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Surprising truth about exercise and better brain health


(Naturalhealth365) When it comes to the physical and mental benefits of exercise, research has focused on the effects of consistent, long-term exercise routines. But an intriguing review shows that a single episode of exercising can offer substantial and immediate brain health dividends that promote mental clarity and improve cognition. (how cool is that?!) This review also highlighted results from steady ... Read More »

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Horseradish contains powerful cancer-fighting compounds, according to NEW research


(NaturalHealth365) Horseradish is a key flavor in prepared foods such as potato salad, sandwiches and sauces. It can add zest to dips and vegetable dishes. However, research out of the University of Illinois has found eating horseradish can actually help you to inhibit cancer cell growth. How does it work?   This is due to its high content of glucosinolates, which ... Read More »

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Why probiotics are needed for disease prevention as we age


(NaturalHealth365) Evidence of the importance of gut bacteria for immune system health and disease prevention has been presented in study after study, for years! Yet, we see the value of probiotics for gut health often overlooked. Now, research out of University Medical Center Groningen, The Netherlands is connecting probiotics and ideal gut bacteria balance to healthy aging and disease prevention. ... Read More »

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Chamomile tea has many surprising health benefits


(Naturalhealth365) Chamomile tea has long been recognized as a “tried-and-true” natural method for treating insomnia and promoting restful sleep. Unlike pharmaceutical medications such as Xanax and Valium, this soothing beverage is non-addictive, and virtually free of unwanted side effects – among the many chamomile tea benefits valued by natural medicine experts. But, when it comes to its therapeutic powers, chamomile ... Read More »

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NEW strain of deadly bird flu kills 38 percent of those infected and could spark a global pandemic, experts fear


(Naturalhealth365) Researchers are warning that a new strain of bird flu discovered in China could cause a pandemic (a worldwide outbreak of a new disease to which most people lack immunity). According to Professor Jonathan Van-Tam, deputy chief medical officer for England, the virus – which has already claimed 600 lives – should be a “cause for concern for all ... Read More »

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Chronic disease caused by undiagnosed oral infections


(NaturalHealth365) For about a century now, prominent researchers have been attesting to the fact that an alarming number of incidents of chronic disease are the result of periodontal disease, dental infections and other oral health problems. These researchers have included such esteemed names as Westin Price, DDS, Charles Mayo, MD and Martin Fischer, MD. Truth be told: oral infections, particularly ... Read More »

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Cannabis stopped 10 seizures a day for 15-year-old boy, yet Georgia parents lose custody


(NaturalHealth365) Georgia couple Matthew and Suzeanna Brill had been unable to help their son David with his seizure disorder, which was causing up to 10 seizures per day for the 15-year-old. Desperate to bring him relief, they allowed him to smoke cannabis – often described as medical marijuana. It worked, and he was seizure-free for 71 days! Clearly, thanks to ... Read More »

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Weight loss help: Walnuts are a natural appetite suppressant


(NaturalHealth365) Walnuts are already known for their high omega-3 antioxidant content and their ability to suppress cravings by promoting a feeling of satiety.  But, if you’re looking for more weight loss – there’s even greater news about this potent health food. Research out of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) has confirmed observable (positive) changes in the brain when walnuts ... Read More »

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Essential oils that promote hair growth and a healthy scalp


(NaturalHealth365) Essential oils offer a natural way to enhance our health with few, if any that are significant, risks – especially when compared to the dangers associated with conventional ‘therapies.’ Hair tonics are no exception to this rule. Based on many generations of positive experiences, essential oils are prized for their antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. They can improve digestion ... Read More »

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Mercury poisoning: Over 100 ways “silver” dental fillings can destroy your health


(Naturalhealth365) Many integrative healthcare providers describe chronic exposure to mercury as a “biochemical train wreck” and an “underreported epidemic.” To find the primary source of low-level mercury poisoning, many of us need look no further than our own dental work. “Silver” dental fillings, used on almost half of all dental restorations in the United States, contain 45 to 55 percent ... Read More »

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Baking soda solution offers a safe way to reduce inflammation and fight autoimmune disease, NEW research says


(Naturalhealth365) For generations, baking soda dissolved in water has been considered a time-honored, safe and effective home remedy for occasional upset stomach, indigestion and heartburn. This familiar kitchen staple is also pressed into service for such mundane tasks as deodorizing refrigerators, cleaning teeth and soothing sunburn. Now, surprising new research shows that baking soda – also known as sodium bicarbonate ... Read More »

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Melatonin helps us sleep better, strengthens immunity plus many other surprising benefits

melatonin better sleep

(Naturalhealth365) In the 16th century, William Shakespeare wrote of the ability of slumber to “knit up the raveled sleeve of care” – a phrase that aptly illustrates the amazing restorative powers of sleep. Over the last 25 years, scientists have credited melatonin – a natural hormone – with promoting the type of deep, restful sleep that is so vital to ... Read More »

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