IQ loss WARNING: Researchers reveal problem with flame retardants and pesticides

IQ loss WARNING: Researchers reveal problem with flame retardants and pesticides
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(NaturalHealth365) As you probably know, exposure to heavy metals like mercury and lead can trigger IQ loss in children (and adults)!  And, even though these heavy metals seem to be everywhere such as, mercury-based “silver” fillings and our food supply, it’s not the greatest threat to human intelligence.  In fact, you may be quite surprised to discover what researchers have just found!

For example, a new study reveals that flame retardants and pesticides are actually the biggest contributors to IQ loss in children due to fewer protective restrictions in place today.

Disturbing trend in IQ loss discovered by researchers

The study, done by researchers at the NYU Grossman School of Medicine, discovered that there have been over a million cases of intellectual disability between 2001 and 2016 in the United States. And after analyzing toxic chemicals in the study, they found that IQ loss due to toxic chemicals dropped from 27 million IQ points back in 2001-2002 to 9 million IQ points during 2015-2016.

But, wait, there’s much more to this seemingly “good news” report.

Overall there’s been a decline, and while that looks promising, researchers believe there’s been a shift in the top chemicals causing the great risk for intellectual disability.  Among children exposed to toxins, researchers discovered that the proportion of cognitive loss due to exposure to organophosphate pesticides and polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) – chemicals found in flame retardants – went up from just 67% to 81% during this study period.

This data suggests that the efforts taken to reduce heavy metal exposure may be working.  But, exposure to toxic chemicals continue to be a significant risk to the economic, mental, and physical health of Americans.

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Their investigation led to the discovery that everyday contact with substances like pesticides and flame retardants result in more than one million children being affected by some type of intellectual disability.

More shocking facts about the dangers of flame retardants

Beyond the ability to result in lower IQ and intellectual disability, multiple studies have delved into the significant dangers of flame retardants. For example, chlorinated tris – a chemical that was previously banned from being used in children’s pajamas decades ago – is being used to make furniture “safer.”  Yet, this flame retardant has been found to result in cancer and DNA mutations.

Exposure to certain flame retardants also alter hormone levels – which can result in male infertility.

Flame retardants don’t just affect children, they also have the potential to affect unborn babies. The chemicals contained flame retardants can cross the placenta, with the harmful effects being transferred from the mother to the unborn baby.

To reduce the dangers of dangerous flame retardants and pesticides, one of the best things you can do is to have lots of plants (indoors) and open your windows – as often as possible – to let these chemicals escape.  In addition, if at all possible, avoid buying any cleaning products or furniture saturated with these toxic chemicals.

Regularly vacuuming furniture and carpets with a vacuum that uses a HEPA filter may help, as well.  And, naturally, another way to protect yourself is to clean up your indoor air with a good quality air purifier.

Additionally, researchers note that a push for greater regulations is needed.  But, for us to get there – we must continue to raise awareness.  No doubt, future generations depend on us making better decisions.

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