Chinese virologist insists China intentionally released COVID-19 on the world

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wuhan-lab-leak(NaturalHealth365)  Turn on the nightly news broadcast this week, and you’ll likely hear a passing reference to the origin of COVID-19.  However, the mainstream media has vacillated between alternative explanations of the virus’s origins in recent years.

On the other hand, a Chinese virologist is making waves by admitting the Chinese government released COVID-19, likely in an attempt to disrupt the global economy and unseat the United States as a global economic force.  This Chinese virologist is the same one who issued a siren call at the start of 2020, highlighting the potential origin of the virus being a Wuhan lab instead of a wet market.

Wuhan lab leak was not an accident

The Chinese virologist referred to above, Dr. Li Meng Yan, originally went public with her thoughts about the true origin of the virus on Tucker Carlson Tonight in the autumn of 2020.  According to Yan, the Chinese totalitarian government created and released the virus for nefarious purposes.  Yan returned to Carlson’s show three years later, insisting that the virus was intentionally leaked from China’s Wuhan Virology laboratory.

Yan praised the United States government’s willingness to finally come clean about the suspected origins of the virus.  The virologist pointed to the Energy Department’s recently publicized classified intelligence report that China’s Wuhan lab, not a wet market, served as the virus’s origin.  Yan, an accomplished scientist, insists an accidental leak of the virus from the Wuhan laboratory is nearly impossible due to strict safety protocols.

The research lab specialist described virology labs’ surveillance systems and other details to confirm her legitimacy as a trustworthy source.  Carlson responded in the affirmative, suggesting that the autocratic Chinese government intentionally released the virus to decimate the United States economy and disrupt the global order.

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Did the Chinese government understand the virus’s transmissibility?

According to Yan, it appears as though the Chinese government did not fully understand just how deadly the virus was before allegedly unleashing it on the masses.  The former immunology and virology doctor at the Hong Kong School of Public Health insists the Chinese government underestimated the virus’s transmissibility.  The result was spiraling out of control, leading to crippling nationwide lockdowns.

In short, China’s supposed intentional release of the virus backfired in an epic way, sabotaging its domestic economy without successfully unseating the United States from its status as a global force.  China’s totalitarian government refused to embrace the West’s seemingly advanced COVID-19 Big Pharma shots, electing to inject its populace with its own pharmaceutical concoction that ultimately failed to prevent the spread of the virus.

Though Yan indicates she spilled the beans about the virus’s origins to her supervisor, she was told to remain quiet.  The virologist’s superior warned her not to “touch the red line,” meaning it was not in her interest to challenge the accepted narrative about the virus’s origins.

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