New house bill H.R.2232 designed to force vaccines onto the American population

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forced child vaccine(NaturalHealth365) Vaccines are at the core of a contentious debate in the United States – one that rages between people who dare to question the ingredients in mass-produced big pharma immunizations and those who believe dangerous chemicals are the foundation of good health. Today’s parents are bombarded with facts, opinions and downright lies about vaccine dangers from friends, family, media and even physicians.

However, it is the right and duty of all parents to sift through all the talk about vaccines and make an informed decision about whether to refuse immunizations for their own children. But, is that right going to be stripped away by controlling government interests?

House Bill H.R. 2232 is a sickening proposal

If Representative Frederica Wilson has her way, parents will no longer have a say in vaccine decisions regarding their own children. She recently introduced House Bill H.R. 2232 in an attempt to eliminate parental choice, squash concerns over vaccine dangers, and create a nationalized vaccine mandate for all children to attend school.

Forget vaccine dangers and the fact that babies die every week of ‘unexplained’ causes – many of them immediately after receiving toxic cocktails of immunizations. Certainly don’t consider the fact that an increase in autism, ADHD, and other childhood health problems are still largely misunderstood despite being linked to an increase in the number of vaccinations given to children during the first few years of life.

Instead, parents will be told to put the health of their children in the hands of government and simply hope for the best.

House Bill H.R. 2232 is a violation of parental rights

House Bill H.R. 2232 is more than just a ‘bad idea’ – it is an attempt to rob parents of their rights to make informed healthcare decisions for their children. Currently, vaccination requirements for public school attendance are largely left up to individual states, with many U.S. states providing exemptions or exceptions for students with personal, religious or medical reasons for refusing immunization.

Under the new bill, personal and religious rights would be stripped away at the national level, leaving only an obscure allowance for students with medical exemptions. Even those students, who must obtain a doctor’s note, may not be allowed the exemption if the school’s healthcare advisers override it. Simply put, school employees – with no medical background – would be allowed to override the recommendations of a child’s physician. (how crazy is that?!)

It’s time to take action: We must demand preservation of choice regarding vaccinations

If H.R. 2232 or any bill like it manages to pass in the House and Senate, parents would no longer have any say over what chemicals and substances are into the bodies of their children. In America, where freedom and choice are supposed to prevail, we would become one of the only first-world countries to establish such sweeping mandates. Even countries with government-based healthcare systems, such as Canada and Germany, do not consider vaccination requirements an option.

We must stand up to this brazen overreach of U.S. government and demand that lawmakers oppose a federal vaccine requirement for children to attend school. Each person makes a difference in the fight for health rights in America.

You can raise awareness about vaccine dangers and this issues surrounding them by sharing this page with your friends and family, as well as by writing to your congressional representatives in opposition of H.R. 2232.  It’s made simple – by clicking the link below:


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  • Irwin Preger

    Freedom of choice is not supported by government agencies or the pharmaceutical industry. All responsibility for our health has been taken out of our hands. Despite this a revolution is brewing and articles such as this will feed it.

    • KombaSCOBY

      I have shared and pinned the link on my Google+ page to help spread the word. Check out my pinned (first) post here: https:// plus. google. com/u/0/104670243683270448479/posts

    • ang

      I used to believe in this stuff, ie vaccines….now aint so sure….They say vaccines are 100% safe? Salesman talk!!! I have seen the damage caused, I have seen the rise of AIDS, how many killed and maimed, all due to a dodgy vaccine. Horrific, and abhorrent. I suppose they say AIDS was worth it, look at al the polio we stopped? Bulldust,disease, disaster all caused by bad vaccines. Now I see tyhe failure of the pertussis vaccine, actually creating illness in the most vulerable, newborns, sometimes spread by fully vaccinated to their own babies. The vaccinated immunity doesnt even pass through into the breasmilk. Brave new world, and it is all gooing awry, while the masters at the helm, keep forging blindly ahead, into chaos.

