NH365 017: Aspartame poisoning and what you need to know

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naturalhealth365 podcast(NaturalHealth365) Now owned by Pfizer, G.D. Searle was a company focused on pharmaceuticals and animal ‘health’.  But, what’s ironic about this company and its mission is the amount of suffering it has actually created with the invention of aspartame – a deadly artificial substance that should be avoided like the plague.

Most people are under the false assumption that aspartame is ‘safe’ – just because the Food and Drug Administration approved its usage by 1980.  Nothing could be further from the truth – especially when you learn how the CEO of G. D. Searle – Donald Rumsfeld – got this neurotoxic chemical to be sold in the United States.  The details are truly sickening!

“There are a lot of people who lie and get away with it, and that’s just a fact.” – Donald Rumsfeld

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4. The scientific (medical) facts about aspartame – “Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic” by the late illustrious H. J. Roberts, M.D.

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Aspartame poisoning is at epidemic proportions and the world needs to hear the truth

Approved by 1980, and currently in thousands of beverages and food products, aspartame – which is a technical name for brands like, Nutrasweet and Equal (to name a couple) – accounts for over 75 percent of all adverse reactions to food additives reported to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) including, nausea, seizures and premature death!

Are you (or someone you love) addicted to artificial sweeteners? If you’re drinking Diet Coke or consuming any ‘diet’ product – I urge you to listen carefully to this program. It could literally save your life.

Medical experts warn about the dangers of aspartame

“Aspartame is not a necessary nutrient, and neither is MSG. The weight of the evidence is overwhelming. If you want to avoid obesity, metabolic syndrome, neurodegenerative diseases and cancer, and if you don’t want to make your cancer more aggressive, then you need to stay away from these products. The damage affects pregnant women, unborn babies and newborns. It can produce changes in the brain that are irreversible, depending on when it is stopped. What we’ve found is that it reprograms the wiring of the brain, particularly the hypothalamus, so it doesn’t function normally. These children are abnormal for the rest of their lives in terms of their physiological function.” – Russell Blaylock, M.D.

“So let me tell you what the European Food Safety Authority and the FDA won’t, and that’s the truth about aspartame: It’s the most dangerous food additive ever approved for human consumption.” – Mark Stengler, NMD, America’s Natural Doctor

“Lying and deceit on the artificial sweetener issue has been the FDA’s Modus Operandi ever since Donald Rumsfeld broke everything decent in the U.S. government to put aspartame on the market as a “contract on humanity”.  It has no commercial purpose other than a contract on humanity.” – James Bowen, M.D.

Show highlights include:

Find out what the FDA did with a petition to remove aspartame from the market.

Shocking admission by an FDA official — proof that the U.S. government does NOT care about its citizens.

Learn how Donald Rumsfeld got aspartame approved.  (Hint:It had NOTHING to do with science)

Discover what aspartame poisoning looks like and how to avoid it.

Need help getting off aspartame?  In this audio program – you’ll get all the information (and help) you need.

Please share this information with your family and friends.  No one should be consuming this deadly food additive!

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  • Truth59

    Joe Mercola has been saying this for years. Even the FDA didn’t want to put aspartame on the market until Rumsfeld sold GD Searle and took a government position and then he forced the FDA to push it in.

  • pam r

    This topic is not old since the supermarkets are still filled with people stuffing their carts with diet soda and sugar free items. The education must not stop until enough people stop buying it. If the demand is there they will keep selling it.

    • Joan Camara

      Yup, knowledge is power….and I lost 50pds just understanding that 95% of the grocery store is processed, chemicalized, GMO’d JUNK! Go organic, feed the body REAL fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, etc….. and you’ll lose weight, look great AND feel soooo much bettter

      • sunny733

        Yep, me, too~I lost over 110 lbs. doing the same thing you did, still have a little more to go. I drink RO water with 1/4 tsp. of celtic salt/gallon, also, to replace the minerals. Water is so important, also.

