Chemotherapy now proven to cause cancer cells to spread, scientists reveal

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chemotherapy(NaturalHealth365) Chemotherapy has been one of the primary treatments against the growth of cancer cells in many cancer types. Now research is showing that chemotherapy could actually be exacerbating the presence and growth of cancer cells, especially in persons with breast cancer.

A common treatment protocol for breast cancer patients is chemotherapy followed by surgical removal of the tumor. It is believed that the chemotherapy drugs both help to reduce tumor size as well as prevent cancer cells from spreading in the body. However, now it appears that the exact opposite might be occurring.

Chemotherapy found to increase circulation of cancer cells

It is believed this is happening due to a repair mechanism being switched on by the toxic medication, which ultimately allows cancer tumors to grow back stronger. The chemotherapy seems to create more pathways of blood vessels, and this in turn allows cancer to spread more readily to other parts of the body.

Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University researchers in New York found the amount of these blood vessel doorways was higher in 20 patients who had been receiving two of the most commonly used chemotherapy drugs.

It was also discovered that chemotherapy given to mice with breast cancer triggered the circulation of more cancer cells throughout the lungs and the rest of the body. Dr. George Karagiannis of the Yeshiva University Albert Einstein College of Medicine suggested that breast cancer patients could perhaps be monitored during chemotherapy for this type of circulation and the risk of new doorways being created.

Success rate of chemotherapy negligible for most cancers, including breast cancer

A small amount of tumor tissue could be tested after initial chemotherapy doses. If elevated levels were detected, the chemo could be stopped and surgery administered, followed by chemotherapy afterward instead. The study was published in the journal Science Translational Medicine. The researchers plan to study if the same effect occurs with other types of cancer.

The late Nicholas Gonzalez, MD, a researcher, physician and true healer, was driven to alert people to the fact that breast cancer and organ cancers aren’t even helped by chemotherapy! In fact, of the more than 100 cancers types, most aren’t assisted in a positive way by chemotherapy treatment. The exceptions are blood cancers like lymphoma and leukemia.

Back in July, 2015, Jonathan Landsman, host of NaturalHealth365 produced one of many programs with Dr. Gonzalez – featuring “the truth about chemotherapy.”  This MUST SEE video (below) is an rare look inside the mind of one of the greatest teachers of our time. {Share with your family and friends}

Chemotherapy side effects are quite brutal and can include loss of appetite, vomiting, bladder issues, constipation, diarrhea, anemia, hair loss, edema, bruising, chronic fatigue, infections, memory loss, nerve issues, insomnia, sexual and fertility issues and functional decline.

Again, chemotherapy not only may have the opposite of its intended effect; according to Dr. Gonzalez, it isn’t even helpful against breast cancer. Those fighting this disease should consider alternative options for treatment, especially holistic and nutrition-based protocols.

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  • Ralph Stammer

    Of course that is true or we wouldn’t see the high failure rate of this treatment. I am not sure why the medical community didn’t realize this years ago. They absolutely saw the profits coming from the procedures.

    • Wendy Allen

      The doctors know, but they don’t want to give it up due to the money. Some people didn’t even have cancer and the doctor lied….gave them Chemo to make money.

  • Sheldon Kane

    i see this all the time with friends and family. They start the treatments in better condition and go down hill from there. Can you tell me why no one in the medical community observes that? Maybe they do, because doctors have said if they had the condition they wouldn’t subject themselves to chemo or radiation.

  • Garry Holdsworth

    What does anyone expect? First you go bald and have short term memory problems on top of physical exhaustion and now you just spread the disease. Wake up folks and see the obvious-this treatment has been used for decades and the results are still dismal.

  • Diane Newman

    I wish my own mother never had this done. I saw first hand what it did to her and still didn’t save her life. In fact she was so much better before she started treatment. I believe she had more years if she had done nothing.

    • Wendy Allen

      Cancer can be due to gluten. Natural help may help a person fast. Without Chemo a person may live 4 years and with Chemo only 3% may survive. The Chemo kills the person before the cancer does. See my other comments.

