Culinary armor: Discover 5 mighty cancer-fighting foods

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cancer-fighting-foods(NaturalHealth365)  According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), over 1.9 million people in the United States were diagnosed with some form of cancer in 2023.  And, while Western medicine remains focused on toxic therapies to “treat” cancer, there are many cancer-fighting foods that deserve our attention (and respect).

Based on real scientific evidence, these anticancer foods have been shown to prevent and even stop cancer.  Want to up your anticancer game?  Keep reading for some wise food choices to help avoid cancer cell growth.

Cancer-fighting foods that destroy cancer cells without harming the body

Red frilly mustard greens:  One of the spiciest mustard greens you’ll taste, this brassica’s robust flavor boasts two essential cancer-fighting compounds, sinigrin and gluconasturtiin.

A study in the Journal of Carcinogenesis demonstrated that sinigrin had powerful effects against bladder cancer tumors.  In another similar study, sinigrin inhibited the proliferation of liver cancer cells.  Try adding red frill to a salad or lightly steam, then add organic olive oil, sea salt and fresh garlic.  (yummy!)

Romanesco:  This fractal-shaped brassica contains DIM or di-indole-methane and sulforaphane, two anticancer compounds that have been shown to assist in preventing and fighting estrogen-driven cancers.  In a study on the biological effects of phytomedicines, DIM was shown to selectively inhibit cancerous stem cells.

The study reported that DIM helps overcome the chemoresistance of cancer stem cells to cytotoxics and is effective when used alone or in combination with other therapeutics.  This beautiful Italian broccoli/cauliflower variety offers a nutty flavor and pairs well with healthy (organic) oils such as coconut, olive, and ghee.

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Blast away cancer cells by eating these unique berries

Golden berries:  An often overlooked fruit, golden berries, also known as Physalis peruviana or Cape Gooseberries, showed promise in killing atypical cells involved in oral cancer.  Golden berries contain 4β-hydroxywithanolide E, the compound the study found to selectively and efficiently kill cancer cells.

Golden berries can be eaten by the handful or added to salads and smoothies.  They are available in many grocery stores and health food stores.

Superfood powders are great anticancer foods

Cacao:  The Journal of Nutrition and Cancer reported that polyphenol-rich cacao should be on your colon cancer prevention checklist.  This Mayan superfood has been used for ages to promote longevity and enhance immunity and can easily be added to nearly any food in its powdered form.

Turmeric:  Well tolerated in very high doses, countless studies highlight turmeric’s multi-faceted ability to effectively minimize the risk of a wide range of cancers such as genitourinary, gastrointestinal, gynecological, hematological, pulmonary, thymic, brain, and breast.  Turmeric can be added to your regular juicing routine, smoothies, fish dishes, and any vegetable dish.

Are you ready to build an anticancer living kitchen?

Hundreds of studies have demonstrated the preventive and healing properties of nature’s superfoods.  We now know that these foods offer nutritive properties and detoxify the body of cancer-causing agents.

So, learn how to create your own “living kitchen” and fill it with whole superfoods – as a solid anticancer strategy against the carcinogens we’re exposed to environmentally every day.  Invest in a good juicer and blender; clean out and organize your kitchen to make it enjoyable to prepare food and get the best quality (organic) ingredients possible.

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Don’t wait for tomorrow; get started today.

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