Vaccine Dangers

Aluminum in vaccines shown to cause neurological damage


(NaturalHealth365) Aluminum is not natural to the human body, and the known ‘safe limit’ is only 25 mcg.  So, with this in mind, why are vaccine makers allowed to deliver nearly 5,000 mcg of aluminum into the delicate systems of newborn babies by the age of 18 months? Aluminum’s stated function in vaccines is as an “adjuvant” to assist in ... Read More »

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Lab testing confirms: Vaccines are contaminated with glyphosate


(NaturalHealth365)  The proof is here: vaccines are contaminated with glyphosate.  Scientists Anthony Samsel and Stephanie Seneff, who recently published their fifth peer-reviewed paper on the herbicide glyphosate’s contributions to various diseases, are on the verge of publishing a sixth – which promises to be even more explosive than their prior works. Backed by strong supporting data from multiple labs, Samsel ... Read More »

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Vaccines can and do cause autism, according to San Antonio prosecutor


(NaturalHealth365) Nico LaHood, criminal District Attorney and lead prosecutor in San Antonio, Texas, is no stranger to the science of bringing criminals to justice. Sadly – having witnessed the damage in his own children after vaccination – he is also no stranger to autism spectrum disorder and vaccine injuries. A seasoned prosecutor, LaHood says the circumstantial evidence that the MMR ... Read More »

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Plague of corruption: Shocking vaccine dangers revealed


(NaturalHealth365) When I talk about seizures, encephalitis, cardiovascular disease or even sudden death – many people would think I’m talking about a new and deadly virus. In truth, these are the unwanted side effects that can follow the administration of the HPV vaccine, Gardasil – which public health authorities insist can be safely given to children as young as 9 ... Read More »

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How to say ‘NO’ to vaccinations and smart meters


(NaturalHealth365) Vaccinations and smart meters – this pair of health threats seems to become more powerful, intrusive and ever-present by the moment. Now is the time to arm yourself with vital knowledge that can help you fight back. Jerry Day, television / film producer and personal rights crusader, wants you to know the empowering truth – there are specific actions ... Read More »

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Merck says their shingles vaccine may spread shingles


(NaturalHealth365) The world of vaccines just keeps getting more bizarre, and the reality of vaccine side effects more grim. Now, a major shingles vaccine manufacturer is admitting that their vaccine may actually cause the spread of shingles, in addition to being linked with numerous other disturbing vaccine dangers. Shingles is an extremely painful blistering skin rash caused by the herpes ... Read More »

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Mother says Gardasil vaccine robbed her daughter’s life


(NaturalHealth365) A family in Aiken, South Carolina will never be the same since their 12-year-old daughter was given the Gardasil vaccine for HPV.  Her health declined immediately, and she has been dealing with HPV vaccine side effects ever since. For a time, 12-year-old Georgia could not walk.  Now that she can, doing so is a big challenge.  Since being vaccinated ... Read More »

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Our children are being sold to the pharmaceutical industry, says Del Bigtree, producer of Vaxxed


(NaturalHealth365) Vaxxed filmmaker Del Bigtree issued a heartfelt and urgent warning to those assembled in Santa Monica, California, on July 1, to protest the onset of SB277. “Be brave! Stand up! Now is your time!” Bigtree told the crowd of protesters to the California bill. This new California State law removes parental freedom to make decisions regarding the health of ... Read More »

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Senator Pan runs away from producers of the movie Vaxxed


(NaturalHealth365) For a man sworn to serve the people, California State Senator Richard Pan couldn’t get away from them fast enough. The state senator behind California’s SB277 forced vaccination law showed off his talents as a sprinter during a recent visit to his office by filmmakers from the movie, Vaxxed. Rather than engage in a discussion of vaccine dangers and ... Read More »

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The MMR vaccine-autism connection: CDC corruption exposed


(NaturalHealth365) It is becoming increasingly difficult to dismiss the evidence. While you won’t hear about it from the mainstream media, it is becoming clear that one of the country’s most trusted agencies – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – is involved in a cover up regarding the link between the MMR vaccine and autism.  The scandal is ... Read More »

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Mumps outbreak among vaccinated students at Harvard


(NaturalHealth365) For the established medical community, there are few arguments made more frequently than the one that vaccinations are necessary to ensure unvaccinated children do not infect the general population. Unfortunately for vaccine stakeholders, that’s a false argument. (MMR vaccine news – below) Witness the recent outbreak of mumps at Harvard University, where health officials have confirmed that all infected ... Read More »

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Vaccine fraud continues: Uncensored discussion by those behind VAXXED reveals CDC plan to ‘rework’ MMR data, dispel safety concerns


(NaturalHealth365) Spurred on by the growing popularity of the documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is said to be planning a major campaign to dispel growing skepticism over safety of the MMR vaccine. Those closest to the documentary have shared that they have strong reason to believe the CDC will release ‘reworked’ ... Read More »

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