Best herbs and foods to eat for improved kidney function

Best herbs and foods to eat for improved kidney function
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(NaturalHealth365) Obviously, it’s crucial to have healthy kidney function for overall wellbeing.  Unfortunately, too many people pay little attention to daily lifestyle habits that threaten kidney health.  And, as a result, millions and millions of people suffer with chronic kidney disease (CKD).

The truth is, one of the biggest mistakes made – that damage the kidneys (day in, and day out) is dehydration.  If you’re concerned about your kidney function – there are two essential tests: blood pressure plus, urine albumin and serum creatinine ratio.

Warning about chronic kidney disease

Our kidneys are so important, as they are responsible for filtering out gallons of waste – every day.  What isn’t useful to the body is converted into urine by the kidneys, and passed out of the body, where it will do no harm.

But, for many people, the warning signs of a problem are quite clear:

  • If you aren’t producing a lot of urine
  • If your kidneys hurt some or all of the time
  • If you have back pain
  • If your urine looks chronically odd or dark

Any of the symptoms (above) indicate a problem with your kidneys and should not be ignored.

Poor kidney function can lead to all kinds of other health issues including hypertension, liver problems, chronic fatigue and skin rashes – to name just a few.  And, don’t expect Western medicine to provide much relief for these symptoms  – especially if you get diagnosed with chronic kidney disease.

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Believe it or not, Western medicine will even go as far as to say, that patients on dialysis can still “live well.”   Well, I’m here to say, don’t believe the “standard of care” narrative. 

There is a natural way to take great care of your health and avoid kidney problems.

What are the best herbs (and foods) to boost kidney function?

Drink your water: Water remains one of the best things you can do to improve kidney function.

Without enough water, your kidneys will not function properly. Many integrative physicians tend to suggest drinking about ½ your body weight – in ounces – of pure (clean) water per day.  And, of course, avoid drinking tap water for obvious reasons.

A clean source of spring water – that has been properly tested for impurities – is one great way to stay hydrated.  If you can’t get good quality spring water; then you may want to invest in a good quality, water purification system – which can sit on your kitchen countertop or (if you can afford) at the point of entry into your home.

You can also drink unsweetened herbal teas.  Just make sure you avoid caffeine and sugary drinks, since these can be dehydrating. And, by all means, do not drink (or eat) any product with artificial sweeteners – which is extremely toxic to the entire body.

Watermelon is a wise choice: This delicious, hydrating treat is an excellent kidney tonic.

It has diuretic properties, so it helps your body produce more urine.  The more urine you excrete, the more waste products are being removed from your body – which is good for your overall health and wellbeing.

Even the National Kidney Foundation recommends a ‘watermelon spritzer’ for better kidney health. Of course, a diet filled with water-rich vegetables (and fruits) would also be ideal – much better than drinking spritzers for good health.

Give yourself a squeeze of lemon: Half a cup of organic lemon juice, per day, will help prevent kidney stones from forming. Simply add it to water and let it dilute – so you can drink it easily without it being too sour.

Lemon juice is a simple, inexpensive way to safeguard your health. Dr. Allan Jhagroo, a kidney health specialist at the University of Wisconsin, recommends sugar-free lemonade to his kidney stone patients. Again, just be sure that none of your ‘sugar-free’ drinks contain aspartame – which is a neurotoxin.

Ginger is a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory herb which helps to effectively move toxins through the kidneys.  And, yes, there is plenty of research to suggest that ginger has a positive effect on kidney function.

You can use it in a variety of ways, such as an extract or as a daily tea. You can also chop it up raw and put it in salads and smoothies to get the same kidney boosting benefits.

Best of all, unlike toxic pharmaceutical drugs, none of these suggestions increase your risk of sickness or disease symptoms.  Remember, healthy kidney function is a must for strength and vitality.  So, stay well hydrated.

Your future health will thank you for the effort.

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