House bill H.R.2232 designed to force vaccines onto the American population

House bill H.R.2232 designed to force vaccines onto the American population
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(NaturalHealth365) Vaccines are at the core of a contentious debate in the United States – one that rages between people who dare to question the ingredients in mass-produced big pharma immunizations and those who believe dangerous chemicals are the foundation of good health. Today’s parents are bombarded with facts, opinions and downright lies about vaccine dangers from friends, family, media and even physicians.

However, it is the right and duty of all parents to sift through all the talk about vaccines and make an informed decision about whether to refuse immunizations for their own children. But, is that right going to be stripped away by controlling government interests?

House Bill H.R. 2232 is a sickening proposal

If Representative Frederica Wilson has her way, parents will no longer have a say in vaccine decisions regarding their own children. She recently introduced House Bill H.R. 2232 in an attempt to eliminate parental choice, squash concerns over vaccine dangers, and create a nationalized vaccine mandate for all children to attend school.

Forget vaccine dangers and the fact that babies die every week of ‘unexplained’ causes – many of them immediately after receiving toxic cocktails of immunizations. Certainly don’t consider the fact that an increase in autism, ADHD, and other childhood health problems are still largely misunderstood despite being linked to an increase in the number of vaccinations given to children during the first few years of life.

Instead, parents will be told to put the health of their children in the hands of government and simply hope for the best.

House Bill H.R. 2232 is a violation of parental rights

House Bill H.R. 2232 is more than just a ‘bad idea’ – it is an attempt to rob parents of their rights to make informed healthcare decisions for their children. Currently, vaccination requirements for public school attendance are largely left up to individual states, with many U.S. states providing exemptions or exceptions for students with personal, religious or medical reasons for refusing immunization.

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Under the new bill, personal and religious rights would be stripped away at the national level, leaving only an obscure allowance for students with medical exemptions. Even those students, who must obtain a doctor’s note, may not be allowed the exemption if the school’s healthcare advisers override it. Simply put, school employees – with no medical background – would be allowed to override the recommendations of a child’s physician. (how crazy is that?!)

It’s time to take action: We must demand preservation of choice regarding vaccinations

If H.R. 2232 or any bill like it manages to pass in the House and Senate, parents would no longer have any say over what chemicals and substances are into the bodies of their children. In America, where freedom and choice are supposed to prevail, we would become one of the only first-world countries to establish such sweeping mandates. Even countries with government-based healthcare systems, such as Canada and Germany, do not consider vaccination requirements an option.

We must stand up to this brazen overreach of U.S. government and demand that lawmakers oppose a federal vaccine requirement for children to attend school. Each person makes a difference in the fight for health rights in America.

You can raise awareness about vaccine dangers and this issues surrounding them by sharing this page with your friends and family, as well as by writing to your congressional representatives in opposition of H.R. 2232.  It’s made simple – by clicking the link below:


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