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Sweet wormwood: 1,000 times more effective than chemotherapy for breast cancer


(NaturalHealth365) For every 5 cancer cells that a typical round of chemotherapy effects, one normal cell may be destroyed as well. And that is just the beginning when it comes to the dangers of traditional treatments for cancer.  But, now, we have great news to report about the cancer-killing effects of sweet wormwood. (A powerful alternative to chemotherapy) There are ... Read More »

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Who recovers from cancer and why


(NaturalHealth365) The odds that an individual will develop some sort of cancer during his or her lifetime now stand at a frightening 1 out of 2.5. Cancer not only seems to be becoming more deadly – claiming 500,000 lives per year — but it is striking its victims at progressively younger ages. As for conventional medical treatments such as chemotherapy ... Read More »

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Solving cancer – An integrative approach that outperforms chemotherapy and radiation


(NaturalHealth365) By the end of 2016, over 1,600,000 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the United States.  Many of these people will be exposed to the unwanted side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.  The American Cancer Society adds that 595,690 people will lose their battle with this disease – despite the best efforts of Western medicine. (it’s time ... Read More »

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The truth about chemotherapy


The NaturalHealth365 INNER CIRCLE presents an exclusive interview with the late Nicholas Gonzalez, MD – one of the finest examples of a true physician (teacher) and healer. If you’re a cancer patient, we urge you to listen carefully to this warning about chemotherapy. The shocking history of chemotherapy revealed Conventionally-trained physicians rarely get to hear (or discuss) the true nature ... Read More »

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5-year cancer survival rate for chemotherapy is 2.1%

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(NaturalHealth365) There has been an ongoing debate about the effectiveness of chemotherapy drugs for cancer patients as well as their effect on cancer survival rates. However, American and Australian studies have shown that cancer survival rates after receiving chemotherapy can be as startlingly low as 2.1%. These studies took a 5-year look at cancer survival rates in cancer patients who ... Read More »

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NH365 053: Healing cancer – Your guide to optimal health

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Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS(NaturalHealth365) Today, as a society, we are faced with the sobering reality that nearly 1 in every 2 people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. This shocking statistic illustrates the flawed thinking of Western medicine and conventional cancer research. The bottom line: We will never cure cancer ... Read More »

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Why chemotherapy fails


(NaturalHealth365) Jonathan Landsman, host of NaturalHealth365 offers a portion of this exclusive interview with Nicholas Gonzalez, M.D. – an alternative cancer treatment specialist and outspoken critic of the conventional cancer industry. Dr. Gonzalez has a serious (scientifically valid) health warning about chemotherapy for every cancer patient. If you know someone suffering from cancer and thinking about receiving chemotherapy treatment – ... Read More »

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Beat cancer without chemotherapy or radiation


(NaturalHealth365) Such nonsense: Conventionally speaking, Western medicine says that cancer is mainly caused by “uncontrollable” reasons such as genetics and age. In reality, most conventionally-trained doctors never question WHY our genes go ‘bad’ or the inaccurate statistics that say we’re living longer – when we’re not, according to David Getoff, a Traditional naturopath and clinical nutritionist. Know the cause of ... Read More »

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The biggest cancer lie exposed


(NaturalHealth365) Sadly, millions of people are being manipulated into believing that cancer is an outside “enemy” – which invades the body and requires surgery, chemotherapy and radiation to treat it. This is the biggest lie ever told to the public – it’s simply NOT true. (keep reading for the cause of cancer) Public deception in the name of corporate profits. ... Read More »

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Shocking cancer admission by conventional medicine


(NaturalHealth365) “Cancer is a preventable disease that requires major lifestyle changes,” published several years ago by the National Center for Biotechnology Information. So, why do we continue to merely focus on the symptoms of cancer by offering surgery, chemotherapy and radiation? With over 1 million new cancer cases and over 500,000 deaths per year, it’s time to change our approach ... Read More »

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Rethinking cancer: An empowering message of hope and healing


(NaturalHealth365) “We all have the potential to heal ourselves of cancer and other serious illnesses,” according to Philip Incao, M.D., an integrative physician for well over 40 years. Yet, with nearly 1 out of every 2 people facing a cancer diagnosis (in their lifetime), the question remains: “Who will you trust to help you recover?” You’ve just been diagnosed with ... Read More »

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Stage-4 cancer cured in 7 weeks without chemotherapy


(NaturalHealth365) Scientifically speaking, and unknown to most healthcare providers, we are taking the wrong approach toward cancer ‘treatment.’ Conventional medicine views cancer as an outside enemy force that must be destroyed – without examining the cause of its creation. Sadly, they refuse to recognize the 800 pound gorilla in the room. Stage-4 cancer cured in 7 weeks without chemotherapy, diet ... Read More »

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