Walnuts inhibit cancer development, slow its growth, and kill cancer cells

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walnuts(NaturalHealth365) If you’re nuts about walnuts, you could be doing your health a huge favor. Several research studies have revealed that the benefits of walnuts include the ability to inhibit cancer development and even initiate the death of cancer cells.

The secret to the cancer-killing properties of walnuts is that they contain several rare and potent phytonutrients that are found in very few other foods. These unique compounds, which are all known for their strong cancer-inhibiting properties, include the tannin tellimagrandin, the quinone juglone, and the flavonol morin4.

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Scientific research reveals the power of walnuts to heal the body

Several published studies have identified walnuts as bearing unique cancer-fighting qualities. For example, researchers at UC Davis and other institutions have uncovered that diets rich in whole walnuts, or even walnut oil, have the ability to slow prostate cancer growth in mice.

In other studies, researchers determined that two handfuls of walnuts each day could cut in half the risk of breast cancer and tumor growth. It is believed that walnuts can shrink levels of the hormone IGF-1, known to play a key role in development of both prostate and breast cancer.

Researchers have also found that both walnuts and walnut oil reduced cholesterol and increased insulin sensitivity, making them valuable in the fight against heart disease and diabetes. For example, one study found that overweight adults with type 2 diabetes who consumed just one-quarter cup of walnuts daily reduced their fasting insulin levels in just a few month’s time compared to those on non-walnut diets.

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Incorporating walnuts into your diet without overloading on calories

While black walnuts are native to America, it is the English walnut that has found the most favor in the United States.  Thanks to their omega-3 fat content, walnuts are often the subjects of cancer-preventive studies.

But, a word of caution about eating walnuts: Don’t overdo it.  For example, just 2.6 ounces of walnuts is about 482 calories, which may – in some people – contribute to an excess of stored fat.  Calories aren’t everything … but, generally speaking, optimal health is directly associated with a relatively low calorie diet.

So, the next time you crave those chips, fries or cookies – think about replacing that urge with a handful of walnuts. Your body will thank you for the decision.

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  • Heather P

    We have been using walnuts for heart health. It is nice to know they are doing double duty. There are so many ways to incorporate them into one’s diet. We add them to salads, baked goods and oatmeal.

  • Francis Kraus

    I am going to get some at the supermarket today. We do like most kinds of nuts, but we seem to exclude walnuts. Well, after reading this article that will not be happening.

  • Sadie Raul

    We use walnuts to top all our ice cream creations. Probably not the best way to use them. I will go back to the drawing board and find other ways to use them.

  • Lucile Kendle

    One of our families favorite treats is candied walnuts made at home. We use coconut oil and maple syrup to coat them and then we put them in the oven. This is a good alternative to a store bought treat.

  • senior3citizen

    Raw (non-salted, non roasted) almonds, pistachios ,walnuts and peanuts are good for heart health and lowers body inflammation. I put a tsp of each in bowl of oatmeal, also use as topping for fruit salad of cantelope, watermelon, pineapple.

  • Nicolas Nicoli

    Walnuts are packed with health-giving nutrients which include cancer fighting properties (they’re known to reduce prostate and breast cancer risk). They can be beneficial for sperm quality, are excellent sources of omega 3 fats and vitamin E, which is great for endometrial health, as well as B vitamins and protein, I try to eat them everyday, and so does my dad, he dealed with prostate symptoms for years and the doc recommended it to him and he eats pumkpin seeds, tomatoes as well. The only supplementhe takes is named alpharise, his doctor prescribed it to him. It was the solution to his prostate problems.