  • jeannonkralj

    THE real issue concerning vaccines, vaccines for adults and parental vaccine decisions for their children, is not basically the scientific facts about the vaccines. In the late 1940s and early fifties, parent just dutifully, without question, trotted their children to the doctor’s offices and the county health clinics and got their children vaccinated with the then few vaccines that were recommended, not really mandated. There was no Internet and no information for people back then where they could read all sides of the vaccine story. No one tested the legality, under the Constitution and all existing positive law on the subject, of children who tried to enroll for public school without getting their vaccines.

    If there is one thing “THEY” are masters of it is gradualism. They got everyone to follow this unlawful “recommendation over half a century ago in the U.S. and most everyone has participating with and in this unlawfulness ever since.

    The basic matters is this. In the USA, we are supposed to have a Constitutional republic, and ever parent, every adult individual, has the God-given unalienable right to the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness, and that right involves the right to make our own decisions regarding all medical treatments that include vaccinations. The parent has the right to make ALL medical decisions regarding their children, even though parents have failed in exercising that right intelligently for many years. Any law that makes any medical treatment mandatory with veiled or not so thinly veiled threats of various forms of serious reprisals such as loss of job, non-access to public education, non-access to various government programs, non-access to other medical treatment, etc. is unconstitutional and totally anachronistic to a Constitutional republic.

    • dianedraytonbuckland

      the dictatorship Australian Government did this:-

      Australia Vaccination Crackdown: No One Is Exempted Anymore

      April 20 2015

      Australian parents are now required to have their children vaccinated, as the federal government abolished the exemptions enjoyed by a lone religious organisation.

      On Sunday, Social services minister Scott Morrison announced the exemption the religious group that calls itself Christian Scientists “is no longer current or necessary and will therefore be removed.” Children of members of the religious organisation enjoyed exemptions from being vaccinated from 1998. “Having resolved this outstanding matter, the government will not be receiving nor authorising any further vaccination exemption applications from religious organisations,” Morrison added.

      With the removal, an Australian parent’s only excuse left for not wanting his/her child getting vaccinated is to cite medical grounds. But this has to be consulted with a doctor.

      Among the listed valid reasons in a qualifying form that states a child can legally forego vaccines in Australia include the onset of a brain disease within the first seven days after a previous vaccination, an allergy to a preservative or antibiotic ingredient present in the vaccines, “unstable neurological disease” and “immediate severe acute allergic or anaphylactic reaction after any previous vaccination.”

      At the same time, Australia launched a AU$26 million package to boost the rates of child vaccinations in the country.

      The package included the foundation of a national school vaccination register, as well as financial incentives for doctors to remind and pursue Australian parents with overdue children to get their immunisations.

      Health Minister Sussan Ley said the new measures will be part of the May 12 federal budget.

      “We need to make sure that the information is available through general practitioners to explain to those parents who are hesitant, who are getting complex and complicated information and, quite honestly, hearing some crackpot ideas about what happens if you vaccinate children,” the AFP quoted Ley telling reporters. “In fact, what happens is your children maintain immunity from diseases that can either kill or give lifetime difficulties.”

      Government data showed over 39,000 children aged 7 years old and below have not been vaccinated because of their parents’ objections, while some 166,000 children in 2014 were overdue for their vaccinations for over two months.

      • ang

        thankyou! Wondered how it stood here in Australia. Now can my daughter claim exemtion from vaccination (if she chooses), haveing 3 out of 5 clinically called autistic? Also will add, that here we get taxes taken and paid back in the form of Parenting Tax Payments, No vax, they keep your money, surely that isn’t legal?

  • Tonio

    No wonder since the white house, fda,usda, etc are obeying bigpharma…
    The whole USA is a jail and the keys are in the hands of wall street.

