Liver cleansing smoothies to eliminate toxins

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liver-cleansing(NaturalHealth365) Virtually all signs of premature aging and illness can be traced back to a congested (unhealthy) liver. If you suffer from chronic fatigue, emotional disorders or any other degenerative disease – you ought to consider cleaning out your liver to reduce your toxic burden.

Warning! Your liver may be crying out for help.

Conventional medicine will never tell you – but, if you are experiencing skin problems, poor eyesight, irregular (abnormal) bowel movements, painful menstrual cycles, chronic headaches, allergies, unexplained weight gain plus major diseases like, cancer or Alzheimer’s – then you need to clear out the liver. Fortunately, there are many natural ways to detoxify the body with bitter greens and delicious smoothies.

Dr. Ellen Jensen, a natural healthcare and detoxification expert gave an exclusive interview to Jonathan Landsman, creator of

Discover how to prepare a liver cleansing smoothie

Restore your body, mind and spirit with liver cleansing

Often overlooked, a toxic liver can have lots of gallstones – which block up the bile ducts of the liver. Through a series of well-orchestrated liver cleanses and enjoying a balanced lifestyle loaded with fresh (organic) foods – you can completely heal the liver and reverse many diseased conditions.

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As you incorporate these healthy lifestyle habits into your daily routine – you will see the symptoms of disease fade away without the need for toxic medications. Imagine your life without allergies or aches and pains, while your energy goes up and emotional well-being improves.

Naturally, for serious health concerns, always work with a qualified healthcare professional to reach your goals.  But, no doubt, adding some liver cleansing drinks to your diet is a great decision.

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