The Budwig Diet: How two simple ingredients may help heal cancer

The Budwig Diet: How two simple ingredients may help heal cancer
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(NaturalHealth365) The Budwig Diet is an amazing protocol that has proven to help heal cancer and it consists of two basic ingredients: flax seeds and cottage cheese.

Did you hear that right?

You bet! And, this diet has proven to work for more than half a century.

The origins of the Budwig Diet date back to the 1950’s

The Budwig Diet was created by Dr. Johanna Budwig, a German biochemist, blood specialist, physicist and top cancer researcher. She was also a 7-time Nobel prize nominee and an expert on nutrition and pharmaceuticals for the German government in the 1950’s.

During that decade, Dr. Budwig studied the health consequences of what we now call “trans” and hydrogenated fats and was one of the first to discover how these kinds of commercially-processed fats destroy electrons in the membranes of healthy cells. Since the trillions of cells in our body rely on a delicate push-pull between positive and negative charges, losing electrons can lower the total energy that each cell contains.

Dr. Budwig realized that this action upon cells slowly lowers their “charge” and can eventually lead to serious disease. This was when she began to develop an “oil protein” of her own, that would reverse the disease-causing effects of trans fats and processed foods. Her premise relied on a few factors.

First of all, she knew that consuming processed foods made with hydrogenated fats created an environment in the body that was ideal for cancer growth. On the other hand, she also knew that special enzymes that could only be found in natural fats would help oxygenate healthy cells, in effect “bringing them back to life.”

After years of study and research, Dr. Budwig finally found her winning combination in, of all things, a mixture of flax seed and cottage cheese.

Why is it so important to use flax seeds and cottage cheese?

Something truly remarkable happens when these two ingredients are combined together. Cottage cheese is rich in protein and, as mentioned above, flax seed is a super-healthy source of unsaturated fat. When they come together, the fatty acids from the flax bond with the proteins from the cottage cheese. The flax seed then becomes water-soluble and is able to be absorbed directly into cell membranes when consumed.

Flax seed itself, of course, has long been considered a healing powerhouse, especially for those concerned with balancing hormones and preventing breast cancer. Apart from all the health benefits of healthy natural fats, a 2004 study conducted by the University of Toronto discovered that lignans in flax seeds helped to metabolize estrogen more than any other nutrient.

Other studies have shown that it can lower the risk of both pre- and postmenopausal breast cancers as well as ovarian cancers that are often difficult to treat with conventional medicine.

The result of consuming Budwig Muesli (which is what Dr. Budwig called her flax and cottage cheese mixture) is that cells can quickly return to their healthy, natural “aerobic” state. According to Budwig experts, possible healing can happen quickly, since essential nutrients, and especially healing enzymes, can flood the body at the same time that oxygen does.

The Budwig legacy continues to this day

Dr. Joanna Budwig died at the age of 95 in 2003. She dedicated her life to helping people with cancer through her “Budwig Protocol” and the “Budwig Muesli” (the details of the protocol can be found on the Budwig Institute website).

The Protocol’s effectiveness at helping to heal cancer has been proven over the last fifty plus years. Anecdotal evidence has also shown that the Budwig Diet may be helpful for other conditions such as eczema, autoimmune conditions, lung issues, stomach ulcers and more.

Webster Kehr is the founder of the Independent Cancer Research Foundation and the popular website Cancer Tutor. He was skeptical of the protocol at first but then, after extensive research, discovered that it was the “real deal” and highly effective in helping with cancers and other conditions that conventional treatments are often ineffective on.

“I found testimonials of people from around the world who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer (all types of cancer), sent home to die and were now actually cured and living healthy, normal lives,” says Kehr on his website.

If you are on a healthy breast journey, I suggest you consider adding the Budwig Protocol to your healing journey. It is simple, easy to do, side effect free, cost effective and every cells in your body will thank you!

About the author: Dr. Veronique Desaulniers (“Dr. V”) is a best-selling author and specialist in Chiropractic, Bio-Energetics, Meridian Stress Analysis, Homeopathy and Digital Thermography. After 30 years in active practice, she decided to “retire” and devote her time to sharing her personal, non-toxic Breast Cancer healing journey with others. Her years of experience and research have culminated in “The 7 Essentials™ “, a step-by-step coaching program that unravels the mystery of healing the body. Her website and personal healing journey have touched the lives of thousands of women around the globe. To get your F.R.E.E. 7-day mini e-course and to receive her weekly inspiring articles on the power of natural medicine – visit:

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