Mandating COVID jabs, PCR tests and face masks violates federal law – here is what you need to know

mandating-covid-jabs(NaturalHealth365) Between fact-checkers, influencers, and a billion-dollar, taxpayer-funded campaign to convince the American public that the currently unapproved and experimental COVID shots are “safe and effective,” the simple truth remains: mandating COVID jabs – along with any other investigational drugs violates federal law.

And it’s not even just about the shot.  As the non-profit organization, Children’s Health Defense explains, the COVID PCR tests, COVID antigen tests, and even masks are medical products, too – and they haven’t been approved for use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, either.  So, what can be done if an employer or university forces their employees or students to receive them?

Injection mandate is in violation of the Fourteenth Amendment, according to one lawsuit

Just because you have the law on your side doesn’t necessarily mean fighting for your medical rights will be easy.

We’ve already seen one lawsuit brought against a Houston hospital dropped; more than 150 of these employees have since been fired or resigned over their decision not to get injected.

In more recent news, a small group of coeds from Indiana University (IU) is suing their school over the academic institution’s injection mandate because the mandate violates the Fourteenth Amendment.  According to the lawsuit, this Amendment “includes rights of personal autonomy and bodily integrity, and the right to reject medical treatment,” according to the lawsuit.  The lawsuit also argues that the university’s mandate violates a new state law banning COVID shot passports.

Time will tell how the IU lawsuit will turn out.  Surely, more will come as a wave of medical freedom advocacy grows – despite our entire country being on the heels of a massive billion-dollar campaign from the U.S. government to convince people to get the COVID jabs.

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Are you being coerced to get the jab, under threat of suspension, expulsion, or termination? Here are some resources that may help

You have the right to refuse medical treatment.  Full stop.

Declining to take an experimental drug is an option that must be protected and made available to you under federal law.

But is saying “No” truly an option if you are being threatened with job loss, cancellation of your classes, or other academic and financial hardships for doing so?  Are your rights truly protected if your ability to support yourself and your family is contingent upon whether you agree to taking or using unapproved medical products – ones that lack any long-term safety data?

If some schools and some businesses mandate these shots, and a new precedent is set – where will it end?  At what point will the people who choose to decline these products have nowhere else to turn for employment or education?  If it gets to this point, how could anyone say that our rights have been protected?

Thousands of Americans may have to choose between employment or school enrollment status and their medical autonomy – or, if they’re lucky, spend extra energy and effort on getting an exemption.  In the event that you may have to face this dilemma someday, Children’s Health Defense offers legal resources to help should you choose to take a stand.

Citing the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act), the nonprofit organization has compiled separate legal notices for masks, COVID tests, and COVID shots.  These notices can be presented to schools or employers mandating the COVID injection with the intent to “empower individuals in a fight to preserve their fundamental human rights and on issues critical to health freedom.”

You can check out and download the legal notices here.

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