Alarming coronavirus UPDATE: Cremations soaring, 50,000 new infections estimated daily in Hubei province

Alarming coronavirus UPDATE: Cremations soaring, 50,000 new infections estimated daily in Hubei province
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(NaturalHealth365) The coronavirus epidemic nightmare that’s been taking the world by storm is leaving many people with more questions than answers. One thing we do know is that the World Health Organization (WHO) seems to be uncomfortably close to the Wuhan-based outbreak.

As we’ve previously reported on, the virus (named 2019-nCoV) seems likely to have originated out of a Biosafety Level 4 laboratory (BSL-4) in the central Chinese city.  This is one of the only labs in the world classified by the WHO as able to handle deadly pathogens.

Now it seems likely that the global organization was well aware of what was going on in this lab – and thanks to this bioweapons research, death rates and even cremation rates appear to be skyrocketing in China.

Coronavirus update: Millions at risk and THOUSANDS already dead, experts weigh in on the true extent of outbreak

According to the latest “official” numbers, the death toll from coronavirus has exceeded 1,300, with over 60,000 people infected.  But, even more alarming: Michael Ryan, head of the WHO’s health emergencies program has said, “I think it’s way too early to try to predict the beginning, the middle or the end of this epidemic right now.”

The virus has spread to at least 35 confirmed countries and there are millions still in lockdown in China.

But in even more frightening news, the true number of deaths and infection rates may be wildly misrepresented. Consider this:

  • Some reports from undercover journalists indicate that cremation rates in funeral homes surrounding Wuhan are skyrocketing, with as many as 300 bodies per day or more being sent through just ONE over-taxed crematorium
  • With harrowing news of bodies piling up faster than they can be disposed of, Chinese funeral home workers are being driven to pure exhaustion
  • Taiwan news outlets recently shared weather maps which show an insane rise in sulfur dioxide levels in the air surrounding Wuhan, up to a massive 1700ug/m^3, easily exceeding known danger levels of just 80ug/m^3. No other Chinese city nor Chinese power plant has sulfur dioxide levels this high. Sulfur dioxide emissions is associated with the burning of organic matter…leading many people to the disturbing conclusion that mass cremations are occurring.
  • All told, many experts and disease analysts estimate that the true rate of infection for 2019-nCoV is as high as 50,000 per day.

All this death, all this chaos – all for the sake of biological warfare research that’s likely been approved by the WHO?

Expert opinion: WHO getting it hands dirty with biological warfare

The idea that the WHO not only knows about but secretly endorses bioweapons research isn’t as ludicrous as it may sound. There’s plenty of evidence already, for instance, that the U.S. military has exposed unsuspecting Americans to hundreds of tests of biological warfare since at least the mid-1900s.

And as we’ve already mentioned, the laboratory in Wuhan is officially designated by the WHO as a lab cleared to handle and store the world’s deadliest pathogens. This lab and other ones like it – including at least 13 in the United States – are also known to engage in biological warfare research…and we’re supposed to believe that the WHO didn’t realize what was going on in their special labs?

It’s a link too close to ignore, and is exactly why bioweapons experts like Dr. Francis Boyle and other officials like Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas call foul on the WHO’s reluctance to admit their role in propagating this dangerous, human-engineered virus.

Of course, they have strong incentive to cover it up…just imagine the PR nightmare of an organization intended to protect global health being found out as one that participated in a direct threat against it.

As always, stay tuned to NaturalHealth365 for more live updates on this virus.  And, keep in mind, we have already published a “vitamin solution” – which you’ll never hear about from the mainstream media or government health agencies.

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