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Curing Lyme disease – Causes and solutions


(NaturalHealth365) Although about 30,000 cases of Lyme disease are reported in the U.S. each year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention acknowledges the number of actual cases is about 10 times that. Unfortunately, the usual course of treatment – antibiotics – has proven ineffective. But Dr. David Minkoff has a better solution for curing Lyme disease that builds up ... Read More »

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Dr. Daniel Amen reveals the alarming truth about brain health and nutrition at Natural Medicine Summit


(NaturalHealth365) The brain is a miraculous organ with tremendous capacity for healing, but sitting idly by without taking control of your health will put your brain – and your life – in grave danger.  That truth for Dr. Daniel Amen is at the foundation of his work to improve patient lives by improving the health of their brains. You can ... Read More »

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Soil microbes help relieve stress and combat depression


(NaturalHealth365) Gardeners have always known that tending to the soil is good way to relieve stress. Getting the hands a little dirty while cultivating food or flowers has an uplifting effect, but now science is explaining the link between soil exposure and a reduction in depression. Researchers from University College London and Bristol University found that a benign, naturally-occurring soil ... Read More »

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How to effectively treat viral infections, including Ebola and Zika


(NaturalHealth365) Ebola virus infection typically results in a rapidly evolving clinical syndrome that results in death in a week or less in a majority of the cases documented in areas of Africa, even though the incubation period leading to clinical disease can last up to three weeks. However, probably the main factor in determining whether a fatal outcome is quickly ... Read More »

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Adrenal fatigue – A natural solution revealed


(NaturalHealth365) The old way of ‘treating’ disease symptoms with toxic medications, produced by the pharmaceutical industry, has failed to successfully eliminate the true cause of most chronic health conditions – especially adrenal fatigue. Simply put, toxic drugs will only add to the problem of stress experienced by the body. The best way to eliminate disease symptoms. On the next NaturalNews ... Read More »

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5 natural antihistamines that stop allergy symptoms


(NaturalHealth365) Whether you suffer from seasonal allergies or are susceptible to common year-round allergy triggers, such as certain foods or dust, allergy symptoms can impact your everyday life. Allergens release histamines that attack your body’s cells, causing the familiar symptoms of runny nose, sneezing and watery eyes. While there are dozens of over-the-counter antihistamines to choose from, their negative effects ... Read More »

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The biggest lie about natural remedies exposed


(NaturalHealth365) A small voice, inside your head, may be telling you that natural remedies are not effective – for your current health crisis. And, that’s understandable, when you consider the amount of people that believe pharmaceutical drugs are the ‘only way’ to treat chronic health problems like, allergies, arthritis or hypertension. But, here’s where it gets really dangerous – especially ... Read More »

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10 proven essential oils that will clear acne and blemishes fast


(NaturalHealth365) Acne is a common skin condition that affects most people at some stage in their life. It mostly occurs at the adolescent stage in the skin area of your shoulders, face, neck, chest or back. Our skin produces a natural oil called sebum that prevents the skin from drying out, but during adolescent period, this oil tends to be ... Read More »

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Stage-4 cancer cured in 7 weeks without chemotherapy


(NaturalHealth365) Scientifically speaking, and unknown to most healthcare providers, we are taking the wrong approach toward cancer ‘treatment.’ Conventional medicine views cancer as an outside enemy force that must be destroyed – without examining the cause of its creation. Sadly, they refuse to recognize the 800 pound gorilla in the room. Stage-4 cancer cured in 7 weeks without chemotherapy, diet ... Read More »

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6 ways to speed up your metabolism with essential oils


(NaturalHealth365) Are you looking to speed up your metabolism? What gimmicks have you tried in the past? Did it work? Today, we’ll reveal how to speed up your metabolism naturally by using essential oils. Essential oils are organic compounds extracted from plants that contain many healing properties. Even though essential oils are not a weight-loss miracle, they can definitely help ... Read More »

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Find out how to improve your energy, mood and reduce the risk of disease


(NaturalHealth365) Most people living in the ‘modern’ world lack sufficient energy; feel emotionally agitated and, in many cases, suffer with chronic disease symptoms like, joint pain, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer – to name a few.  And, although we often hear that the solution is all about ‘diet and exercise’ – there’s more to this story than meets the ... Read More »

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Defeat Lyme disease without antibiotics


(NaturalHealth365) Let’s be blunt: Western medicine will never really cure Lyme disease because the focus (like everything they do) is on symptoms, not the underlying cause. In fact, sadly, if you’ve been suffering with Lyme disease for some time, you’ve probably been labeled with a mental illness and largely ignored by conventionally-trained physicians. Defeat Lyme disease without harmful medications. On ... Read More »

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