5 simple ways to boost your metabolism

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simple-ways-to-boost-metabolism(NaturalHealth365)  Losing weight can be hard as many things affect a person’s weight loss.

Exercise and diet are two significant factors in losing weight.  However, metabolism – your body’s ability to turn food into energy – can also affect how much fat you burn.  Luckily, there are some surprising ways to increase your metabolism.

Discover 5 incredibly simple ways to increase your metabolism

The term “metabolism” basically refers to your body’s process of converting food and drinks into energy.  Everyone has a basal metabolic rate, also known as the resting metabolic rate, which is how much energy your body takes to function at rest.

Some people have a faster or slower resting metabolic rate, which depends on factors like genetics and lifestyle habits.  Additionally, your body needs to use more calories when you engage in any activity.

Those with a faster metabolism may be able to burn fat more quickly, which is beneficial if you’re trying to lose weight.  Research suggests there are a few ways to boost your metabolism naturally.

Eat more peppers

One study published in the BMC Obesity suggested that consuming chili peppers and pepper extracts could help decrease body fat percentage.

This is because of capsaicinoids, a substance found in peppers that gives them their heat.  According to the study, capsaicinoids can boost metabolism – good news for those who like spicy foods!

Drink more water

Other studies show the importance of staying hydrated.  One study determined that drinking two liters of water a day improves resting energy expenditure.

This is likely the case because being dehydrated can slow down your digestion and ability to burn energy.  Not only that, but water helps you feel full, which could curb cravings.

Up your protein and fiber intake

A diet rich in fiber may also enhance metabolism.  Not only that but fiber aids in the removal of toxins.  Fiber-rich foods are typically nutrient-dense, providing the healthy nutrients your body needs most.

That being said, it’s good to avoid processed carbohydrates, which can contain lots of unhealthy chemicals, GMOs, as well as added sugars.  Protein may also help increase your metabolism since your body needs to use more energy to digest it.  Protein can also help keep hunger cravings at bay.

Try this type of exercise

There’s evidence that high-intensity interval training (HIIT) boosts metabolismEven just 30 minutes of HIIT could prove beneficial.

To try HIIT at home, do a short burst of intense physical activity, like sprinting, followed by a slower activity, like walking for a couple of minutes.

Don’t skip meals

It may seem counterintuitive, but missing meals can do more harm than good.  When you regularly miss meals, it can trigger your body to actually slow your metabolism down.

Skipping meals makes your body think it needs to conserve every possible calorie.  So instead of depriving yourself, try eating smaller meals spread throughout the day.  Of course, try to eat a diet low in processed foods and rich in organic vegetables, fruits, healthy proteins, and fats.

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