12 new safety signals show COVID shots lead to catastrophic outcomes

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covid-shots(NaturalHealth365)  Now that we are over three years into the pandemic, it is time for science-based analysis and collective reflection.  Commit to the pursuit of the truth, and you will find a dozen safety signals now reveal coronavirus shots cause bodily harm.

The irony is that those who point out the dangers of the COVID shot are labeled as conspiracy theorists.  In reality, those who refuse to acknowledge such threats are the ones who should be donning tin foil hats.

UNDENIABLE: The critical mass of data points and safety signals indicates COVID shots linked to injury, disability, and death

With each passing day, more and more information about the dangers posed by the COVID shot trickles in.  As noted above, the past few weeks have delivered a dozen safety signals that indicate the shot is a net negative for human health.  As a result, the time has come for politicians on both sides of the political aisle and the talking heads in the mainstream media to acknowledge the risks of the shot, as detailed below.

Of the dozen findings, the most notable might be that the COVID shot is associated with 22% to 74% greater all-cause mortality compared to people that reject the shots throughout the United Kingdom between September 2021 and April 2022.  This statistic alone proves the risk of taking the shot outweighs any potential benefit, even for those who are elderly or have comorbidities that elevate the risk of the so-called virus causing severe harm or death.

It is also alarming that 17% of kids endured at least one cardiac symptom after taking the Pfizer shot.  In particular, chest pain and heart palpitations are most likely to result from a second dose of the Pfizer shot.  Factor in the 20% hike in “excess deaths” across Wales and England since the distribution of the clot shot, and there is even more reason to question whether the shots are a boon to human health.  The irony is that the 20% hike in excess deaths beyond the five-year average equates to a loss of life greater than that caused by the pandemic.

After performing an observational study of nearly 31 million patients enrolled in Medicare who willingly took the COVID shot, the FDA is on the record admitting that there is now a higher risk for blood clots, heart attacks, and even pulmonary embolism.  In fact, the FDA’s figures reveal the sequence of shots hiked the chances of pulmonary embolism by nearly 55%, blood clotting by more than 90%, and myocardial infarction by more than 40%.

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The shot also increased the risk of developing a blood platelet disorder by nearly 45%.

Avoid bivalent boosters at all costs

The bivalent booster pushed by the mainstream media was approved after testing on mice instead of human beings.  The clinical trials detailing the impact of the bivalent booster show 3.2% contracted the virus versus the 1.9% who were provided with the original booster shot.

Though the bivalent booster injection detects antibodies, the result ultimately spurs a higher infection rate.  In fact, two studies now show the mRNA injections generate the wrong class of antibodies, meaning the shots make people that much more susceptible to contracting the virus.

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