5G technology becomes MORE dangerous due to human sweat, study reveals

5G technology becomes MORE dangerous due to human sweat, study reveals
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(NaturalHealth365) 5G technology is billed as a breathtaking innovation that will revolutionize people’s daily lives with lightning-fast internet connections, improved cell phone applications and speedy access to the “Internet of Things,” a linked wireless system of homes, businesses, hospitals and schools.

With tech industries working hand-in-glove with government to institute 5G wireless networks worldwide, the rollout of 5G is upon us.  Yet, scientific research has already raised disturbing implications for this untested system’s impact on human health.

A growing number of scientists, researchers, physicians and natural health experts are currently warning of 5G’s potential harms, and urging that appropriate safety studies be performed. But, research – which appears to show that sweat ducts in human skin can capture and concentrate microwave radiation from wireless systems – is raising concern to a whole new level.

5G will bombard humans and the environment with untried, untested frequencies

Of course, current cellular and WiFi networks already rely on electromagnetic radiation – using microwaves in frequencies of up to 6 gigahertz, or GHz. (Note: existing 4G technology has been linked in animal studies to increased risk of cancer – along with infertility, cognitive problems, gastrointestinal disturbances and skin disorders).

But, 5G is “upping the ante” even higher.

The Environmental Health Trust, a non-profit organization that strives to reduce environmental health risks, warns that in order to facilitate ultra-high rates of data transmission, 5G will require the unlocking of new spectrum bands – in even higher frequency ranges.

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Specifically, this will necessitate the use of submillimeter and millimeter waves, and involve EHF (extremely high frequency) ranges between 6 GHz and 100 GHz –and beyond.  By the way, waveforms in this frequency are also classified as sub-terahertz.

EHT notes that potential effects on the body begin at around 90 GHz, with sensitivity growing as frequencies rise.

Study warning: Sweat ducts function as “helical antennas” for radiation

In a study conducted at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, scientists sought to evaluate how 5G radiation is absorbed by the skin.  The team – which included physicists and physicians – reached an unexpected conclusion.

Using optical coherence tomography, the researchers found that sweat ducts in human skin acted as “helical antennas. “  This means the ducts acted as receptors for 5G radiation – allowing them to not only capture the radiation, but to concentrate and amplify it.

Scientists have already observed that EMF (electric and magnetic field) radiation from 5G can penetrate human skin up to 1/64 of an inch – and that 5G radiation penetrates skin more aggressively than any other type of radiation currently emitted from consumer electronics.

While 1/64 of an inch may not sound like much, the physical consequences could be dire.  The body’s response to extremely high frequency radiation involves the parasympathetic system, which can influence pulse rate, perspiration and blood pressure.

In addition, EMF radiation may cause effects at the cellular level, thereby impacting chromosomes, DNA, proteins and genes.  And, the concentration of radiofrequency radiation from sub-terahertz waves in skin could yield an unusual result: a sensation of heat and a “sudden, acute pain response.”

In other words, the sensation would be that of a painful burn – even though the skin has not been heated.

Microwave radiation used as a military weapon

As shocking as it may seem, 5G-type technology has been utilized by the military of some countries – including China, Russia and the United States – for non-lethal crowd control.

In an article published in Principia Scientific International, the author reports that 5G wavelengths (described, incidentally, as “weapons”) are used to penetrate the top layer of human skin, causing a sensation of heat that is intended to send people fleeing.  In fact, the U.S. Department of Defense describes the heating sensation as “brief, but compelling.”

The system, known as A.D.S., or “active denial system,” could also cause a sensation that – in susceptible people – could be interpreted via the nocireceptors as extreme pain.  With so much potential for nightmarish consequences, it is disconcerting to think that similar technology will soon be unleashed throughout our communities!

New technology poised to greatly increase the risk of electromagnetic hypersensitivity

The Israeli study isn’t good news for the 1 to 5 percent of the population who suffer from electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

Experts predict that 5G will increase the prevalence of the syndrome, which occurs in susceptible individuals when they are in close proximity to EMFs from cell towers and wireless networks.  And, the fact that people have “biological radiation antennas” in their skin isn’t likely to improve matters.

Symptoms of EH include redness, tingling and burning of the skin, often accompanied by fatigue, insomnia and difficulty concentrating. Heart palpitations and digestive problems may also occur.

While not classified as a disease, EH is acknowledged in some countries – including Sweden – as a functional impairment. The World Health Organization estimates that at least 10 percent of EH cases can be classified as “severe.”

Along with heightened incidence of electromagnetic hypersensitivity, experts predict that 5G will bring about a surge of new complaints of physical pain, along with as-yet unknown neurological disturbances.

And, adverse effects from 5G are expected to disproportionately affect vulnerable segments of society – such as pregnant women, very young children, and sick and elderly individuals.

Concerned expert begs the FCC and U.S. Senate Committees for safety testing

A dedicated group of scientists, natural health experts, grass-roots advocates and ordinary citizens continue to speak out against 5G.  Yael Stein, M.D., a team member on the Israeli study, was so concerned by the results that she fired off letters to the FCC and U.S. Senate Committees.

Dr. Stein urged that an ALARA (“as low as reasonably achievable”) principle be instituted to govern 5G technology, and called for a “major cross-disciplinary effort to … provide monitoring of potential health impacts of EMF radiation.”

And scientist Arthur Firstenberg has organized an International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space.  To date, the Appeal has been signed by well over 150,000 individuals and organizations from 208 nations and territories – including scientists, medical doctors and engineers.

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