COVID shots are result of massive scientific fraud, evidence suggests

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covid-shots-are-result-of-scientific-fraud(NaturalHealth365)  Evidence is mounting that COVID shots are nothing but the result of a fraudulent scheme to control the masses, line the pockets of Big Pharma, and set the stage for perpetual social control. Faced with a steady stream of fraud accusations, Pfizer executives are going to great lengths to insist the contents of the COVID injections are safe and effective.

Despite these efforts, the proof slowly trickles in, revealing that the Pfizer mRNA shots contain harmful components.

Evidence shows Pfizer committed scientific fraud

The accusations of fraud levied against Pfizer can potentially bankrupt the company, albeit several years or decades down the road. If it is proven that Pfizer’s brass knew its COVID jab contained harmful components that compromise the human body without successfully defending against coronavirus, the company’s heads might be removed from their posts. Furthermore, a successful class action lawsuit filed by Pfizer investors and the recipients of the shots has the potential to end the company for good.

What matters most is whether Pfizer’s claims that its injection contains precisely what it originally stated are true. Even a slight misrepresentation of the contents of the shot or omission of one of its ingredients, no matter how small, sets the stage for litigation and proof of fraud.

There is also the potential for lawsuits to prove Pfizer conducted clinical trials in a manner considered fraudulent. After all, the sale of COVID injections to the United States government was based on supposedly accurate clinical trial data.

Are the COVID shots the cause of widespread illness, sudden deaths?

We are three years into a global pandemic with no end in sight. If Pfizer’s injection worked as promised, it would have halted the spread of the virus, significantly reduced hospitalizations, prevented death, and catapulted humanity into a new era characterized by health and sanity. Instead, we have widespread illness and mass psychosis.

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Objective individuals are quick to point out that Pfizer’s shots have spurred severe physiological reactions. Read alternative news media, and you’ll find evidence that Big Pharma injections cause myocarditis, strokes, and sudden death. However, in the spirit of objectivity, it must be noted that most of those who received Pfizer’s injection have not suffered negative health outcomes. The difference in outcomes raises the question of whether each shot contains the appropriate dosage level.

It is possible some Pfizer shots had a significantly higher or lower concentration than intended, ultimately causing cell toxicity. Pfizer injection batch codes allegedly determine shot toxicity or lack thereof. In plain terms, this means the point in time at which the dose was administered and the lot it was a part of ultimately shaped its level of toxicity and patient health outcomes. As time progresses, more doctors are stepping forward to indicate they believe some patients were injected with shots that were nothing more than saline placebos while others were likely injected with highly potent and toxic shots.

When all is said and done, future historians will probably look at our current era with disgust. Historians will highlight how Big Pharma’s race to genetically sequence the virus antigen to land lucrative government contracts callously disregarded that which matters most: the human condition.

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