NH365 071: Chronic fatigue syndrome – How to increase the body’s energy

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(NaturalHealth365) Sadly, chronic fatigue syndrome affects millions of people daily with debilitating symptoms including exhaustion, depression and the inability to accomplish the most basic daily chores. To make matter worse, conventional medicine has no solution – offering only temporary relief from symptoms with toxic medications like antidepressants or sleeping pills and giving out non-specific advice like reduce stress and exercise more.

Today, on the NaturalHealth365 Podcast, I have an amazing guest with an inspirational story for anyone dealing with a long term severe illness or overcoming other kinds of seriously challenging circumstances.

Simply put, our guest was sick with chronic fatigue syndrome all through his 20s. Four of those years he was bedridden and 6-years completely housebound. But, being the extremely determined person that he is, he tried many differing things for his recovery including nutrition, fasting, Gerson Therapy, and many other biochemical approaches.

Eventually, he FULLY recovered after discovering energy medicine and studying quantum biology.  As you listen to this podcast, you’ll quickly realize that Harry’s road to recovery is truly remarkable.  Some might say it’s a miracle.  But, remember, if you’re suffering with chronic fatigue syndrome – you can feel better too!

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For more information about Harry Massey – visit: NESHealth.com

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Podcast highlights include:

  1. Bedridden for 4 months and housebound for 6 months, Harry openly talks about his chronic fatigue condition. (this is the worst case of CFS I’ve ever heard)
  2. Discover the key to Harry’s recovery. (The answer will surprise you)
  3. How the meeting of one man changed Harry’s life – for the better.
  4. A closer look at Harry’s filmmaking life and why he created, “The Living Matrix” and “Supercharged.”
  5. Find out the best ways to “hack” your energy systems to become Supercharged.
  6. Learn how consciousness, the mind and placebo effect can trigger the self-healing response. (Plus, much more!)

About Harry Massey

In 2002, Harry founded NES Health – a company dedicated to fostering a 21st-century system of healthcare based on the integration of physics and biology. Harry invented two health-related clinical technologies: the NES miHealth and NES Provision. These endeavors grew out of his own research into health as he sought to overcome serious illness in his youth.

In 2009, he wrote and executive produced, The Living Matrix: The New Science of Healing to educate and inspire the general public about cutting edge bioenergetics and bio-informational approaches to health and well-being.

Harry’s latest project is SuperCharged – which is a movie that focuses on some of the exciting solutions to the problems in mainstream science and medicine relating to how energy works in the body beyond just nutrition – in particular – circadian rhythms, light, magnetism and water.

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