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Top scientists clueless about the immune system and how to avoid infection


(Naturalhealth365) Why do some people become ill after exposure to pathogens, while others are able to ward off infection? A new French study — designed to examine how environmental and genetic factors affect the immune system – was intended to shed light on the complex subject of immune variation. But, its conclusions have left some natural health experts deeply underwhelmed. ... Read More »

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Coenzyme Q10 deficiency raises the risk of prediabetes


(Naturalhealth365) How is coenzyme Q10 linked to blood sugar issues like, prediabetes? And, more importantly, what can we do to eliminate the risk of future health problems. Let’s take a closer look. Prediabetes – in which blood sugar levels are elevated, but not high enough to meet the clinical threshold for diabetes – is extremely common in the United States. ... Read More »

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Stop cognitive decline with these 10 great nutritional tips


(Naturalhealth365) For many baby boomers, it’s an unpleasant irony – the generation that famously said “Never trust anyone over thirty!” is now, itself, experiencing the undeniable signs of cognitive decline due to aging.  For example, the statistics on Alzheimer’s suggest we have a serious health crisis on our hands – especially as we move closer to 2050. But, the main ... Read More »

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An overlooked trace mineral for cancer prevention and bone health


(Naturalhealth365)  Cancer prevention is on everyone’s mind.  Of course, other diseases like diabetes, dementia and arthritis can not be forgotten.  And, for good reason because the numbers are (conventionally-speaking) out of control! For example, prostate cancer currently affects over 172,000 men in the United States – while an estimated 54.4 million people nationwide suffer from arthritis, a debilitating and painful ... Read More »

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Eating apples can help you lose weight and prevent cancer


(NaturalHealth365) Are you eating apples? It’s safe to say that virtually everyone has heard the saying regarding an “apple a day.” Now, cutting-edge scientific analysis and extensive medical studies are confirming the remarkable truth behind this bit of folk wisdom. From helping to prevent obesity to inhibiting cancer, and more – crunchy, refreshing apples offer an almost unbelievable array of ... Read More »

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Bombshell: All tested vaccines reveal toxic substances linked to autoimmune disease


(Naturalhealth365) According to the National Institutes of Health, up to 23.5 million Americans suffer from autoimmune disease – and the number is increasing steadily. Unfortunately, Western medicine continues to ignore the impact of vaccines on this growing health crisis. In addition, rates of cancer, diabetes, autism and other neurodevelopmental diseases continue to soar – a disease (and disability) epidemic that ... Read More »

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Vitamin B3 lowers the risk of melanoma


(NaturalHealth365) Rates of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, are on the rise. The American Cancer Society predicted that melanoma would cause over 9,000 deaths within the United States (alone) in 2017 – and that over 91,000 new cases would be diagnosed by year’s end. And, not a word about the value of vitamin B3. While research is ongoing, ... Read More »

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Lower blood pressure with the help of olive leaf extract

lower blood pressure

(Naturalhealth365) According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 75 million adults in the United States have high blood pressure, currently defined as readings over 140/90 mmHg. It’s no wonder they call this the “silent killer.” This means that one out of every three Americans are at greatly increased risk for heart disease and premature death – ... Read More »

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Surprisingly modest weight gain INCREASES the risk of heart and blood sugar problems, research reveals


(NaturalHealth365) The health benefits of maintaining a healthy weight are obvious to most people. However, a study out of Stanford is underscoring the dangers of weight gain to health in some key areas, including blood sugar balance and gut health. The researchers have found that the entire body is impacted by even a moderate weight gain. The changes register at ... Read More »

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Two plant extracts discovered to slash blood sugar spikes


(Naturalhealth365) Although it is normal for blood glucose to rise a bit after meals, excessive and repeated elevations – ‘blood sugar spikes’ – are cause for concern. In fact, short-term effects include impaired concentration and altered mood, while long-term consequences – such as cardiovascular disease, accelerated kidney disease and raised cancer risk – can be potentially life-threatening. Of course, the ... Read More »

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Beet juice helps heart failure patients improve quality of life


(Naturalhealth365) New research is highlighting a remarkable array of beet juice benefits – among them, the ability to enhance exercise capability and overall performance in people with heart failure issues. Heart failure – characterized by the heart’s inability to pump enough oxygen-rich blood to meet the body’s needs – is one of the most common complications of heart disease. Currently ... Read More »

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Liver problems and cancer risk reduced by taking vitamin D3


(Naturalhealth365) As researchers have learned, having healthy levels of vitamin D can protect against diseases such as cancer, pneumonia, influenza and Alzheimer’s disease. But, if you’re deficient in vitamin D, relying on diet (alone) will not be enough to maintain healthy levels. In addition, make sure you’re consuming vitamin D3 – not vitamin D2. (Vitamin D2 is far less potent ... Read More »

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