How one doctor reversed appendicitis with naturopathic medicine

How one doctor reversed appendicitis with naturopathic medicine
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(NaturalHealth365) Naturopathic medicine tends to favor natural and non-toxic remedies over risky medical treatments or drug-based interventions – whenever possible. While most people would trust a naturopathic doctor for advice about vitamins and supplements, they would likely not consult one in the case of conditions known to require emergency surgery, such as appendicitis.

However, one naturopathic doctor has defied that assumption by using naturopathic medicine to help reverse appendicitis in many patients.

Appendicitis relief: The power of naturopathic medicine

First, it should be noted that (generally speaking) appendicitis requires an immediate trip to the hospital for prompt medical attention.  This is a very serious condition that in most cases will require rapid decisions by a qualified medical professional.  Simply put, it would not be wise for most people to treat an appendicitis on your own or delay a required surgery to visit a naturopathic doctor.

That said, the following story should be taken as inspiring evidence of what’s possible with naturopathic medicine from a skilled naturopathic doctor.

Joe Holcomb, ND currently practices naturopathic medicine in southern Utah. In 2008, he met with a 38-year-old male who was scheduled to have an appendectomy – the next very day.

Naturopathic doctor helps 5 of 7 of appendicitis patients avoid surgery

The patient had been diagnosed with appendicitis that day, given a PICC line and was scheduled for surgery the following morning. However, he was looking for a natural remedy to help him avoid surgery. Dr. Holcomb told him the best he could promise was perhaps a faster recovery from the surgical procedure through naturopathic medicine.

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During the two and a half hour office visit, Dr. Holcomb administered the following protocol:

• Constitutional hydrotherapy in the small of the back directly over the appendix area using the second electrical setting.
• Intravenous high dose of vitamin C, 50 grams
• An herbal tincture consisting of equal parts Ligusticum (osha), Lomatium, turmeric and Oregon grape root, 60 gtt every 3 hours
• Thymus extract, 3 tablets every 3 hours

Dr. Holcomb called the patient the next day after his scheduled procedure. The patient told him he felt so great, he’d asked the doctors to reassess his case before surgery.

After a complete screening that included imaging of the appendix, it was determined that surgery was no longer necessary. The PICC line was removed and the client went back to work. He has never experienced a relapse of appendicitis and still has his appendix.

Word of caution: Naturopathic medicine is not always a substitute

Joe Holcomb, ND administered this protocol to six other clients with appendicitis in the five years that followed. Four of the six had a total resolution of symptoms in just a few hours and did not require surgery. The two clients who received surgery were back to work within 24 hours.

Again, acute appendicitis calls for a trip to the emergency room – no exceptions. However, this story is a testament to what’s possible with naturopathic medicine when used intelligently by a reputable naturopathic doctor.


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