccines causing increase in autism


(NaturalHealth365) Autism is a brain disorder that causes symptoms that typically become noticeable no later than age three. It affects a child’s ability to communicate both verbally and non-verbally and also affects social interactions and relationships. In addition, autism can dramatically lower a child’s interest in socializing and may cause a preoccupation with certain activities, toys or routines. It is ... Read More »

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Antibiotic use in infants linked to asthma

child with oxygen mask

(NaturalHealth365) Many parents of children with autism, ADHD, asthma and allergies (the 4 A’s) note that their children were frequently on antibiotics. A recent study found a link between antibiotic use during the first year of life and the development of asthma. How does antibiotic use cause asthma? New research published in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine states that impaired viral ... Read More »

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What environmental factors contribute to dyslexia?

girl hates school work

(NaturalHealth365) Dyslexia is more than just having a reading problem, science shows us that dyslexia is actually a linguistic issue and that people of all IQ levels can be impacted. The effects of dyslexia varies from person to person with the only shared trait being that people with dyslexia read at significantly lower levels than people their age. Dyslexia affects ... Read More »

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Aluminum in baby formula and vaccines

shocked baby

(NaturalHealth365) Over the last few years, newborn babies have been overexposed to aluminum with potential harmful consequences. Babies and particularly newborn babies, are at increased risk of aluminum toxicity because of their immaturity. According to the World Journal of Pediatrics, researchers looked at the role of aluminum in parenteral nutrition solutions, in adjuvants of vaccines and in pharmaceutical products. The ... Read More »

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Minerals imbalances influence learning disorders

(NaturalHealth365) You’re told your child has ADHD . Some might say “Well, he’s a boy. Boys are more rambunctious,” while some may suggest medication or blame lack of discipline for your child’s behavior. Still others may suggest changing diet, taking Omega 3’s and cutting back on artificial food coloring – which I think is good advice. However did you know ... Read More »

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New study reveals major cause for autism

(NaturalHealth365) Most studies on autism focus on genetics and while there have been a great number of studies identifying specific genes involved in the disorder, many experts have made it clear that there is no such thing as a ‘genetic epidemic.’ This has spurred studies on environmental factors that could cause autism or if exposed to in-utero, alter genes so ... Read More »

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Greater risk of digestive problems in autistic children

(NaturalHealth365) A new study confirms what many parents have been saying for years – children with autism are more likely to have gastrointestinal complaints than their typically developing peers. In fact, according to the results published online in the journal Pediatrics, children with autism are three times more likely to experience constipation and diarrhea plus experience twice as much abdominal ... Read More »

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