  • Lee

    I hope that everyone who has read this article, and who is flabbergasted that this is under consideration, will take a moment to send an email to their House representative. The information at the link makes it really easy to do so. Big Pharma (and their paid shills in the legislature) needs to hear from the masses.

    The information at the link indicated that due to the fact that the bill sponsor is a Democrat, as well as the fact that Rep. Wilson has been unable to find a co-sponsor, this bill would be unlikely to pass a Republican-controlled House. Consequently, I wonder if it is a test case by Big Pharma to “take America’s pulse,” regarding what kind of work is needed to eventually get a civil-rights-violating bill like this passed. If so, once again, each interested reader’s efforts to lodge their protest, will send Big Pharma the right message.

  • Jules Burton

    We have to look at this another way. They can’t force us if we resist in large enough numbers. The question is can enough people unite to fight this. If this was any other topic it would bring about massive demonstrations. That may be how they get away with it, not enough people think we have a choice.

  • breynolds

    Any petition to sign for this? My state Rep. is stuck on unimportant issues just as most political bimbos are 🙁 OK, i found it

  • Vaccine Rights Attorney’s legal analysis of this bill in a letter to federal representatives: (2nd or so bullet point down under 2015 heading)

  • lauriejo

    Thanks for making it so easy to send this out. I enjoyed adding my own comments to the letter. Are these people gone insane?

  • gmckee

    So why should we send our children to school? Dumbed down, taught to tests only, mandated vaccines – sometimes even without parental consent, turned into criminals for common chilldhood behaviors, violence in the schools, more and more teachers sexually abusing their charges, sexual deviant education and encouragement, and encouragement to drug kids to make them compliant – the schools get more money per child that way. All children would get a better education at home.

  • shotofhealth

    I don’t live in the USA, but if I did, I would be doing what I’m about to suggest to you. I would be typesetting a leaflet/brochure/advert and then going cap in hand to all the litho printers in my neighbourhood to ask for them to donate to print thousands upon thousands of informative leaflets. I would then employ/ask for volunteers to go door to door handing out the leaflets.

    The internet is great, but personal contact is still very powerful. People can delete emails but it’s harder to ignore someone standing on your doorstep.

    I would also be putting up stands outside friendly shop keepers who wouldn’t mind you standing there.

    America, this is the time when you simply HAVE to get together and stop this assault on your freedom! What happens to you guys is only going to reverberate around the rest of the world. Our country quotes the CDC and other fraudulent organisations when we question the validity of their stance on medicine and vaccines. I am currently now in an email ‘fight’ with a well-known medical aid company and they are avoiding my questions. I am also researching and sending information to a consumer TV program and they are open minded about this subject. They even aired recently a program extolling the virtues and success of medical maruijuana! And not one Big Pharma shill in sight!!

    Please don’t just rely on the internet and FB etc. Get out there and spread the word!

  • Dennis Innova

    The powers that be are shattering the boundaries of individual rights and good and evil. There is a real threat to our personal liberty and health. To fall into the trap of believing the government and pharmaceutical industry are investing in our health is not a credible belief.

    Too many consumers accept what the so-called medical system and industry say, thank goodness for articles such as this.

  • ang

    I have a question. Surely to home school, you have to actually “home teach”, ie show some sort of progress? Now if kids are not allowed in State School, due to not being immunised, are they then automatically then regarded as “home schooled” even if say the parents both work? Or they are not able to homeschool? I just find the concept difficult. Banning kids from school, doesnt automatically mean they are suitably “homeschoooled”………… so is that OK? USA kids can basically “just stay home”???

  • ang

    I used to be for vaccination, not now, I seen the damage, drug damage, gmo damage…….. lots of logical and welll written comments, thankyou!

  • ang

    Exactly one vaccine recoomended in Western Australia for meningoccocal… 1. Was the milder form of the disease (ie allowing the stronger to prosper)
    2. This strain doesnt occur in Western Australia.
    Surely one asks why? why inject for non life threatening form of a disease, that doesnt even occur in the State? Why?