Why burning the wrong candle could destroy your health

Why burning the wrong candle could destroy your health
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(NaturalHealth365) Most people think about outdoor pollution when the topic of air quality comes up.  However, indoor air pollution is actually a much bigger health problem.  And, burning the wrong kind of candles in your home make it even worse.

Here’s an important point: The average American spends more time indoors than outdoors these days, and trapped air, environmental toxins, and poor ventilation all contribute to the rise of poor indoor air quality.

Unfortunately, you’re likely guilty of putting many of these toxins in the air yourself without realizing it.

For example, do you burn candles in your home or at work?  Naturally, they have a way of warming a room and scented candles can leave you with a pleasing aroma that’s relaxing.

But, researchers have discovered that burning the wrong candles can actually be dangerous for your health.  And even many unscented candles can be contributing to unwanted indoor air pollution.

Metal wicks and paraffin make your candles toxic

Why is the “wrong candle” such a problem for your health?  One of the main culprits can be the wicks that have metal cores in them.

Certain candle makers use wicks with a metal core to keep wicks from falling over.  However, researchers have found that burning candles with metal wicks can result in airborne lead concentrations high enough to pose a threat to your health.  People particularly at risk include the elderly, children, and individuals with a weakened immune system.

Over time, lead may even be deposited on furniture, walls, and the floor, resulting in even more exposure to lead, particularly for children who often touch things and then put their fingers in their mouths.  Unfortunately, labels don’t tell you what kind of wick is included in your candle, so it’s important to look for shiny metal wire inside candle wicks – to avoid these types of candles.

Paraffin can also make your candles toxic. It’s used in many candles and it’s actually refined from crude oil.  When you burn paraffin, it releases toluene – which is recognized as toxic to the central nervous system and respiratory system.

It also releases a known carcinogen known as benzene. Additional unwanted chemicals are often added to paraffin to bleach and harden wax before scent and colors are added.  Bottom line: this is all nasty stuff that has no place inside your home!

How to combat air pollution in your home

When it comes to candles, specifically eliminate paraffin candles and those with metal wicks from your home. If you must burn candles, 100% pure beeswax candles with a natural beeswax color are a safer option.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy in your home, try putting scented oil in a diffuser instead of burning candles.

Of course, improving your home’s ventilation is a smart move: you can open windows whenever you can to let fresh air in.  In addition, try putting some plants inside your home like, Chinese Evergreen or Peace Lily to help clean up the air.

And, finally, stay away from toxic cleaning products, furniture treated with chemicals, and toxic air fresheners to help dramatically improve the air quality in your house.  Plus, let’s not forget, one of the best things you can do to combat indoor air pollution is to invest in a high-quality, air purification system – that uses a HEPA air filter.

All of these steps will greatly help to protect your health for many years.

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