COVID shots linked to NEW form of AIDS, mounting evidence suggests

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covid-shots-cause-new-form-of-aids(NaturalHealth365)  In yet another sign of an inevitable apocalypse, evidence reveals COVID injections might contribute to or directly cause a new variant of AIDS.  Your eyes are not deceiving you.  Medical researchers are analyzing a potentially deadly connection between coronavirus shots and a new type of AIDS.

Contrary to popular belief, AIDS is not solely the result of exposure to HIV.  Nor are HIV and AIDS the same.  The little-known truth is AIDS is an acronym used for an illness that can potentially result in the loss of life after the immune system has been compromised.  Those with AIDS face a heightened risk of developing infections and cancers typically found in individuals with faltering immune systems.

The question is, why, exactly, do COVID shots spur the development of AIDS?  The mystery is unraveling ever so slowly.

COVID shots decimate immune system function, evidence suggests

Data from the United Kingdom reveals coronavirus shots have a negative efficacy against death, meaning those who receive the shot are more likely to die than those who remain unvaxxed.  Dig deep into the data, and you’ll find that the shots’ negative effectiveness for death averages slightly more than -98% in adults.

In plain terms, this figure means the shot hurts the human immune system.

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Some of the data coming out of the United Kingdom also suggests senior citizens may have developed the new variation of AIDS, known as VAIDS or vax-induced AIDS.  Making the data even more interesting is the fact that it reveals the clot shot’s damage to the human body’s immune system worsens with each passing week.

The data shows those in the supposedly “uber-healthy” age cohort of 30 to 39 also suffered negative efficacy in the context of immune system performance after receiving the injection.  The negative efficacy rate for these young adults is -15.4% versus the -52.4% response in vaxxed octogenarians.

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Is VAIDS the next public health crisis?

If your head is spinning and you feel as though an avalanche of information suffocates you, don’t panic.  You are in a completely sane state of mind when asking the question, “What does it all mean?” in reference to the latest findings.

It might not be long until the mainstream media picks up on the above-referenced Public Health Scotland Data that indicates fully injected individuals have developed the new versions of AIDS.  Those who develop VAIDS are more likely to pass away than those who refused injections at the behest of totalitarians in disguise.

The plain truth is that the COVID shots are ineffective and also prove deleterious to the human immune system.

The human body is best left in its original, unvaxxed, and uncompromised state.  It is best to view the body and its immune system as a piece of technology that was either created or naturally evolved to counteract threats, including SARS-CoV-2.

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