Overdose of blood pressure medications affecting millions of people, study says

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man with blood pressure cuff(NaturalHealth365) New research has shown that smaller doses of blood pressure medicine can be just as effective as current recommended doses, and with fewer side effects. This means millions of people could be taking too much of these drugs and suffering unwanted side effects.

Doses as small as half the standard prescribed amount were found to be just as effective as a full dose, and without the common side effects. Researchers also found one-fourth the dose from two different hypertension medications to be just as effective as a full dose – again, without the negative side effects.

High blood pressure affects one in three American adults

For the research, results from 42 trials involving 20,284 people with high blood pressure were compared and analyzed. The individuals studied used different blood pressure medications at various doses from the five main classes: beta blockers, ACE inhibitors, angiotensin receptor blockers, thiazides and calcium channel blockers. However, some took no medication.

Quarter-dose therapies and dual quarter-dose therapies were compared with both standard doses and placebos. Across the boards, a “less is more” approach with hypertension medications was found to be effective.

An additional approach using four quarter doses from four different blood pressure medications was found to be twice as effective as one full dose of one medication. However, researchers weren’t sure about the potential side effects of this type of approach.

High blood pressure affects an estimated one in three American adults and around 1.13 billion people worldwide. And, in truth, only one in three persons with hypertension (high blood pressure) are successful in controlling it.

Fact: Risk factors for hypertension are related to genetics, diet and lifestyle choices

Blood pressure is considered high if it is above 140mmHg (systolic) and/or 90mmHg (diastolic). Around 88 percent of hypertension patients take blood pressure medications, but only one in three ever successfully gain control of it.

Left untreated, high blood pressure can lead to major health issues including heart attack, stroke, vascular dementia and kidney disease. Persons with hypertension are around three times more likely to develop heart disease or have a stroke. They are also twice as likely to die from these issues.

The risk factors and causes of high blood pressure can vary, but some of the most common include being overweight, over age 65, of Caribbean or African descent, or having a genetic predisposition. Persons who eat too much salt, drink too much caffeine or alcohol, don’t exercise enough, don’t eat enough vegetables and fruits, and who don’t get adequate sleep are also at higher risk of hypertension.

Great news: You can lower blood pressure naturally through diet, exercise and simple lifestyle changes

The recent study results out of the University of New South Wales in Sydney suggest that millions of people may be suffering adverse side effects from blood pressure medications due to what amounts to an overdose. These symptoms often include headache, dizziness, insomnia, weakness and muscle cramps.

Finding ways to lower blood pressure naturally is key to preserving health and also avoiding the troublesome side effects of hypertension medications. Healthy lifestyle changes are the best way to lower blood pressure naturally.  Avoid the use of commercial (processed) salts, eat lots of organic fruits and vegetables – on a daily basis, minimize the consumption of toxic (trans) fats and be physically active.

If you must take blood pressure medication, ask your doctor about a combination therapy using smaller doses.

Bottom line: when you find the right program for you, disease symptoms can fade away as well as the need for pharmaceutical drugs.

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  • Tony Westley

    This is the one medication that most seniors are on. If fact I think that it is across the board it is the number one prescribed medication. The selling point is it reduces your risk of a stroke and other heart related conditions. I would like to see the evidence not the pharmaceutical sponsored research.

  • Carl Davenport

    Hypertension is one of the worst diagnosis only because it leads to a lifetime of prescription drugs. What is prescribed for the condition not only has many side effects it often calls for prescriptions to control some of the side effects. I know people who have been on various medications for this condition. When one is too strong and another isn’t effective it becomes prescription-drug-roulette.One of the outcomes of the strongest medication is compromised heart strength. This possibility looms for those on the medications over a long period of time.

  • Logan

    What is missed in dealing with high blood pressure is a search for the cause. It can be a problem with the kidneys or liver. All of the people on medication can’t possible be claiming they have an inherited condition. It makes sense since this condition is now seen among many more people then a few decades ago.

  • Janet Stein

    It is a fact that chronic stress can cause this condition. If you are constantly stressed the condition can become permanent. Clogged arteries can raise blood pressure readings. We need the cause not the name of the condition.

    • J.G. D’Amico

      Holy Basil helps with stress and cortisol levels.

  • truth seeker

    I would agree 100% that people should look for and treat the CAUSE of the problem and not blindly treat SYMPTOMS with one-size-fits-all toxic drug (s). There are several things that can cause high BP and they all have different treatments. Clogged arteries cry out for gentle oral chelation (as opposed to harsh intravenous). Stress related is easy to treat, as it goes back to normal when there is resolution of stress. When it involves Kidney, Liver or auto-immune gut problems (fairly common), these must be identified and treated individually. These all have non-toxic, highly successful treatments with no side effects. Or you can send some doctor’s kid through college on your collage of BP meds and the perks doctors get from Big Pharm to prescribe large volumes of increasingly toxic pills for life. N.G.

  • Vicki Luibrand

    My boyfriend eliminated his blood pressure problems by giving up grains. All grains have some form of gluten. When he gave up wheat gluten, his vertigo went away. In time his blood pressure got worse, and it was confirmed to be a thyroid problem. He briefly went on blood pressure meds, then thyroid meds (that contained GMO corn). He then got off of all grains, including the thyroid meds, and he has not had a problem since. It’s been 6 months.

  • Marco

    At one stage I had BP of 190 / 110 and of course was prescribed BP pills. I never filled the prescription and did my own research. At my last physical I was 120 / 80. So I would like to tell you what I found:
    1. I cut out all coffees and teas with caffeine. Especially bad for me were the Americano or Expresso types.
    2. I went on a one week water fast to help the body to get rid of the residual caffeine in my system and to help the body get back to normal . BP decreased to 160 / 95
    3. I supplemented with magnesium and potassium tablets as my research indicated that many heart and cardiovascular issues are caused by the lack of these two. BP decreased to 130 / 90.
    4. I bought a mountain bike and gradually increased my distance to 20 kms over a few months. BP back down to 120 / 80.

    • Patricia Ormsby

      Wow! Thank you, Marco. I can attest to caffeine being a cause of rising blood pressure even when I do everything else right. People have been touting five cups a day here for breast cancer prevention. I take one cup in the morning, but if I start having issues with that, I’ll eliminate it. Some people are quite sensitive to caffeine.

  • Ty Shlackman

    Your age, ethnicity, and genes don’t have anything to do with getting high blood pressure. High blood pressure is caused by having a sluggish liver. People get a sluggish liver by consuming too much fat in their diet which overburdens their liver causing it to become sluggish. So if you want a healthy liver avoid processed foods which contain toxic oils, avoid dairy, eggs, and pork, strictly limit or avoid consumption of meat and don’t consume excessive amounts of nuts and seeds.