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Cancer researchers misinformed about natural antioxidants


(NaturalHealth365) Cancer researchers have long debated the effectiveness and supposed perils of clinical antioxidant use for patients experiencing all types of cancer. Natural antioxidants are the subject of this familiar scrutiny again – Dr. Keith Block, a progressive cancer researcher and integrative MD of the Block Institute in Chicago recently discussed however, that cancer researchers are misinformed about the multi-faceted ... Read More »

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New research: Olive oil compound destroys cancer cells in 30 minutes

olive oil bottle

(NaturalHealth365)  Is it really possible to kill cancer cells with certain foods? Oleocanthal, a polyphenolic, therapeutic compound found in olive oil is the subject of a new anti-cancer study performed by nutritional science and cancer biology researchers with The School of Environmental and Biological Sciences at Rutgers and Hunter’s College in New York City. Programmed cell death, known as apoptosis ... Read More »

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Peaches make cancer cells commit suicide


(NaturalHealth365) Three peaches a day can prevent cancer, in fact, it induces metastatic breast cancer cell death, says food science researcher Giuliana Noratto at Washington State University. Professor Giuliana Noratto in concert with researchers at Texas A & M said that when exposed to polyphenol chemicals in peaches, cell signals become activated to “drive them to commit suicide”. If you ... Read More »

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Mexico halts vaccinations after 2 babies die and 37 others fall ill

vaccine dangers

(NaturalHealth365) Since two babies died this past weekend and 37 other children fell critically ill from allergic reactions after vaccinations were administered, Mexico halted nationwide administration to begin an immediate investigation into the dire situation. Of the 52 vaccinations administered for rotavirus, tuberculosis and hepatitis B, at least 31 infants experienced adverse reactions the night of administration. Several infants were ... Read More »

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New research: ‘Well child’ doctor visits linked to flu-like symptoms

child with doctor

(NaturalHealth365) While most parents have been convinced to do their “due diligence” by taking children as young as infancy to regular, “well child” doctor visits, new research shows a very un-well, dismal picture of how those visits may be affecting your child’s still-developing immune system. The March edition of Infection Control and Epidemiology reports that annual well-child exams and vaccinations ... Read More »

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Natural ways to protect against sun damage

baby in sun

(NaturalHealth365) Each year over 5 million people are treated for skin cancer, a health concern easy enough to prevent with minimal intervention. While there are safe vitamin-D synthesizing periods to spend in the sun, beyond that, safe sun protection is a must. So, let’s get to some ‘tasty’ ways to avoid sun damage. You can literally eat your way to ... Read More »

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Studies show saffron prevents the most aggressive and deadly forms of cancer


(NaturalHealth365) The benefits of saffron can be traced back several centuries cross-culturally around the globe. As a staple in the Mediterranean diet, we have long observed the beneficial health effects – on a clinical basis – including its ability to prevent cancer. In fact, back in the days of Galen and Hippocrates, this beautiful plant was used to counter the ... Read More »

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6 green super foods for ultimate healing and detoxing


(NaturalHealth365) How many vibrant green super foods do you consume daily? If it’s taking you a minute to answer, you might not be getting enough. Endlessly nutritious, green super foods are nature’s most abundantly available detoxing and rejuvenating healing foods. In fact, green super foods have been shown in research to not only confer a wide spectrum of daily nutritional ... Read More »

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An overlooked solution for gluten intolerance

woman holding bread

(NaturalHealth365) If you’re gluten intolerant or know someone who is, you understand how difficult it can be to avoid gluten 100 percent. What lurks beneath, or should I say, in the gut, is however often what many patients are surprised to learn is the culprit for sensitivities and symptoms of celiac disease. Intestinal permeability and gut dysbiosis that aggravate or ... Read More »

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Deadly superbugs endanger patients in hospitals across the nation

emergency room

(NaturalHealth365) As if there weren’t already enough immune compromising, hospital acquired infections and superbugs such as c.difficile and MRSA, there’s a growing antibiotic resistant bacteria invading hospitals called, carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriacae (CRE). Classified by the World Health Organization as one of the three greatest threats to human health, superbugs such as CRE can significantly compromise the lungs, urinary tract and bloodstream. ... Read More »

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Vaccine court awards $2 million to brain damaged child

supreme court

(NaturalHealth365) You didn’t hear about it on your nightly news and you won’t read about it on any popular newspaper’s front page because vaccine dangers and vaccine injury never make headline news. Instead, stories that read “Vaccine court awards $2 million to brain damaged child” get buried so you’ll stay uninformed; and so that big pharma can continue to dominate ... Read More »

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Hospital warns cancer patients about vaccinated people

nurse with vaccine

(NaturalHealth365) The mainstream media is only too happy to create fear and panic, within public discussion, about the most recent measles outbreak. They would have us all believe that unvaccinated children are a threat to society and vaccines will ‘save us’ from harm. Yet, corporate-controlled, vaccine pushing news outlets deliberately omit lifesaving information about vaccines. Shocking to most people, there ... Read More »

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