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Milk thistle combats liver disease and offers blood sugar control


(Naturalhealth365) With the exception of its showy purple blossoms, milk thistle has the thorny, scrubby appearance of a common roadside weed. Yet, this humble-looking plant offers a wide range of benefits that are powerful enough to help address many of the health concerns including, liver problems and blood sugar imbalances. Botanically known as Silybum marianum – and sometimes referred to ... Read More »

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Raising vitamin D levels shown to prevent 80% of type 2 diabetes cases


(NaturalHealth365)  It’s been well-established that low vitamin D levels can jeopardize health, leading to immune system malfunctions and a higher risk of cancer.  However, recent research on vitamin D – out of the University of California San Diego – has found that getting enough vitamin D is crucial to preventing type 2 diabetes in around 80 percent of cases. Can ... Read More »

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The link between low magnesium and type 2 diabetes, researchers discover


(NaturalHealth365) According to U.S. government ‘health’ statistics, over 30 million adults in the United States are living with type 2 diabetes. And, an astounding one third of all American adults will have developed the disease by the year 2050 – if current trends continue.  Yet, most people remain uninformed about the link between low magnesium and the risk of developing ... Read More »

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Stop type 2 diabetes by eating foods high in antioxidants


(Naturalhealth365) Type 2 diabetes, which affects well over 350 million people worldwide, has reached epidemic proportions. Conservatively speaking, 1 in 10 U.S. adults has type 2 diabetes and Western medicine offers little hope. For example, does anyone really believe that taking insulin pills is the best way to resolve blood sugar imbalances? (Hint: there IS a better way and it’s ... Read More »

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The use of mouthwash linked to increased risk of type 2 diabetes


(NaturalHealth365) While oral health is important, if you are already at a higher risk for type 2 diabetes – due to genetics or lifestyle decisions – then, using mouthwash could be increasing it significantly. A recent study out of Harvard University has found that persons who use mouthwash twice per day are up to 55 percent more likely to develop ... Read More »

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Lower blood sugar: Broccoli sprout nutrient reduces risk of type 2 diabetes, study says


(NaturalHealth365) A Swedish medical team says they have found a natural way to lower blood sugar and battle type 2 diabetes, and you might have some in your refrigerator right now: broccoli. According to the researchers, broccoli sprouts could be a viable treatment option against this chronic disease condition. The Lund University Diabetes Centre of Sweden oversaw the research, which ... Read More »

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Calorie restriction found to reverse type 2 diabetes, new study shows


(Naturalhealth365) Diabetes is a potentially life-threatening disease, with complications that can include blindness, stroke and heart and kidney disease. Sadly, this avoidable condition is reaching epidemic proportions within the United States, with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reporting that 30.3 million Americans suffer – with no end in sight for Western medicine. But, the simple concept ... Read More »

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New study links gum disease as an early marker of type 2 diabetes


(NaturalHealth365) The condition of periodontitis, or gum disease, may be an early warning sign of prediabetes and type 2 diabetes. A study substantiating this finding was recently published in the BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care, an online journal. Keep in mind, this is a serious issue because – in the over 9 percent of Americans have been diagnosed with ... Read More »

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Stop diabetes – Discover the underlying causes and solutions


(NaturalHealth365) The chronic blood sugar imbalances generated by diabetes – a disease which affects 29.1 million Americans – can trigger serious and even life-threatening conditions, such as blindness, neuropathy, kidney damage, heart disease, stroke and cancer. Western medicine, with its woefully inadequate nutritional advice and toxic drug ‘therapies’ fail to properly address the situation. But, integrative medicine offers a better ... Read More »

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Type 2 diabetes triggered by common food processing technique


(NaturalHealth365) Recent Australian studies have yielded startling information about diabetes and its causes. Some of the most common food processing techniques have been found to correlate with a higher risk of type 2 diabetes. The food processing techniques in question tend to use direct heat as a primary treatment source. Studies led by researchers from Monash University and the University ... Read More »

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Whey protein found to reduce blood glucose in type 2 diabetes patients


(NaturalHealth365) Type 2 diabetes is on the rise worldwide and has surged in the United States, with an estimated 9.3 percent of the nation’s population suffering from the disease. While blood glucose can be controlled through a healthy diet, exercise and weight management, many of those suffering from diabetes will instead turn to pharmaceuticals rather than make the necessary lifestyle ... Read More »

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Gut bacteria linked to the development of type 2 diabetes


(NaturalHealth365) The intestinal environment plays a larger role in bodily function and health than just digesting food. Immunity begins in the gut and any decreases in health-promoting microbes can negatively impact the body’s immune system and therefore, the body’s ability to ward off disease. But research now shows that gut bacteria can also provide clues as to whether or not ... Read More »

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