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How glutathione can help support your liver to get rid of toxins


(NaturalHealth365) Shocking, but true: 133 million Americans currently have at least one chronic illness, such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes or liver disease. Although many factors contribute to the ongoing epidemic of chronic (often preventable) diseases, researchers say that shortages of one indispensable enzyme – known as glutathione – can set the stage for degenerative conditions and failing health. In ... Read More »

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How to safely remove toxins from the body and avoid chronic disease naturally


(NaturalHealth365) After rising steadily for 50 years, the incidence of chronic degenerative conditions in the United States has now reached epidemic proportions. According to the CDC, about half of all adults living in the United States deal with one or more chronic health issues related to nutritional deficiencies and/or too many toxins. Heart disease, cancer and autoimmune disorders are spiraling ... Read More »

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Replace toxins in your home with these essential oils


(NaturalHealth365) Most people are aware of the dangers of outdoor toxins and pollutants from sources like car exhausts, heavy manufacturing, industrial chemicals and agricultural run-off, to name a few. But, how much do you know about the toxins that could be lurking in the cabinet right under your kitchen sink? The fact is, the very products you may be using ... Read More »

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Toxins in polluted fish block detoxification pathways of the human body


(NaturalHealth365) There is mounting evidence that eating polluted seafood can do profound damage to the natural inner defense system of the human body. The toxins that get into fish from polluted waters are also making their way into the rest of our food supply, increasing the damage that it does to human detoxification pathways. Healthy, unpolluted fish are an excellent ... Read More »

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Probiotic breakthroughs: Neutralizing toxins naturally


(NaturalHealth365) For most of us, our homes represent a safe haven from the challenges of work, school and everyday living out in the world. But, is your home really the safe and healthy retreat you imagine it to be? This answer may surprise you because the indoor environment of your home almost certainly harbors harmful bacteria, toxins and other environmental ... Read More »

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Cancer metabolic syndrome: The threat of stress and toxins on the body


(NaturalHealth365) We’ve all heard of metabolic syndrome – as it relates to body weight issues and diabetes. This condition places unwanted stress on the body and the toxins associated with this dis-ease are quite dangerous. But, how is this related to cancer? (allow me to explain) It doesn’t take much to create a beautiful garden. All you really need is ... Read More »

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5 ways environmental toxins increase your risk of cancer


(NaturalHealth365) Understanding the causes behind a disease as fear-provoking as cancer can feel terrifying.  It seems every few days, there is news of research that has uncovered yet another potential carcinogen. Over time, the list of cancer-causing agents can become overwhelming. The reality is, you live, work and play amidst toxins and radiation every day. But arming yourself with knowledge ... Read More »

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Immune system alert: Why you should care about endotoxins


(NaturalHealth365) LPS stands for lipopolysaccharide or, as some would describe it, endotoxins. Simply put, endotoxins are a form of sugar; “endo” meaning it exists inside the cell wall of bacteria. In the past, endotoxins were thought to be released in the body only after a bacteria cell dies. But, now, it’s believed that some of them are released during normal ... Read More »

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Sewage sludge contaminates most fresh produce in the United States with 100+ toxins


(NaturalHealth365) One of the major keys to health and longevity is eating foods that are nutrient dense. Unfortunately, our local supermarkets are packed with prepackaged and processed foods and meats pumped with antibiotics and other toxic chemicals. But for those who consciously make an effort to eat healthy may be surprised to find what may be lurking in the DNA ... Read More »

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Learn how vitamin C therapy neutralizes toxins


(NaturalHealth365) Some of the most serious health concerns to plague American society could be slowed, or even cured, with one well-known, natural nutrient. Research by renowned scientists across the years has produced solid evidence that vitamin C has significant powers when it comes to ridding the body of toxins and improving health. Unfortunately, the medical community was built on costly, ... Read More »

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Barbeque toxins to beat cancer, says cancer research charity


(NaturalHealth365) Cancer is big business in the United States and around the world, and it could perhaps even be considered its own sub-industry within Western medicine. It’s no secret that healthcare providers and big pharma rake in billions of dollars each year as a result of cancer rates, which continue to rise year after year. However, there is another money-hungry ... Read More »

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Protect the central nervous system by avoiding environmental toxins

confused elderly woman

(NaturalHealth365) The vast majority of our food supply is contaminated with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) – which have devastating effects on digestive health and immunity. Our air is polluted with ‘chemtrails’ – a government-sponsored geoengineering program (supposedly) designed to ‘protect us’ from the sun. Those clouds you see overhead are filled with highly-toxic substances like aluminum, barium and strontium. And, ... Read More »

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