NH365 092: Thyroid disorders and the possibility of accelerated healing

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naturalhealth365 podcast(NaturalHealth365) Do you struggle with weight loss? Are you dealing with depression, anxiety or chronic fatigue? These are just a few of the symptoms related to a thyroid disorder. And, if left untreated properly, this will increase your risk of cancer.

If you think I’m overstating the problem … just look at these alarming numbers being reported by the National Cancer Institute. (below)

Over 62,000 new cases of thyroid cancer were diagnosed in 2015, and that’s a nearly 40 percent increase over 2010 numbers. Worldwide, a staggering 200 million people have problems with their thyroid gland and, let’s not forget the millions of people that go undiagnosed – every year.

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The biggest problem with trying to overcome a thyroid disease

If you search for answers on the internet, most people find Western medicine and conventional wisdom to be disappointing – to say the least. For example, the American Thyroid Association says, “the causes of thyroid problems are largely unknown.” And, “most thyroid diseases are life-long conditions that can be managed with medical attention.”

Simply put, Western medicine puts out the same disempowering messages as they do for just about any chronic disease condition. But, what if there was a better way. A way that literally eliminated symptoms (naturally) and helped you to gain back control over your life. Would you be interested?

I hope you said YES! Because, today on the NaturalHealth365 Podcast, that’s exactly what we’ll do – talk about a solution to this dreadful condition.

Podcast highlights include:

  • The inspirational (personal) recovery story of Izabella Wentz.
  • The symptoms linked to thyroid disease.
  • How to get properly tested and evaluated.
  • A clear understanding about the conventional treatment approach.
  • The true (often unknown) causes of thyroid disease.
  • How to achieve accelerated healing in just 2 weeks + much more!

About Izabella Wentz

Izabella Wentz, PharmD, FASCP is a passionate, innovative and solution focused clinical pharmacist. She has had a passion for health care from a very early age, inspired by her mother, Dr. Marta Nowosadzka, MD.

An avid learner and goal-oriented student, she received the PharmD. Degree (Doctor of Pharmacy) from the Midwestern University Chicago College of Pharmacy at the age of 23.

After graduation, she excelled at numerous roles including working as a community pharmacist, a clinical consulting pharmacist and later a medication safety pharmacist. She is a Fellow of the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists and holds certifications in Medication Therapy Management as well as Advanced Diabetes Care.

During her time as a consultant pharmacist, Dr. Wentz worked as part of an interdisciplinary team consulting on thousands of complicated patient cases, often caused by rare disorders. She was regarded as an expert in clinical pharmacology and would be called to investigate cause and effect by performing comprehensive medication therapy reviews to help identify and resolve adverse drug events.

She quickly became well versed in finding and evaluating emerging research to help address her clients’ unique challenges. Although trained as a pharmacist, she was an ardent champion for lifestyle interventions, which often helped patients much more than any medications.

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  • GoldenAutumn

    Fantastic news and good for you! That is an inspiring story. Have you also thought about trying Earthing/Grounding? That “might” help get you off of your levothyroxine but I can’t say for sure. I too was on levothyroxine and had read extensively about earthing. I sort of dismissed the fact that it would affect my thyroid levels and went ahead and bought some grounding sheets. After 2 months I suddenly found myself hyperthyroid and discovered then that it did have quite a profound impact. I should have listened to the medical warnings that were posted on the website and in the book but I wasn’t convinced. Boy, I was wrong. I only throw that out there as a last thought if you find you can’t get past the last 25 mcg. If interested to know more, you can read about Grounding–(aka Earthing) here: https://www.earthing. com/what-is-earthing/ .
    I wish you the best and applaud you for your efforts, Nicole.

  • GoldenAutumn

    Sorry for the delay. I use a secondary email for Disqus and don’t always check my email. Re: your question and thoughts. I was not on iodine at the time but Earthing has been shown time and again to even out thyroid levels which is what happened to me. They have since put a warning on Earthing website and products advising that one work with their doctor to monitor their levels if they are on thyroid medication. One doesn’t need to go barefoot to practice earthing. They have products. Although going barefoot is more effective, I believe. I had been warned about being on thyroid medication and using earthing products but honestly did not expect it to even out my levels which is what they said might happen. As a result Earthing did what they said might happen and corrected my thyroid levels. Since I was on levothyroxine at the time, I ended up extremely hypERthyroid. Whoa… it was a very disconcerting experience. After I stopped the medication and continued to earth, I felt fine. I hope that answers your question. Have a good day!