How to finally get rid of adult acne naturally

How to finally get rid of adult acne naturally
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(NaturalHealth365) Adult acne is a long-term struggle for sufferers since puberty.  It feels like no matter what you try, those pimples and cysts still won’t budge.  You’re not alone, up to 50 million adults suffer with this issue.

You’ve likely tried creams, expensive cleansers, and even retinoids.  Unfortunately, since we can’t hide our face, the desperation motivates many people to sacrifice their health for clear skin.

One of the most common medications on the market for those who are finally at their wit’s end is retinoid-based medication. A drug that completely dries your skin out.

Dangerous side effects include major hormonal shifts such as depression leading to suicide in many cases. You’re also unable to enjoy the sun, intense exercise, and it’s seriously dangerous if you become pregnant.  All in the name of better looking skin?!

But what if your “last resort measure” didn’t have to sabotage your health like this? If you or someone you love is on the brink of taking drastic measures to clear their skin – they need to read about this new study.

New links found between dietary habits and adult acne

24,000 adults took part in a French study over two weeks. The purpose was to unearth the foods that were contributing to acne breakouts. For those of us who are active in the natural health community, the results aren’t surprising.

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What’s become normal and accepted within the western diet is contributing to breakouts. Advertising hypnotizes children to become addicted to sugary and fatty foods throughout our childhood.

We then bring those problems into adulthood and are willing to pay big bucks to look attractive. Then, they provide us with solutions to the problems they’ve created in the form of acne medication and unethically sourced chemical products. Quite the manipulative full-circle. As it turns out, we just need to enjoy well-rounded nutrition.

Your parents were right about chocolate and pimples. Some findings within the study are that milk chocolate will increase the chances of an outbreak by a whopping 28%.

Stick to organic dark chocolate, in moderation.  It’s actually correlated with a 10% reduction in acne outbreaks.

You don’t need chemicals for beautiful skin

Anyone else fall into the trap of thinking salicylic acid, and benzoyl peroxide was best for treating your skin? That burning feeling sure does feel like it’s zapping off those dreaded pimples.  And it certainly works for a while.

We’re primed to believe that human-made is best. But we forget that our ancestors thrived off natural foods.

Often the cultures that are the closest to nature have the brightest and most youthful skin. After you make the shift, you’ll notice it in your complexion when your diet hasn’t been quite right.

Here are the best ways to keep your adult acne at bay.

Ditch the bad stuff, eat more of the goodies. The results are in; toxic fats, highly-processed sugars, and conventionally-produced milk products are out if you’re suffering from stubborn adult acne. Get serious about your skin and health journey. Eat more natural whole foods plenty of organic vegetables, some low and mid-GI fruits, herbs, spicies, medicinal mushrooms, ancient grains, and legumes.

Only enjoy ethically sourced proteins. Contrary to popular belief, it’s never been easier to enjoy a complete protein on a plant-based diet. The study proved that toxic (factory farm) animal fats and dairy products loaded with synthetic hormones and antibiotics will contribute to adult acne.

In addition, while we certainly don’t recommend that you stop exercising, it can be the perfect bacteria breeding ground for acne. If you love a sweaty workout or a sauna recovery session, keep your acne-prone areas clean and dry with a sweat towel and wash up when you’re done exercising.

What’s consistent across all adult acne research is that each person has unique triggers; this is the far-reaching endocrine system at play after all. The best thing to do is to try new ways of eating and discover what’s right for you. Keep a food journal, and unearth the trends that cause you to break out.

Ultimately, you’re in control of your health, not the other way around. If you’re serious about getting rid of yours or a loved one’s acne – take action to change your diet today.  It’s easier than you think.

Don’t run the risk of zapping all the moisture from your skin or experiencing mood-altering shifts so significant that it affects your quality of life.  Remember, you can naturally get rid of your adult acne by utilizing the results featured in this article.

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