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How St. John’s wort helps relieve depression


(NaturalHealth365) Stressed out? Bummed out? You are definitely not alone! According to the World Health Organization, depression affects 300 million people worldwide. Of course, whether you have a formal “diagnosis” or not, it’s safe to say that millions of us are dealing with high levels of stress, dissatisfaction, and the good old-fashioned “blues” from time to time. If you’ve been searching for a ... Read More »

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NEW strain of deadly bird flu kills 38 percent of those infected and could spark a global pandemic, experts fear


(NaturalHealth365) Researchers are warning that a new strain of bird flu discovered in China could cause a pandemic (a worldwide outbreak of a new disease to which most people lack immunity). According to Professor Jonathan Van-Tam, deputy chief medical officer for England, the virus – which has already claimed 600 lives – should be a “cause for concern for all ... Read More »

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Cold and flu symptoms get eliminated with bio-botanical formulas safely and effectively


(NaturalHealth365) Cold and flu season is just around the corner and it’s a statistical certainty that millions of people will be affected. Naturally, we all know, getting the flu feels horrible – but, especially for immune-compromised older people, this condition can become life-threatening with over 200,000 Americans hospitalized yearly due to complications. The common cold is no fun either. Caused ... Read More »

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Candida solutions – The science behind the cure


(NaturalHealth365) Under normal circumstances, the Candida albicans yeast organism is a harmless – even beneficial – microbe that exists in the digestive tract. But when this tiny yeast cell is converted to its fungal form, over 120 different illnesses can be triggered – ranging from annoying (minor) conditions to life-threatening diseases.  According to Dr. Jeffrey McCombs, the misuse and overuse ... Read More »

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Stop migraine and headache pain naturally


(NaturalHealth365) Persons who suffer with headaches or migraines on a regular basis endure a dramatic reduction in their quality of life. Fortunately, there are natural cures available to ease the pain and discomfort. A headache is typically caused by stress or a sinus infection. “Tension” headaches tend to start on the forehead and spread down to the neck and shoulders. ... Read More »

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Natural ways to combat chronic insomnia


(NaturalHealth365) Sleep disorders, estimated by the CDC to affect as many as 70 million Americans, can exact a devastating physical and emotional toll. Chronic insufficient sleep raises risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure and premature death – not to mention the threat to life caused by motor vehicle accidents and industrial and medical errors committee by the ... Read More »

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Eliminate flu symptoms with these great home remedies


(NaturalHealth365) As autumn and winter arrives, bringing cooler weather and colorful leaves, it also ushers in something much less welcome: the beginning of flu season – and the potential for fevers, body aches, sniffles and coughs.  Plus, the endless promotion of toxic ‘remedies’ like the flu shot. To ease symptoms, conventionally-trained doctors may prescribe Tamiflu, considered the gold standard of ... Read More »

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Naturally reduce allergy symptoms and asthma attacks


(NaturalHealth365) Great news for all those that suffer with allergy symptoms and asthma. If you’ve ever wondered why foods like blueberries, kale and broccoli are considered super foods, there is a particular potent, health supporting compound common that’s common to all of them: quercetin – which can help you to feel better! Quercetin is found in numerous leafy, deeply colored ... Read More »

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Natural remedies for kidney stones


(NaturalHealth365) 1 in 10 Americans will have a kidney stone during their lifetime, and there are nearly half a million people going to the emergency room – due to kidney stones – each year! With more than 10% of the American population suffering from these painful stones it’s important to understand how to prevent these from happening in the first ... Read More »

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Curing Alzheimer’s disease: The possibilities are endless


(NaturalHealth365) According to the Alzheimer’s Association, more than 5 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease – with a projected death toll of one in three people due to Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia.  Currently the sixth leading cause of death in the United States, Alzheimer’s will cost the nation a staggering $236 billion in 2016 alone – inflicting ... Read More »

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Curing Lyme disease – Causes and solutions


(NaturalHealth365) Although about 30,000 cases of Lyme disease are reported in the U.S. each year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention acknowledges the number of actual cases is about 10 times that. Unfortunately, the usual course of treatment – antibiotics – has proven ineffective. But Dr. David Minkoff has a better solution for curing Lyme disease that builds up ... Read More »

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Dr. Daniel Amen reveals the alarming truth about brain health and nutrition at Natural Medicine Summit


(NaturalHealth365) The brain is a miraculous organ with tremendous capacity for healing, but sitting idly by without taking control of your health will put your brain – and your life – in grave danger.  That truth for Dr. Daniel Amen is at the foundation of his work to improve patient lives by improving the health of their brains. You can ... Read More »

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