  • Mary Burke

    Give me a break who really things there is anything of value in the way they treat this condition? I read somewhere the people who it saves would have survived it anyway. They had low grade tumors that may have disappeared anyway. Does anyone have information on this?

  • Anabell Garner

    The American slogan a better life through chemistry appears to run through how we look at healing. It seems that the most commonly used treatments never change. In fact there is enough evidence to see the cause and effect of toxic chemicals causing this condition. Now, we treat the condition with very toxic substances. This makes no sense.

  • Fiona Polk

    This is where science and strategy intersect with profit. The industry must know that chemo and radiation are not dependable. Yet, they keep using it. The only answer is the enormous profits made from it.

  • Jean Bradford

    Women are so scared of this that all thinking goes. I know a few people who said they saw how bad chemo was and seen it murder their family members. However, as soon as they were diagnosed with the condition they started the protocol. What was so illogical to me they continued it even as they felt sicker and sicker from it. They did not survive the treatment and I thought perhaps that is what got them not the disease.

    • Georgie Song

      yes, that happens, cause fears go down to the LIMBIC level, that why the women are suppose to MADE THE DECISION as to what they WILL DO before they are ever diagnose with cancer.

  • Gusie Kohler

    This is an article everyone should see. Without this information it is hard to make an intelligent decision. Fear must not be what motivates you. Everyone, must focus on a long term solution that will make them healthier. Toxic treatments can’t do that.

  • Be A Freeman

    Good people help good people. So try to help one when you find one

  • Mantle Mickey

    Big Pharma had Dr Gonzales killed along with many other doctors.

    • James Peters

      Why would they do that?

    • Wendy Allen

      Maybe…but coconut oil clogs my blood vessels and maybe it also hurts other people. Dr. Gonzales knew gluten is hurting most people and can cause cancer/heart disease etc.

  • Georgie Song

    I became familar with Dr. Gonzales work on the series, “Truth about Cancer”, I was shocked to learned recently Dr. Gonzales has passed away. Anyway, it sounds like the same old business story, just like in Heart Disease…lots of money goes to the doctors and hospital who uses the COMMON treatments, bypass surgery, chemotherapy, radation, surgery etc. One cardiac surgeon said to Dr. Esselystn. “what treat with Vegan diet, look I brought in $16 MILLION to the hospital this year”

    • Wendy Allen

      Dr. Gonzales was the only one in The Truth about Cancer that mentioned gluten may cause cancer/heart disease etc.. See my other comments.

      • Georgie Song

        Well, if gluten cause cancer, so be it. I eaten white bread for over 64 years now,I come fro sourdough country. My opinion is if something you can consumed for over 50 years before it kills you, go and “enjoy” it. That why I shut up about cigarette smoking to smoker, most can smoke for 50 years before it kills them. “So let live”.

  • Ted Varley

    I know people who have stopped the Chemo and gone more alternative, the Cancer has then spread to other areas.

  • Daisy

    I have breast cancer but I refused all treatment , and I am doing very well.
    I just take Ginger, olive leaf, and of course vitamin c.
    I am an x-nurse so I had a head start knowing that cancer drugs kill you.

  • AquarielCharm

    I can’t stand facebook but I posted on G+. I just learned that a friend I hadn’t seen in five years died because of Chemo and not the cancer itself. She was only 39. May the Karma of the entire medical and pharmaceutical industry be equally difficult to endure!

  • Avon Howard Jr.

    Trusting your health to the healthcare system is a prescription to life long suffering and premature death. I will only trust the system with my life in an emergency, that’s where it is the best in the world but maintaining our health is something the trained and misled experts (so called) don’t have a clue.

    If the doctors and nurses don’t know the secrets to keeping themselves healthy, how can they help us with the junk science of pharmaceutical drugs and failed protocols that take away any chance of us achieving true health?

  • signalfire1

    ‘Ask your Board Certified Quack if nausea, vomiting, cachexia, false hope and bankruptcy are right for you!’