        • Joan Camara

          Yes, I drink water all the time, sometimes with a little organic lemon in it, or a few drops of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar. Sometimes if I can afford it, I’ll get a bottle of organic juice.

  • Chosenone

    People in the U.S. are slowly being poisoned by our water, air and food. We are the most advanced nation on earth with the best health care system, yet we are also the sickest people that will not even vote for a bill to label GMO’s, which is another poison people consume daily!

    • 1555

      We are calling it the best health care system on earth, but who decides what is the best ? I cannot use any of its offerings, as allopathic medicine does not work for me. I get MISDIAGNOSED every time I stick my nose into a doctor’s office. They have no clue what my body needs.

      • Joan Camara

        Yup, your right…they don’t know what the body needs, like clean water, raw un-chemicalized, un-processed foods. I stopped drinking regular grocery store milk, and eating the same in dairy, stopped eating 95% of all the regular boxed, bagged, canned, frozen foods in the grocery store store, and lost 50lbs. Went to organic raw vegetables, fruits, grains, and nuts…drank organic dairy and juices, and nut milks, and now I’m slim, feeling great, looking great, and will never go back to all those 20 ingredient foods that I was eating and gaining weight like crazy.

    • Joan Camara

      Best health care system?? Uum…ok…if you believe that..

    • Fight Fire With Fire

      You said the US has the best health care system, are you insane, I mean REALLY are you insane, your delusional your health care system is amongst the worst in the world currently.

      • Chosenone

        I think you need a psychiatrist, your becoming so belligerent over my statement about America’s health care certainly proves my point!
        However, there are a lot of factors that figures into which country has the best health care such as cost, number of people with it, etc. When it comes to the actual care given, we are rated #1, which is why people from all over the world come here for a serious illness if they can afford it. Now go take take that pharmaceutical drug for your nasty personality.

  • 1555

    I still remember a congressional hearing before Aspartame was approved. There was an honest scientist (I recall he had 2 titles after his name) who kept doubting the safety of Aspartame, and kept saying that 3 year testing is not enough. He was being placated with “It’s just a sweetener – how bad could it be ?” – Later I have learned that the manufacturer’s cartel wanted to get this man committed as insane. These criminals unfortunately don’t seem to stop for anything. Need to educated ourselves and share widely with those we care about.

  • Joan Camara

    How long would a grown person have to ingest this aspertame, before it does real damage? Or does it only affect children bad as I’ve read many times? As I was a young adult, when I drank so many diet cokes with that stuff, I’m wondering how long would an adult have to consume it before it does damage?

  • dila

    Too sad that most the people don’t even believe that most of their sickness come from the food they eat, they are so ignorant that they don’t even wanna know how to fix their health problem because they have to change their life style and eating habits for the rest Of their lives. They think if they go to a doctor and get a pill they will be OK.

  • fitz

    I was drinking what said on the front a water flavored with natural ingredients. The other week I went on a five mile hike which I have no memory of. I don’t remember getting to the trailhead or going home. I woke up in the morning with strange dreams and thought I forgot to go on the hike which I had been looking forward to going on. I dreamed I fed the chickens and geese which I feed in the morning not at night.

    My garmin fitbit showed I walked 9.5 miles that day – and according to the group I was there — but I have no memory of any of it. I stopped where my son works after the hike which I have no memory of doing, and he said he asked me why I wasn’t home and I told him I might have been hiking.

    I made it home with no problem, my son said I was sitting on the couch and then I got up to feed the animals — which must have accounted for the dream I had of feeding them the chickens and I had given them way too much, enough to last them a week.

    I had gotten in a habit of drinking a 1L bottle of flavored water every day at work. I checked the label — aspartame. So I was drinking 4 times a normal serving of an aspartame drink. So much for “natural flavors”, that was just a lie — have to check the fine print.

    I’m back to drinking plain water and my mind has cleared and I’m back to normal. I’m convinced my transient global amnesia was from aspartame poisoning.